KZ T10 – Review

KZ T10

| 40mm Dynamic Driver | ANC |

? KZ T10, the newest full sized KZ headphone in a long time.

Most KZ fans might think that the KZ T10 is the first over ear headphone from KZ but this is not the case (even if KZ themselves claim to be so). Instead, the KZ T10 is actually the third headphone produced by the brand.

The first one was a nearly on-ear headphone with a House of Marley vibe and the second one was a Bluetooth model “inspired” (wink wink) by Marshall headphone designs. These 2 older models were discontinued briefly after they were launched and gained no popularity at all – if you are curious about them, we own a new unit of the KZ Bluetooth Marshall alike which has been sitting in the review queue for years; which we may eventually test and publish.

The KZ T10 is a full-sized headphone with an over-ear design that includes features such as Active Noise Cancelling, “Transparent mode” and a Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection.

The “Transparent mode” naming might confuse some users, but to keep it simple, this is actually a passthrough/ambient mode that allows the enhancement and perception of surrounding noises.

Both systems are fed by a multi microphone configuration that also includes mics for phone calls – in total there are 5 high-definition mics.

Inside, each side holds a 40mm dynamic driver with titanium diaphragm and a 800mAh fast charging battery that can provide up to 38 hours of runtime.

The unit is mainly made of plastic but with some sections being sturdier due to a metal or aluminum alloy build – such as the back plates and headband structure.

A specific peculiarity of the design on the KZ T10 is its volume control, that is handled through a rotating ring placed on the right earcup – we do like volume knobs and find it to be handy, though the ring usually showed a wobbly dead zone and not the best precision.

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KZ T10 Review

Tests & Scores


Accessories & Packaging

Among the included accessories the KZ T10 bundles a fairly nice semi-hard case, a charging cable, a 3.5mm audio cable.

The packaging its a cardboard, dark box with a similar quality design as on many of their in-ears.




Bass & Sub Bass

WIRED and BT with ANC OFF and Ambient OFF:

The KZ T10 has a very bass intense sound right out of the box.

Mid-bass will show a strongly punchy profile that will add a lot of fun to bass-centered tracks.

In addition to this, their sub-bass response will cover with no shortage any requested notes of any genre.

On the other hand, the bass tuning of the KZ T10 is way overcooked and extremely boosted, resulting in a very boomy, loose and invasive bass.

Consequently, this headphone falls into the category of bass-only headphones with no much space to cover other styles.


BT On with ANC On:

When using the KZ T10 on Bluetooth mode and activating its ANC (only with both modes combined at the same time), the headphone presented an extreme makeover of its bass tuning.

Mid-bass will become much less boomy with still a lot of punchiness – though, yet will be a very boomy and loose sounding headphone.

Probably, the most intense and unexpected re-tuning effect will be a massive boosting of its sub-bass with an exponentially stronger response that can even introduce some palpable rattling on the ears.

Nonetheless, the KZ T10 will conserve its bass-only nature.


BT On with Ambien mode On:

The only other mode-combination that showed clear sound retuning was when using the KZ T10 with BT On combined with Ambient mode turned On.

The retuning effect will be a strong boosting of mid-bass and a noticeable decrease of sub-bass.

Consequently, sub-bass will start to show a much more flat sound in comparison to both aforementioned modes while mid-bass will gain an even stronger punchiness (though certainly boosting punch was not needed for the KZ T10)


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Mids & Vocals

WIRED and BT with ANC OFF and Ambient OFF:

The KZ T10 exhibits an excessively busy and congested midrange, with a strong lack of clarity on any section of their mids.

Lower mids suffer from a drowning effect generated by its shy tuning and an overly invasive mid-bass.

Additionally, their male vocals will become too warm and distant with no chance of competing with its overruling bass.

Despite having a slight better higher mids performance, these range still suffer from the congested sound signature with no chance of showing up in a decent manner.

On the other hand, this headphone does not show any harshness.


BT On with ANC On:

A very noticeable makeover of its sound profile will be seen when using the KZ T10 on Bluetooth with its ANC ON (only with ANC ON)

An extremely better response and midrange will be appreciated with a way less invasive bleed.

In addition to this, male vocals will finally be able to show up with a decent presence and a more alive feel.

Moreover, higher mids and female vocals will also gain a drastically cleaner and more involving part of each track.

On the other hand, it is well worth mentioning that the KZ T10 will still sound bass-heavy with a sound that will have too much warmth and will be unable to be freed from on overall busy feel.





Highs & Treble

WIRED and BT with ANC OFF and Ambient OFF:

Much as with its midrange, the KZ T10 gets its bass-only sound overstepping any space for a proper response.

Consequently, their highs will sound extremely dark with no detail and no sound separation.


BT On with ANC On:

Thanks to the much more controlled bass response on this mode, highs also gain a chance to show some response.

Both highs and treble will sound much brighter than before with even a marginal hint of detail.

Nonetheless, the KZ T10 will still have a dark highs response with strong issues in both the clarity and separation department – while also introducing sibilant and piercing peaks.


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Sound Isolation

The KZ T10 has an excellent passive isolation right out of the box, we would rate it as way stronger than any normal over-ear headphone.

In addition to this, the KZ T10 is equipped with Active Noise Cancelling.

Being so, by activating its ANC and given the remarkable passive isolation, the KZ T10 results in a superb sound isolation with a very good ANC capability.

Moreover, this model offers an Ambient Sound Mode that is used to enhance surrounding noises to have a level of awareness of the environment.

Testing this mode showed a very efficient and well performing response that showed a total transformation of its capabilities.


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The over-ear design of the KZ T10 respects the size of true over-ear with no on-ear issues.

The earmuffs are big, thick and soft enough as to provide a comfortable and pain-free experience while the protein-leather finish makes it gentle to the skin.

Overall, the unit does a very good job in the comfort department thanks to its relatively light-weight, tilting-rotating earcups and sufficient headband pressure.


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Frequency Response (raw)

KZ T10 Frequency Response Curve

Wired vs Bluetooth with Ambient Mode On frequency response curve

yellow= BT with Ambient On; cyan= wired


ANC Mode ON and Ambient Mode On vs all modes frequency response curve

green= BT with Ambient On; cyan= wired; violet= BT with ANC On

KZ T10 Technical Specifications


TypeOver ear
Driver Unit40mm
Cord USB-C
Total battery life38 hours

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Scores Scores

KZ T10 Scores

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KZ T10 Photos

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KZ T10