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| Dual Driver | True Wireless |

? KZ SK10 PRO, the newest TWS from KZ.

The KZ SK10 PRO is the newest true wireless release of the SK10 line, following the non “PRO” version.

The model features Bluetooth 5.2 with a Qualcomm QCC3040 chip to provide a lower battery consumption and more stable signal.

The new model comes packed with handy specs such as touch sensitive back plates, master-slave switch capability, apt-X/apt-X HD support and a dedicated gaming mode that reduces latency to 40ms.

Inside, each earpiece is equipped with an hybrid driver design that includes a 30019 high frequency balanced armature driver and a 10mm PET dynamic driver. In addition to this, each earphone carries inside a 48mAh rechargeable battery.

The KZ SK10 PRO is rated at 6 hours of battery life on a single charge and 30 hours of total runtime with the additional 400mAh OTG charges from the case.

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KZ SK10 PRO Review

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Bass & Sub Bass

Bass on the KZ SK10 PRO is noticeably punchy and mid-bass heavy, adding a fun seasoning to bass/low notes.

Sub-bass can get fairly deep but can get overshadowed by its stronger mid-bass boosting.


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Mids & Vocals

Unfortunately, the KZ SK10 PRO presents a strongly shy tuning on their midrange but is able to be fatiguing as well.

Their lower mids tend to sound distant and busy on any genre despite not presenting any kind of strong mid-bass bleed.

Mid and upper mids are, probably, the weakest ranges of the SK10 PRO; exhibiting a muddy and excessively recessed tuning.

At the same time, and awkwardly possible, the SK10 PRO´s midrange sounds excessively hot and unbearably harsh.



Highs & Treble

Highs on the SK10 PRO are equally as unbalanced and disturbing as their midrange.

With an excess of piercing and sibilant highs, the overly fatiguing nature shown on their mids is carried on to their highs.

Despite this over-emphasized peaks and transients, the SK10 PRO´s highs lack detail and definition.




KZ has applied a custom-alike IEM design to the earpieces of the KZ SK10 PRO.

This specific design has been seen on several older models from the brand, which have proven to provide a remarkably tight, stable fit at the price of the more bulky protruding footprint.

Despite this and the inner battery, the SK10 PRO remain fairly light weighted and result in a greatly comfortable experience.

We usually do not mix categories to score each section but the unbearable sound nature of this model had to be weighted to give a fair score to the Comfort section; without considering its sound issues, the SK10 PRO would had scored 8.75 in this section but considering the intolerable fatiguing sound, the score has been downgraded to 5.


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Response to Equalization

Not even a divine EQ miracle will be able to save and repair the tuning mess of the KZ SK10 PRO.

Unfortunately, their will be no secret formula to level up the sound quality of this model.


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Frequency Response (raw)

KZ SK10 PRO Frequency Response Curve


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Scores Scores

KZ SK10 PRO Scores

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