ddHiFi DJ44B/DJ44C 4.4mm Balanced adapter – Review

ddHiFi DJ44B / ddHiFi DJ44C

ddHiFi DJ44B / ddHiFi DJ44C

| 2.5mm balanced – 4.4mm balanced | 3.5mm – 4.4mm |

🎧 We are reviewing the ddHiFi DJ44B / ddHiFi DJ44C, two adapters for 4.4mm cables.

The ddHiFi naming might not help users identify which one corresponds to which adapter but as a quick reference: the ddHiFi DJ44B is a balanced 4.4mm female to balanced 2.5mm adapter, while the ddHiFi DJ44C is a balanced 4.4mm female to 3.5mm male adapter.

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ddHiFi DJ44B / ddHiFi DJ44C Review

Tests & Scores



The ddHiFi DJ44B and ddHiFi DJ44C look exactly the same and share the same size as well.

The form factor and looks of these adapters might make people remember a hammer and even shares some general aesthetics similarities with Thor’s hammer with it’s mainly silver color and shape.


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ddHiFi DJ44C
ddHiFi DJ44C
ddHiFi DJ44C
ddHiFi DJ44C



ddHiFi DJ44B / ddHiFi DJ44C weight in Ounces and ddHiFi DJ44B / ddHiFi DJ44C weight in grams.

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Size & Dimensions

The ddHiFi DJ44B / ddHiFi DJ44C size and dimensions are:

ddHiFi DJ44B:

  • Length: 33.1mm
  • Height: 10mm
  • Width: 24.2mm

ddHiFi DJ44C:

  • Length: 36.1mm
  • Height: 10mm
  • Width: 24.2mm

Due to the size of any 4.4mm connector, the adapter is significantly bigger than the ddHiFi DJ44A and ddHiFi DJ35.

Nonetheless, the rectangular shape of the DJ44B/DJ44C makes It even bigger than it could had been.


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ddHiFi DJ44C
ddHiFi DJ44C
ddHiFi DJ44B
ddHiFi DJ44B



Using industry standard connectors, the ddHiFi DJ44B/DJ44C can connect any 4.4mm balanced cable to any DAP/DAC/Amp/Music Player, etc with a 3.5mm (DJ44C) and/or any 2.5mm balanced (DJ44B) connector.

In addition to this, there is no loss of the balanced connection offered by any favorite 4.4mm balanced cable while being adapted to a 2.5mm balanced connection (DJ44B model needed)

gramophone-25660 5/5

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ddHiFi DJ44B with Shanling UP2
ddHiFi DJ44B with Shanling UP2
ddHiFi DJ44B
ddHiFi DJ44B


Construction & Build

Both adapters models are build to last thanks to the all-metal construction and no moving parts nor fragile cable connections.

Moreover, these cable adapters inspire trust and durability by it’s weighty feel and thick metal used for the entire body of the units.

In addition to this, the adapters might have the potential to be serviced and repaired as there is a tiny star screw that connects the stereo male plug to the adapter.


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ddHiFi DJ44B
ddHiFi DJ44B



Both adapters seem to be using quality internals as there is no added perceived noise, hiss nor interference to the baseline levels of any 4.4mm balanced cable that we tested.

Additionally, the signal transmitted through the adapters to the cable does not suffer from quality nor any kind of output level loss.

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Scores Scores

ddHiFi DJ44B / ddHiFi DJ44C Scores

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ddHiFi DJ44B / ddHiFi DJ44C Technical Specifications

Type2.5mm/3.5mm to 4.4mm
Type2.5mm to 4.4mm (ddHiFi DJ44C)
Connectors2.5mm balanced male, 4.4mm female balanced
3.5mm male, 4.4mm female balanced

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ddHiFi DJ44B / ddHiFi DJ44C





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