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SoundPEATS Watch 3
SoundPEATS Watch 3


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We are reviewing the SOUNDPEATS Watch 3, the newest watch from SoundPEATS.

The SOUNDPEATS Watch 3 is the freshest release from the company and the successor of the Watch 2 model.

The update might look like a simple form factor redesign but our testings revealed that the Watch 3 and Watch 2 have decisive differences, features and a brand new UI.

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SOUNDPEATS Watch 3 Review

Tests & Scores


Accessories & Packaging

The SOUNDPEATS Watch 2 unboxing results in a charging cable and the user manual – no further accessories are included.

Everything comes in a rectangular box with some protective foam inside.




The SOUNDPEATS Watch 3 has left behind the rounded shape seen on the Watch 2 and SoundPeats Watch Pro 1; with, now, a rectangular design with rounded edges.

The brand has opted for a deep gray metal finish for the body and black silicone wristbands that harmonically match in very stylish and never tacky aesthetic with almost a business flavor.

On the back of the case you will see and find all smart sensors and charging connections.





Operation & Control

A single button on the right edge of the metal body is found on the Watch 3, which allows the access of controls such as a power, screen on-off and back on menus.

The SoundPEATS Watch 3 has also a touch sensitive screen (just like your smartphone), which is the main way of controlling the device – either by tapping or by gestures and swiping.



Battery Life

Despite having a more recent Bluetooth v5.2 than the previous Watch 2, the Watch 3 has the same 220mAh rechargeable internal battery and the exact same battery life – 7 days of continuous use on a single charge and 25 days of standby time.

Also, as with the previous model we were able to get more than 7 days of use per charge with the Watch 3.


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Construction & Build

The SOUNDPEATS Watch 3 has a good balance of light weight but durable build with a polycarbonate body and a scratch/impact resistant screen.

To add up to the ruggedness, the watch is rated at IP68 waterproof, being safe to use even while swimming.




The SoundPEATS Watch 3 is quite a feature packed device to cover many sports and all basic smartwatch functions such as:

• Caller ID
• SMS notifications
• Instant message display
• Push notification for any app
• Vibrating alerts
• “Lift wrist to view”
• Step counting
• Calories burned
• Stopwatch
• Alarms
• Reminders
• Breath training
• Weather forecast
• Heart rate measuring (manually or continuous monitor)
• SpO2 measurement
• Sleep monitoring
• Music control
• Volume control

SoundPEATS Watch 3 vs SoundPEATS Watch 2:

Some of the new features include:

1. 70 vs 12 sports modes
2. Menstrual cycle tracking
3. 5 in memory dials to switch on the fly vs 2
4. Flashlight
5. SPORTS app vs Life app




The SOUNDPEATS Watch 3 has a much larger screen than previous models reaching now a size of 1.85 inches.

The newer rectangular shaped screen allows a better and smarter distribution of the information, apps and menus.

Fortunately, the Watch 3 has inherited similar quality with the Watch 2 in clarity, definition, color saturation, black depth, contrast and readability.

Upgraded from the previous version, the Watch 3 now comes with 3 more built-in watch faces and a whopping variety of 230 downloadable watch faces, vs 40 faces from the Watch 2.

On top of that you can also design a custom dial directly from the app on your phone.


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The SoundPEATS Watch 3 is so light and slim that you can wear it the whole day without fatigue.

Moreover, the thin design makes it less demanding to use on daily activities and lower the risk of hitting it to other objects than smart and sport watches that have a CASIO G-Shock chunky body alike.

The silicone wristband adds a layer of comfort thanks to a stable fit and a due to the right amount of flexibility and thickness fits smoothly around the wrist.




In comparison to similarly priced smart watches, the SoundPEATS Watch 3 feels clearly like a superior product with a snappier UI navigation and usage.

The Watch 3 has now a brand new user interface that adapts better to the new factor and has vastly improved the fonts size for easier reading.

In general the majority of our editors agreed that the new UI ended up being more useful and easier to use but the Watch 2 looked a bit more polished and felt a bit faster.

On the Watch 2 we pointed out the fact that there was no quick shortcut to messages/notifications nor music control on the main screen, well seems that the brand is listening as both have been added on the Watch 3 and makes a huge difference as most people make a heavy use of their watches as notifications companions.

It worth highlighting that the Watch 3 has boosted the max brightness of the screen to at least 100% stronger than the previous model – a great upgrade to improve visibility on bright situations and outdoors.

Essential functions such as “raise hand to activate display” was very accurate with few misses once in a while incoming notifications were nearly never miss delivered (as long as you have a stable connection with the app and smartphone)

Regarding sensors, bpm and O2 were inline with the Watch 2, which was already a fairly accurate one.


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