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HYCHIKA Mini Circular Saw

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Hychika Mini Circular Saw CS-85C.

Hychika has been on the market of power tools for quite a while with a full array of tools for different user´s levels.

The Mini Circular Saw is part of their small and portable, wired power tools that offer an hybrid design between a full-sized circular saw and a grinder form factor and size.

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HYCHIKA Mini Circular Saw Review

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Accessories & Packaging

The Hychika Mini Circular Saw CS-85C comes inside a small sized packaging that holds inside the unit and all the accessories.

Among the accessories included, users will receive a very nice transport bag-pouch, 3 blades, a laser unit, battery replacements for the laser, a metal guide, a dust exhaust pipe and a hex spanner.

The specific included blades are:

1x30T HW for wood cuts/ 1x36T HS for metal cuts/ 1x grit diamond blade for tile cuts




The unit has a nice long design that resembles more to a grinder than to a circular saw.

This design offers a great placement of buttons that makes it perfectly usable by both right and left-handed people – none will have any issues to reach the power buttons.

Yet, it is worth mentioning that the trigger button uses a press and slide movement instead of a standard press-only movement, this different design might feel less natural to some users.

On the side of the saw there is a dust port for dust collection with vacuums (fits solidly with a twist-lock system instead of the unreliable friction-fit design used by several mainstream brands, like on the DeWalt Atomic)



Construction & Build

The Hychika Mini Circular Saw has a solid construction with no flimsy feel and a combination of plastic, metal and rubberized materials.

Inside, the unit is equipped with a 500W Pure Copper Motor that spins at 4500RPM.

The saw feels surprisingly strong despite the compact size while the thick and reinforced cable will probably support normal everyday abuse.

Note: Laser guide might not come perfectly aligned right out of the box but it can be re-aligned by the user b removing 3 screws on the laser´s top cover



Safety Features


  • Safety button design with a double safety switch
  • Blade changing system with brake dedicated button and hexagonal screw (hex key included)




The wise design and size-functions available with the Hychika SC-85C allows owners to have the most essential functions of a full-sized Circular Saw in a mini and truly portable size.

Right out of the box the unit becomes perfect for small jobs and DIY projects with 3 included blades that cover a wide range of materials.

The included blades are specifically better adapted for:

  1. 30HT: wood and plastic blade for soft wood, drywall and plastic cuts, soft wood
  2. 36HT: soft metal blade which will be better adapted for wood board with nails and soft metal cuts
  3. Diamond blade: a dedicated diamond blade for ceramic tile

Additionally, the bundled metal guide can be fitted on the unit and secured through the dedicated screw; this metal guide provides easy access to measured cuts for better precision.

As with regular Circular Saws, the Hychika offers depth adjustable cuts – the available depth range covers 0-25mm and can be manually adjusted through the red tightener placed on the side on the unit (as seen on the photos below)

Users should expect the normal limitations of a mini circular saw with small blades that will not be adapted for full cut of thicker woods/metals.




The brand has applied a rubber grip to every section that hand sits on; which will avoid any slippery issues while handling the saw – even without gloves.

Moreover, the lighter and manageable footprint makes it a perfect alternative to full-sized circular saws, where smaller cuts are needed and the additional power is not necessary.

In addition to this, due to the small and light weighted design, this Hychika circular saw is adaptable for one-handed use.

On the other hand, it is just a pity seeing that the brand did only a wired version and no battery powered option is available.

Combined with the light and small footprint, owners will be greeted by a laser placed on top of the unit that will ease up cutting through straight lines and/or marked paths.




The Hychika saw has both the handle and button placed behind the blade, allowing users to have a longer reach through cuts on longer materials and boards – pretty smart design.

While testing the capabilities of this circular saw, our editors noticed that cutting through softer and averagely thick woods (like 0.5 inch fence woods) was, in general, fairly easy for the HYCHIKA CS-85C.

As expected, cutting through thicker framing woods can start to challenge the 500 W non-brushless motor; but, laminated floors, plywood, PVC, plasterboard, bamboo and similar softer materials were fast and easily cut.

In addition to this, chipping was mostly not present on panel cuts, though it is recommended to allow the blades to spin up full before engaging your cuts.

Despite the very small size, the 500W motor provides more than enough power to cover the cutting needs of hobbyists and casual users.

In general, we found the 500W motor to offer sufficient power to cover small jobs and in-house casual interventions; while DIY and at-home-use will be more user friendly thanks to an efficient dust collection system and a portable and small unit footprint.

For a more intensive use, the brand offers also a beefier model with a 750 W motor.



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HYCHIKA Mini Circular Saw Technical Specifications

TypeMini Circular Saw


230V – 500w / 120V – 500W

Part Number


Rotation speed

 (6 speed): 4500rpm

Maximum power





‎41.5 x 14 x 12.5 cm


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HYCHIKA Mini Circular Saw