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? KZ VX10, the newest flagship true wireless earphone from KZ.

Despite being rated as their flagship current model, the asking price is merely higher than their dual driver SK10 PRO model.

The KZ VX10 is, instead, a penta driver earphone (5 drivers per side) or in KZ language, a 10 driver earphone.

The 10 driver statement is actually a sum of the total earpieces but the real number of drivers per earpiece is 5.

The 5 drivers of the KZ VX10 are a single dynamic driver with a dual magnetic design and 4 balanced armature drivers – of which are 2x 50024 mid and high BA and 2x 30019 high BA.

This new model features AAC encoding, and, similar to the SK10 PRO, the VX10 offers a new Bluetooth 5.2 version and a gaming mode with reduced latency.

Each earpiece carries inside a battery capable of offering 4 hours of continuous use and a total of 20 hours when utilizing the case´s additional charge cycles.

We noticed that despite being rated as a flagship line the aesthetics of the case and earpieces of the KZ VX10 does not reflect it.

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KZ VX10 Review

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Bass & Sub Bass

Bass on the KZ VX10 will sound well-rounded and fun with a punchy mid-bass that will never lack a pumping effect.

Moreover, the lower end is able to extend well along the sub-bass ranges with sufficient extremely low bass notes being fairly reproduced and presented on each track.

This TWS will not classify as a basshead model but will fulfill the bass requisites of any modern genre without shortages.


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Mids & Vocals

The lower midrange of the KZ VX10 offers a decently balanced sound that does not become neither to overemphasized nor too laid back.

In general we found its lower mids to sound comfortable and versatile as to cover a very wide gamut of music genres with a good overall performance.

Higher mids and female vocals are coherently tuned as the rest of the midrange with a pleasant sound and a nicely distributed sensation of each part, where vocals do not get excessively shouty.

At the same time, the VX 10 does a great job to reproduce upper mids with good brightness and decent definition while not exhibiting harshness.




Highs & Treble

The KZ VX10 clearly shows a bright profile that is able to offer a wider sound perception with less over-stacking sensation over the highs and treble ranges.

On the other hand, the VX10 does not excel at detail retrieval nor micro-detail reproduction.

For average users, their wider and brighter sound might be confused as, also, more detailed but the VX10 will fall short for audiophiles that can recognize and seek after detail in their highs.

In spite of being a bright tending earphone, the KZ VX10 does not suffer from sibilance and piercing highs as much as other similarly bright models.

Nonetheless, this TWS will show some of both.



Sound Leak

It could be due to the thinner plastics, the venting ports or the brighter sound; but the VX10 leaking sound is much stronger than an average headphone.


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The VX10 is certainly a chunkier model than many flat-profile earphones; this will make it protrude way farther from the ears than many other TWS.

The larger size might look intimidating but the units are actually quite comfortable to wear and fairly light weighted.

The curvy design and oscillating shapes of the earpieces do a superb job to keep the unit safely and tightly in the ears despite having no extra wings nor rubberized sections.

On the other hand, this shapes and the bigger footprint could result in some discomfort for users with smaller ears.


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Response to Equalization

With a very good starting point, the sound quality of the VX10 presents a fertile playground for EQ freaks.

Indeed, the KZ VX10 responded quite well to subtle EQ retuning.

Moreover, more drastic EQ paths showed noticeable and very efficient results in any isolated ranges from bass to mids and highs.


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Frequency Response (raw)

KZ VX10 Frequency Response Curve


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Scores Scores

KZ VX10 Scores

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