KiiBOOM Phantom 68 – Review

KiiBOOM Phantom 68
KiiBOOM Phantom 68

KiiBOOM Phantom 68

| Mechanical Keyboard | 65% | Hot-Swappable | Wireless/Wired | Gasket-mounted |

KiiBOOM Phantom 68, the smallest version of KiiBOOM mechanical keyboards.

The KiiBOOM Phantom 68 joins the catalog of the brand as the smaller sibling of the KiiBOOM Phantom 81 V2 that we reviewed some time ago.

The Phantom 68 comes as a more compact companion for users that want all the unique aesthetics of the Phantom keyboards from KiiBOOM plus the superb construction quality and premium components, keycaps and switches.

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KiiBOOM Phantom 68 Review

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The keyboard is well protected by a thick packaging and internal soft foams that grant a safe arrival of your keyboard.

Inside you will find:

• Large cloth
• 2 extra switches
• Keycap puller
• Switch puller
• Braided cable
• 2 replacement screws
• Philips screw driver



The KiiBOOM Phantom 68 is a 65% keyboard with 68 keys, unlike the bigger brother, this model does not have a knob.

This KiiBOOM model is part of the Phantom series with a characteristic transparent construction that goes from the keycaps up to every section of the casing shell.

The KiiBOOM Phantom 68 has a big metal plate on the bottom case with the logo as the main decoration, also a smaller metal plate is placed on the right section of the top case, with 2 tiny but bright status LED indicators.

Every new color variant that we get in our hands surprises of how different and yet always gorgeous these KiiBOOM Phantom series look.

The KiiBOOM Phantom 68 is available in 4 different colors:

KiiBOOM Phantom 68 clear (as the one reviewed)
KiiBOOM Phantom 68 black
KiiBOOM Phantom 68 pink
KiiBOOM Phantom 68 purple



Every key on the KiiBOOM Phantom 68 becomes easily reachable by any hand-size due to the more compact layout but, as seen on the Phantom 81 V2, the case is a bit tall and there are no adjustable height positions by any tiltable feet.

Nonetheless, the inclined design of the case and keycaps with ESA profile, combined with the outstanding silicone feet provide an excellent final result in the ergonomics department.



As usual with eye-candy keyboards, some users might undervalue the real custom-keyboard level offered by the KiiBOOM Phantom 68.

As a matter of fact, this keyboard has all or more premium components inside and outside of it of some similarly price keyboards that exude a “pro” custom status.

The case is fully made of a heftily thick acrylic material that makes it feel way more rugged than most polycarbonate keyboards.

The keycaps are constructed with transparent polycarbonate material while the inner structure of the keyboard has a gasket-mounted design with multiple dampening layers that include a bottom silicone pad, sandwich cotton, poron foam.




The very special transparent keycaps of the Phantom 68 are truly and fully transparent, we are not talking about frosted nor pudding keycaps here.

In fact, the crystal color version of the KiiBOOM Phantom 68 is, even, more transparent than their colored variants as there is no coloring at all blocking the see-through view.

As a point of reference, these keycaps look like a piece of impeccably polished glass.

Despite this, we were surprised finding out that the black fonts used for the keycaps and the crystal body resulted in keycaps that were way more easy to see and read than what happened with the blue keycaps of the KiiBOOM Phantom 81 V2 blue.

Even more, the readability when the RGB backlight is turned on, is equally or better than when turned off (again, unlike what seen on the bigger blue colored sibling)



To maximize the lighting effect, KiiBOOM is using their own custom switches (KiiBOOM Crystal switches) that have a fully transparent stem/pom/body providing complete shine-through effect and no blockage of the RGB backlighting from the board.

The KiiBOOM Crystal switches belong to the linear type of switches; inside they sport PC housings and nylon stems, offering 3.6mm of travel and 55gf of actuation force but to be honest we feel them to be remarkably fast and responsive with a bit of a taste of a heavy speed linear. Most of this feeling comes from the noticeably smooth and scratchless travel that makes it feel faster and lighter than their specs.

So far, the KiiBOOM Phantom 68 can only be bought with these linear switches, so you do not have the chance to select it pre-assembled with other variants of linear, speed linear, tactile nor clicky switches.



The keyboard offers a multi-connection system that includes both wired and wireless connectivity.

Wirelessly, the Phantom 68 can connect through a modern Bluetooth connection or using 2.4G wireless tech with the bundled dongle – in total you can connect 4 devices wirelessly (3 BT slots and one 2.4G)

From the wired part of its connectivity, the keyboard has a detachable USB-C cable connection that plugs to the rear edge of the case right next to the WIN/Mac and Wired/Wireless switches.



The KiiBOOM Phantom 68 has a hot-swappable board compatible with 3-pin and 5-pin switches (Kailh socket compatible).

The specific board design of this KiiBOOM keyboard is south-facing (typical of custom and premium keyboards).

Each and every key of this keyboard can be reprogrammed through KiiBOOM software allowing 100% per-key macro and reprogramming while the on-board memory will save all customizations to the board without having to open any software to apply the custom settings.




The outstandingly smooth but fast responding switches and the premium overall components like the pre-lubed stabs and multi-dampening layering result in a delightful typing experience.

As an overall keyboard or even as a daily driver (if you do not need the Fn number row), the KiiBOOM Phantom 68 is a highly proficient option.


The compact 65% layout, wired and 2.4G wireless connection, fully reprogrammable keys and the one-of-a-kind RGB backlighting make the KiiBOOM Phantom 68 a perfect gaming keyboard for people that want to have a truly unique companion for their gaming sessions.

Furthermore, the KiiBOOM Phantom 68 covers all the main checklist points for gamers:

• NKRO anti-ghosting
• Hot-swappable board
• Excellent linear switches


Users looking for a productivity keyboard might find many pros with the Phantom 68, like the wired and wireless connection, optimal overall performance, rugged build and hot-swappable switches but the lack of the Fn number row might limit the options of those who depend on these extra keys.


With a built-in battery and stable wireless 2.4G, many workers will obtain an easy to carry companion that can enable it to be carried back and forth from the office to their home.

On the other hand, if you are an office worker/businessman that uses lots of spreadsheets and Excel, you could find yourself depending on a keyboard with both a numpad and the Fn row.


The only details that keeping the Phantom 68 to be fully portable-friendly are its beefier weight and thicker body.

Yet, if you do not care about these 2 details, you will be getting a phenomenal premium keyboard to use as a companion with your iPad or smartphone.

Of course, the Phantom 68 is compatible with mobile devices thanks to the Bluetooth wireless connection.



The crystal model of the KiiBOOM Phantom 68 maximizes the potential and beauty of the RGB backlighting offered by the Phantom series.

The keyboard surely looks special when the LEDs are turned off but as soon as they are switches on, the Phantom 68 showcases all of its visual uniqueness.

Moreover, as we mentioned in the Keycaps section, these crystal version of their keycaps are also 100% functional when backlighting is turned on, where users do not get blinded by the LEDs nor the keycap’s fonts ever become washed out nor unreadable.

The combination of a fully transparent case, fully transparent switches set and keycaps results in a lighting final effect that is in no way comparable to any other keyboard.




If you have read our review of the KiiBOOM Phantom 81 V2 model or if you own one, this smaller KiiBOOM Phantom 68 has the exact same quality and characteristics as the bigger sibling and this is no surprise at all as both models have the exact same switches, keycaps, casing material & design and dampening system.

The Phantom 68 provided a ping-free sound with a premium, refined profile that never suffered from resonance, echo nor hollow sound issues.

You can expect a clean thocky-clacky flavour out of the KiiBOOM Phantom 68.

On top of that, the KiiBOOM Phantom 68 comes assembled with plate mounted, pre-lubed stabilizers that offer a remarkable smooth, rattle-free performance with no mushy nor sticky feel.



Inside, the KiiBOOM Phantom 68 carries a fairly large 4000mAh battery to power all the LEDs for the gorgeous illumination effects and, also, to work in wireless modes.

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KiiBOOM Phantom 68 Technical Specifications

Number of Keys
68 Keys

Case Material

Stabilizer Type

PCB Type
Hot-swappable with 3/5-pin Mechanical Switches

South-facing RGB LEDs

NKRO anti-ghosting.

USB-C, Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4GHz Wireless


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KiiBOOM Phantom 68