1MORE Penta Driver – Review

1MORE Penta Driver

1MORE Penta Driver

| 5-Drivers | Hybrid |

1MORE Penta Driver, the newest flagship in-ear headphone from 1MORE.

The 1MORE Penta driver, as the name suggests, is an earphone holding inside 5 drivers per earpiece. To be more precise, the 1MORE Penta Driver has an hybrid driver configuration that includes one Diamond-like Carbon dynamic driver with dual magnets and 4 planar diaphragm drivers to handle frequencies up to 40kHz.

It is nice seeing 1MORE keeping up with a more audio-enthusiast design, offering detachable cables for the first time in their in-ears models.

The specific cable type of the 1MORE Penta Driver are MMCX, which are one of the best and most secure connectors. With the Penta Driver you will be getting an MMCX cable with an inline remote control; the remote is a nice addition with its 3 button design that include independent volume buttons.

The 1MORE Penta Driver is the successor of the massively popular 1MORE Triple Driver and 1MORE Quad Driver.

A brief but interesting story behind the Penta Driver includes a late 2018 scheduled release that was postponed and finally only entering the market in 2023. Seeing the quality and performance of the Triple Driver and Quad Driver when we reviewed them many years ago, we have high hopes for the fresh new flagship Penta Driver.

The 1MORE Penta Driver In-Ear Headphones can also be found under the name 1MORE EH904 and also 1MORE P50; to avoid any confusion throughout our review we will refer to the model as 1MORE Penta Driver.

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1MORE Penta Driver Review

Tests & Scores


Accessories & Packaging

The 1MORE Penta Driver shares the same book-alike packaging seeing in all their past flagship and high-tier models. This book-styled packaging from 1MORE have always been among the favorite of our team.

Inside you will get:

• 1x soft pouch
• 1x MMCX cable
• 1x USB-C to 3.5mm stereo adapter
• 8x pair of eartips (4 pair are foam eartips)



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Frequency Response (raw)

1MORE Penta Driver Frequency Response Curve

Click the “Show Curve” button to see the 1MORE Penta Driver Frequency Response Curve

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Bass & Sub Bass

It is very important to highlight that the 1MORE Penta Driver with the factory fit eartips struggled to offer a correct seal, which resulted in a shallow sound with a strong lack of depth and body. To ensure that you are getting the true sound quality potential of the 1MORE Penta Driver you might need to fit the largest eartips bundled with the earphone or use other eartips that you have in your collection.
For our tests we placed the biggest 14.3mm eartips included in the accessories of the 1MORE Penta Driver, any eartip smaller than this did not achieve the seal needed for an appropriate response of lower and mid-low frequencies.

With the largest eartips, the 1MORE Penta Driver presented an energetic mid-bass punch that could handle and fulfill even the most intense mid-bass notes with a very fun and strong response.

Despite this, 1MORE was able to keep it’s mid-bass free of an overcooked flavor with no bouncy bass issues nor a loose and out-of-control response that could overstep the rest of the frequencies.

Same as seen on the mid-bass ranges, the Penta Driver can extend into sub-bass without struggling, bringing back and reproducing any deep notes present with fullness but without drowning the overall sound.


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Mids & Vocals

In case that you skipped the introduction of the Bass section, be sure to use the largest eartips that you can handle or the 1MORE Penta Driver will sound awkwardly lifeless.

With the 14.3mm eartips, the midrange of the 1MORE Penta Driver exhibited a warm and cozy sound where lower-mid and male vocals sounded full bodied and rich without falling into a laid back feel.

Female vocals and higher pitched midrange notes were also finely tuned to offer an alive and clear sound but never introducing harshness.

Moreover, the Penta Driver were able to provide a nice balance between a pleasant and inviting sound without suffering from mid-bass bleed nor presenting any signs of disturbing peaks and harshness.

Overall, the brand did an astounding job tuning the midrange of the 1MORE Penta Driver.



Highs & Treble

We know we are being repetitive but if you did not read it in the Bass section nor in the Mids section; do yourself a favor and fit the largest eartips that you can tolerate or you will be getting an incorrect performance out of the Penta Driver and surely feel disappointed with the sound.

Highs on the 1MORE Penta Driver offer a smooth personality that can provide sufficient brightness and detail as to stay far away from a dark, muffled sound.

Great part of their smoothness is the absolute absence of sibilance and piercing highs, making the 1MORE Penta Driver a flawlessly non-fatiguing sounding earphone.

Nonetheless, the Penta Driver are not what we would rate as an overly bright earphone nor as micro-detailed as to become an analytical headphone with clinical sound (though unless you are an audiophile with a fixation with clinical and analytical sound, you probably do not want an earphone with clinical sound)

Instead, you should expect a highs and treble range coherently tuned to blend seamlessly with the rest of the sound signature; completing the package offered with a fun, smooth behavior seen in their midrange and bass.


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Sound Leak

Sound leaking out of the 1MORE Penta Driver will not be disturbingly strong on normally noisy situations like daily commuting but if you tend to listen to music at very high volume settings, the leaking sound will be somewhat hearable by nearby people – this will not be the best companion if you are looking for a headphone to use exclusively in libraries.



Sound Isolation

If you set the largest eartips, the Penta Driver are able to offer a significantly proficient performance in the sound isolation department.

As a point of comparison, the level of passive isolation of the 1MORE Penta Driver was far stronger than what most average headphones are able to provide.


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Response to Equalization

With the smoothness of the tuning out of the box and no traces of overly boosted sections across the whole sound signature, the 1MORE Penta Driver was a perfect model to fine-tune the sound with excellent results and allowing it to push them harder in the re-EQ process while not introducing degrading sound qualities like harshness, fatiguing peaks nor boxy sound.


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1MORE Penta Driver Technical Specifications



Product Weight
21 g

Cable Length
1.25 m

MEMS Mic Control

Wire Material
Silver Plated OFC Wire
3.5mm Gold Plated

Frequency response
20 – 40,000 Hz


105 dB

Rated power
5 mW

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Scores Scores

1MORE Penta Driver Scores

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1MORE Penta Driver