HYCHIKA Inflator Portable Air Compressor – Review

HYCHIKA Inflator Portable Air Compressor
HYCHIKA Inflator Portable Air Compressor

HYCHIKA Inflator Portable Air Compressor

| Inflator/Deflator | Air Compressor | Wired/Wireless |

HYCHIKA Inflator Portable Air Compressor, a new tire inflator/portable air compressor by HYCHIKA.

We have reviewed many power tools and accessories from HYCHIKA and they tend to offer an excellent balance between fair price and good performance.

This specific inflator model is the HYCHIKA IF1812A.

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HYCHIKA Inflator Portable Air Compressor Review

Tests & Scores


Accessories & Packaging

The HYCHIKA Inflator Portable Air Compressor comes with several accessories, like:

• Battery charger
• Battery
• 3 X Nozzles
• 1 X Presta Valve Adapter
• 1 X Low Pressure Air Hose




The HYCHIKA Inflator Portable Air Compressor has a rectangular shape with 2 columns/feet that form a bridge-alike space.

This under-bridge space is where the battery get connected when using the inflator wirelessly. While both columns/feet are hollow on the bottom allowing to store the cigarette plug/cable but the cable storage compartment is small for the long 10-feet power cable; getting the cable and lighter connector inside is a difficult task as the space for it is too tight.

The HYCHIKA Inflator Portable Air Compressor has been smartly designed with organizer sections for all cables, tube, adapters, etc.

On the top case, you can snap the low pressure hose while not using it. The back of the unit has a dedicated section to wind the inflating hose and a holder for 3 of the 5 nozzles/adapters. The back also has a connector for the low pressure hose (inflation)

The upper front section of the tool is equipped with a digital screen that gives live updates of inflation pressure and pressure settings. The device can also be used to check the current pressure of the device/tire to be inflated.

On the top, the inflator has a large and comfortable handle to carry and move around the unit with ease.

The right case section is equipped with a 3-LED light to have a flashlight and working-zone illumination in dark environments with a bright, white LED light.

The left case provides the connection to the low pressure hose for deflation use.




Construction & Build

The HYCHIKA Inflator Portable Air Compressor has a full-plastic case and body but with the same rugged feel of other HYCHIKA tools; from the handle to the unit in general you will not find fiddly, wobbly nor flimsy parts. All organizer sections across the unit fit the accessories with a snugged snap on that ensures that you will not lose any of them or fall off while transporting it.

The low pressure hose has a twist and lock system for the inflation connection while the deflation connection fits by friction but is tightly hold in place.

The main high pressure air nozzle is made of metal (also the nozzle adapters are made of metal).

To reduce the rattling and any slippery issues, the device is equipped with 4 rounded feet made of EVA foam.

The HYCHIKA tool ensures a better performance and durability thanks to individual dual motors for each power model that take care independently of the input volts and amperes of each power system (battery or wired 12V car)



Operation & Control

The unit is fully controlled with 3 buttons and 2 switches found on the front panel.

One of the switches control the light power on/off while the dual position switch on the left section serves to set the unit as a inflator or deflator air compressor and to choose to use the air compressor in its low or high-pressure function.

The 3 buttons have an easy and simple control to increment/reduce the pressure for inflation and a 3rd button to change the pressure unit to the one that you require; including PSI, BAR and KPA – this 3rd button is also the power button of the device with a press to power on and press and hold to power off.

The HYCHIKA Inflator Portable Air Compressor is quite simple to use, basically you power on the unit, set the desired inflating pressure and put the switch to the inflation position; once the unit reaches the desired inflating pressure, it will automatically stop.




The HYCHIKA Inflator Portable Air Compressor can be powered either with the cable to your cigarette connector on your car or with the battery, as a portable inflator working wirelessly.

Moreover, this is not only a tire inflator, it is also a general purpose inflator that can cover air compressor/inflation of:

• Tire inflation (cars, SUV, motorcycles)
• Bicycle tire
• Inflatable boats
• Sports balls (football, basket, rugby, soccer, etc.)
• Inflatable toys and gadgets
• Air mattress

On top of that, the tool supports both low and high pressure inflation settings to adapt to the correct inflation needs.

Moreover, the device has a second function that allows, also, deflation of air mattresses or other inflatable devices.




Spec-wise, the HYCHIKA Inflator Portable Air Compressor is able to provide as much as 160 PSI and a low-pressure air flow of 13.45CFM.

The inflator showed the same air flow and pressure capacity either through the cigarette lighter connection or with the included 2A battery.

To test the capacity and performance of the HYCHIKA Inflator Portable Air Compressor we proceeded to test it in several real-life scenarios.

Firstly, the HYCHIKA Inflator Portable Air Compressor was used to check the pressure and then inflate according to the user manual the 215/55/R17 tires of a 3305 lbs. Fiat 500X; the HYCHIKA inflator had no issue providing the required 35 PSI / 2.4 BAR needed to accurately inflate them and finished the job in less time than a couple of standard tire inflators that we used to compare them.

We then proceeded to use the device to inflate the tires of a Piaggio 125CC scooter and a 28 mountain bike, once again the inflation was completed with ease and in brief times.

Finally we tested out the inflation and deflation of the low-pressure system, with quick completion of the task with a kings size air mattress and also several pool floating toys.

As an extra test, we used the HYCHIKA Inflator Portable Air Compressor as a blowing air compressor through the low-pressure system using the low-pressure hose – using it as a low-pressure air blower is not an advertised function but as the device is perfectly capable of doing it we decided to test it as it too.

As a matter of fact, we found it to come handy to use this as a small air blower to clean up some tighter working spaces.




The battery included with the tool is a 18V 2A model from HYCHIKA that is compatible with all power tools from the brand – also this means that the tire inflator is compatible with HYCHIKA’s standard batteries system so if you own other HYCHIKA powertools or other batteries from the brand, you can use them with the inflator.

As usual with HYCHIKA’s batteries, the unit includes a button to see the remaining charge, informed by a 3-bar blue light.

The device also includes a HYCHIKA universal battery charger that provides a charging current of 20V 2A (60W input).

The bundled battery/charger combo allows the battery to benefit from fast charging reaching 100% complete charge in 1 hour.



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Scores Scores

HYCHIKA Inflator Portable Air Compressor Scores

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HYCHIKA Inflator Portable Air Compressor Technical Specifications

TypeInflator Portable Air Compressor





Pressure160 PSI


Rechargeable BatteryYes


10 feet


12V car cigarette connection


High pressureYes
Low pressure


Accessorieshose, nozzle adapters, battery, charger

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HYCHIKA Inflator Portable Air Compressor