GK GS10 – Review

GK GS10 | 5 Drivers | ? GK GS10, a cheap-priced, high-spec´ed model from a young new sub-company. The GK GS10 is the flagship model from the new brand, with a penta-driver configuration and an hybrid design. Each earpiece uses[…]

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KZ VX10 – Review

KZ VX10 | 5 Driver | True Wireless | ? KZ VX10, the newest flagship true wireless earphone from KZ. Despite being rated as their flagship current model, the asking price is merely higher than their dual driver SK10 PRO[…]

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KZ ASF – Review

KZ ASF | 5x Balanced Armature | ? KZ ASF, one of the newest multi-driver, wired earphones from KZ. This model is a penta earphone with 5-drivers per side that hold, exclusively, balanced armature drivers. Inside each earpiece there are[…]

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TRN BA5 – Review

TRN BA5 | 5x Balanced Armature | ? TRN BA5, a penta-driver in-ear headphone that has been recently released. The TRN BA5 features 5-drivers per earpiece in an all-balanced armature configuration that includes: 3 balanced armature drivers dedicated to handle[…]

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TRN V90 – Review

TRN V90 | 4x Balanced Armature | 10mm Dynamic Driver | Neodymium Magnets | ? TRN V90, a 5-driver earphone with super affordable price. The TRN V90 features an hybrid driver configuration with 4 balanced armature drivers + 1 dynamic[…]

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KZ E10 TWS – Review

KZ E10 TWS | 4x Balanced Armature | 10mm Dynamic Driver | True Wireless | ? KZ E10 TWS, the newest and currently only non-discontinued true wireless headphone from KZ. The KZ E10 TWS is the second attempt from KZ[…]

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