IKIER K1 Pro Max – Review

IKIER K1 Pro Max
IKIER K1 Pro Max

IKIER K1 Pro Max

| Laser Engraver | Laser Cutter | 48W | 455nm | 54000mm/m |

We are reviewing the IKIER K1 Pro Max, the most powerful laser engraving/cutting model from IKIER.

The IKIER K1 Pro Max joins the catalog from IKIER as their flagship laser machine, above the K1 Ultra.

IKIER is a brand specialized in professional laser engraving and cutting tools with a high-end manufacturing that aims to fulfill the needs of users looking for a laser engraver for pro artisan work or who have a business related with laser engraving and laser cutting.

As a matter of fact, IKIER is part of the AtomStack company as their professional-grade brand of high-end laser engravers, laser cutters and fiber lasers.

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IKIER K1 Pro Max Review

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IKIER K1 Pro Max Scores



The IKIER K1 Pro Max comes inside a large box that contains all the sections of the laser machine.

The product is perfectly protected by a generous amount of soft foam.

Inside you will find:

• Laser module
• Air assist pump compressor
• USB drive
• Safety glasses
• Cleaning cloth
• Manual fixed focus block/ruler
• Hex wrenches
• Air assist tubing
• HDMI cable
• USB-C cable
• Wire clips
• Power keys
• Raisers
• Screws kits for assembly



The IKIER K1 Pro Max is rated as a pro laser engraver/cutter and its features and specs, certainly, do showcase the high-end grade; like:

• 48W/24W switching laser
• 54000mm/m speed or in mm/s, 900mm/s speed
• Auto sinking cutting
• Motorized Z-axis
• Laser and infrared sensors
• Safety sensors
• Resume engraving feature
• Auto air assist



IKIER clearly knows that as a tool meant for working professionals, you will not want to spend hours assembling the machine, as usually happens with consumer-grade laser engravers.

In fact, the IKIER K1 Pro Max comes around 80% already pre-assembled with most cumbersome assembly steps already taken care from factory.

On top of that, with this new K1 Pro Max model, IKIER ships the unit even more pre-assembled than the Ultra, Pro and standard versions; where rods, main frame and most electric connections come already assembled by the brand before shipping the product.

All of these do not only reduce the hassle and time consuming process of getting your professional laser up and running but also minimizes the chances of any misalignment by user assembly.

On the other hand, we noticed that most of the pre-assembled screws were not fully tightened; therefore, we highly recommend that you double check all screws on your unit and tighten as needed.



The IKIER K1 PRO MAX has a 40mm laser focal length working at 455nm laser wavelength, offering an engraving precision of 0.01mm.

The IKIER K1 PRO MAX has a classic laser engraving machine form factor with a rectangular main frame; the exact dimensions of the K1 Pro Max are: 650mm*750mm*222mm (and an approx. weight of 12kg).

The effective engraving size of the IKIER K1 PRO MAX are 410mmx410mm, making it a an efficient mid-large laser machine for bigger laser engraving/cutting projects.

On the front left section of the main frame, the unit has all the I/O connectors and the area for the display screen.

The laser module is detachable and replaceable in case that the unit gets damaged or with any upcoming future upgrades. This laser module has a power switch on the right edge that is intended to select it to operate with 24W laser diodes or full 48W; the front section has a multi-colored LED lighting indicator that gives live feedback of when the laser is emitting output – it will also gradually light the LEDs according to the power being outputted.

On top of that, the module has a secondary cross-hair laser used for framing and precise positioning of the material to be engraved.

Despite being a pro-grade machine intended for professional use, the IKIER K1 PRO MAX has a more aesthetically pleasing look than nearly all consumer-level laser engraving machines, with its metallic light blue finish over all the main frame and components – even the air compressor has the same color.



The IKIER K1 PRO MAX comes with a large 4.3″ display that has a smart design with a magnetic system to be attached/detached with ease to the front left area of the machine. The magnetic attaching system is well done with the right amount of magnetic strength as to ensure that the display remains securely in place but not excessively strong as risking to move the machine when detaching the screen.

The screen is touch sensitive, allowing full control and setting of the unit through touch inputs.

The screen has large fonts and clear menus with an intuitive UI and a color display with strong brightness to be easily seen and controlled even on well-lit rooms.



IKIER certainly did not cheap-out when building the IKIER K1 PRO MAX; the laser engraver is fully made of metal with the same rugged construction quality seen from the main frame up to every detail and even the air compressor. The only detail that is not constructed in metal is the frame of the display screen.

In fact, the machine did not show any wobbly sections nor flimsy parts and you will not find any plastic main components nor even the classic Bakelite structures seen on consumer-grade laser engravers.

Internally, the IKIER K1 PRO MAX preserves the same high-constructive standard as seen on the outside with hefty metal rods, smooth linear bearings and a dedicated active cooling system with copper tubes and fans to keep the laser module operating at its maximum performance and avoiding any thermal and overheating issues.




The IKIER K1 PRO MAX can be controlled through 3 different modes that include a wired one, a wireless one and a standalone mode.

The wired mode works through the USB-C cable, connected to a computer and setting/controlling the laser engraver with compatible software such as LightBurn and LaserGRBL.

Wirelessly, the IKIER K1 PRO MAX can be controlled with mobile devices and smartphones through IKIER app. The app allows to send files to be engraved directly to the machine, create designs in-app, take photos, prepare and send them wirelessly to the engraver.

As a standalone laser machine, the IKIER K1 PRO MAX can print files from USB disks connected to the top USB port and controlling the parameters and settings of the machine in standalone mode through the touch screen.

If WiFi net communication is configured appropriately on the laser and LightBurn, you can also transfer files directly to the IKIER K1 PRO MAX from your PC with LightBurn.



A laser engraver and even more one as powerful as the IKIER K1 PRO MAX should be used with cautious and always keeping under control the machine in case of fire or unexpected events.

As a professional machine, the IKIER K1 PRO MAX is equipped with dedicated sensors and functions to minimize risks, failures and hazardous events.

Among the most noticeable safety features, the IKIER K1 PRO MAX includes limit switches for the X-axis, Y-axis and Z-axis, a flame detection system, a gyroscope and a dual power switching design with a lock design with the bundled keys.

Moreover, the machine is equipped with both a red alert LED light and a buzzer that will give audible & visual feedback and alerts in case of errors or important security notifications.

All and any of these sensors and alerts can be deactivated through the in-menu of the machine.



As we mentioned in the Operation & Control section, the IKIER K1 PRO MAX can be used wired, wirelessly or as a standalone operating laser machine.

Wirelessly, the IKIER K1 PRO MAX connects through a WiFi connection thanks to the internal WiFi module in the motherboard and dedicated external antenna (the antenna is placed on the bottom right of the main control area of the front panel)

On the other hand, the process of connecting the engraver to your WiFi network and pairing it with Lightburn might be less intuitive than some popular consumer-grade laser engravers.



Finding a laser machine with a laser module as powerful as 48W is not that easy to see on the market, the massive power gives it a vast advantage and way more versatile coverage of cutting and engraving functions.

On top of that, the IKIER K1 PRO MAX offers a major additional function that surpassed the offering of any other competitor. This feature is its unique power switching laser module that can switch its power from 48W for cutting and rougher/power demanding laser projects and materials to a 2K fine-precision 24W power mode for higher resolution and engraving with accuracy.

This is possible thanks to 8 independent laser diodes that can be turned on/off as 4x6W or 8x6W through a dedicated power mode switch placed on the left edge of the laser module (clearly labeled with engraved “24W” and “48W” readings)

The innovative dual switching power does not solely change the power output of the laser but also offers a different laser spot size; being 0.1mmx0.15mm in 48W and a more finely-precise spot of 0.08mmx0.1mm in 24W.

Moreover, to exponentially empower the cutting capabilities of the 48W laser, the IKIER K1 PRO MAX has an auto sinking cutting system aid by a combination of an intelligent fixed focusing and z-axis motorized movement that will automatically sink in the cutting material.

This dual power switching system and massive power of the IKIER K1 PRO MAX allows to access engraving and cutting of plenty of materials without fearing of falling short of power or precision/definition.

Among the materials that the IKIER K1 PRO MAX can handle without struggling, you can engrave and cut:

• Wood
• Acrylic
• Leather
• Stone
• Metal
• Stainless steel (engraving)
• Aluminum (engraving)
• Brass (engraving)
• Ceramics (engraving)
• Glass (engraving)
• Mirrors (engraving)
• Plastics & PVC (keep an eye for flames)

The machine can handle all mainstream graphic, vector and laser-related file formats; including: SVG, DXF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIF, CR2, etc.




The IKIER K1 PRO MAX includes an autofocus and infrared sensor that did a pristine job finding the material to be engraved and focusing the laser module and Z-axis independently of the type of material and height – if you are using the laser engraver through LightBurn remember to follow the manual instructions creating a dedicated macro button for autofocusing and other for the infrared positioning; with the correct Gcode [ESP500] for autofocus and [ESP501] for the auto infrared positioning.

The IKIER K1 PRO MAX is not only a massively powerful laser engraver/cutter but also a groundbreakingly fast one by reaching speed of up to 900mm/s for engraving.

In addition to all the pro-grade specs and features already covered in our review, the IKIER K1 PRO MAX, also, includes an air assist compressor with automatic switching according to the engraving or cutting operation – the air compressor can also be manually adjusted with a knob placed on the top case of the air pump. Testing the air compressor, the IKIER K1 PRO MAX showed strong airflow coming from the compressor and a well-aimed airflow towards the direct laser spot with no issues clearing up the fumes coming for both our engraving and cutting tests.

To see the potential and capabilities of the IKIER K1 PRO MAX we proceeded to test it both as a laser engraver and laser cutter with a variety of materials.



Engraving stainless steel presented high definition on the final engraved shapes and the possibility to benefit from multi-colored engraving by smartly configuring the power output and speeds of the different sections of the designed project. You will be able to obtain varied gradients of blue, light blue, pink/magenta, yellow, reddish, brown, grey and black colors.

You can see our example of a stainless steel engraving done with the IKIER K1 Pro Max where you can clearly see red, yellow, different blues, brown, etc.

IKIER K1 PRO MAX Stainless Steel engraving
IKIER K1 PRO MAX Stainless Steel engraving


Engraving acrylic with the IKIER K1 Pro Max was lightning fast and accurate with excellent definition and no distortion, artifacts nor wobbly lines.

IKIER K1 PRO MAX Acrylic engraving
IKIER K1 PRO MAX Acrylic engraving


Engraving aluminum with the IKIER K1 PRO MAX was very easy and much less demanding than with stainless steel as the material itself is easier to handle by laser engravers.

Without much fiddling and directly with presets for material testing, the IKIER laser was able to provide 10 gradients of greys.

The IKIER K1 PRO MAX was set to 24W mode for these tests to achieve a more detailed engraving.

The whole project took 45 minutes with settings: speed/power= 300/100; mode 24W


From natural woods to processed variants like MDF or plywood, the IKIER K1 PRO MAX provided highly detailed engravings that were highly defined in both lettering, fonts, shapes, designs and even for photography laser engravings.

The example below took was finished in 8 minutes with settings: speed/power = 250/100; mode 24W.


Engraving over painted metal was extremely easy and lighting fast as the engraver only needs to remove the layer of paint over the metal material.

The engravings were precise, defined and buttery-friendly to create projects.

The example below took was finished in 1:30 minutes with settings: speed/power = 60/100; mode 24W.



The IKIER K1 PRO MAX had no issues engraving ceramics, both light and dark colored ones.

Engravings were achieved with either deeper or shallower engravings that could add further layer of creativity when designing your laser engravings over ceramics – if you are engraving pure ceramics or light colored ones you will need some post-processing blackening to make the engravings more visible but on dark colored ceramics you can obtain final results without any post-processing; as the example seen in our photo below.

This kind of engravings were fast and low-demanding for the capabilities of the IKIER laser.

The engraving below has a size of 180mm and took only 2 minutes with settings of 50 speed, 60 power.


Similar to engravings over ceramics and painted metal, laser engraving on mirrors, leather, carton was very fast and easy with low power and fast settings.

As seen on every other tests, the final engravings were highly detailed and precise.



When switched to 48W and using the smart auto sinking cutting option, the IKIER K1 PRO MAX had no issues cutting through thicker woods that would had been simply impossible to cut with any similarly powered laser module.

As our tests for cutting, the IKIER K1 PRO MAX handled cutting 30mm wood with ease and auto-adjusting the height of the Z-axis and laser module sinking deeper on each needed pass and not even taking 1 minute to complete the task.

Thinner wood and common plywood of 4mm were cut with extreme ease and instantly with single passes (obviously seeing the power of the laser diodes)

The example below took less than 2 minutes with settings: speed/power from 10-200/100; mode 48W – you will notice burnout but this was the result of not using a cutting base plate to complete the task.


When cutting acrylic the IKIER K1 PRO MAX had, once again, no problems dealing with the material and providing clean and precise cuts.


Leather was cut like a piece of butter by the IKIER K1 PRO MAX. Of course, you need to be cautious and do some testing before cutting leather, to avoid using overpowered settings and adding some burning.


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IKIER K1 Pro Max Technical Specifications

Brand: iKier
Model: K1 Pro Max 48W / 24W
Engraving Size: 410mm*410mm
Electric Power: 220W
Laser Power: 44-48W, 21W-24W
Spot Size: 0.08mm*0.1mm (24W) 0.1mm*0.15mm (48W)
Engraving Precision: 0.01mm Engraving Accuracy
Laser Focal Length: 40mm
Laser Wave: 455±5nm
Focusing method: Autofocus or Manual, and add Infrared Positioning
Advanced Z-Axis: Automatic Sinking During Cutting
Operating Systems: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS
Control Software: LightBurn, LaserGRBL
File Types: SVG, DXF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIF, CR2, etc.
Connecting Interfaces: USB, Wi-Fi, TF Card
Motherboard: 32-Bit Control Board With Wifi
Control Terminal: 4.3 inches
Input Voltage: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Output Voltage: DC24V, 5A
Machine Net Weight: 12kg
Packing Weight: 13kg
Equipment Size: 650mm*750mm*222mm
Packing Size: 780mm*500mm*153mm
Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS, FDA

IKIER K1 Pro Max
IKIER K1 Pro Max

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IKIER K1 Pro Max