EPOMAKER Blushing Mint – Review

Epomaker Blushing Mint
Epomaker Blushing Mint

EPOMAKER Blushing Mint

| MX Keycaps | ABS |

EPOMAKER Blushing Mint, a full keycap set with a pink heart.

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EPOMAKER Blushing Mint Review

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The EPOMAKER Blushing Mint keycaps have a varied 3 color design that goes from pink for the main keys and numpad numbers to a pastel greyish-brown and emerald for the rest of the keys.

The keycaps have a harmonizing contrast with the color of the fonts according to the base color of the keycaps; for example, the greyish keys have a popping emerald fonts (same emerald color of the body of the other extra keycaps)
The set has an ASA profile and a non-shine through build.

The finish of the caps has a buttery smooth, texture-free design that feels slick to the fingertips.

The fonts chosen have a center alignment and a large size that is around 1/2 of the total area of each keycap.



The Blushing Mint are ABS keycaps but not the typical low-quality that you get on mainstream keyboards, these are quality ABS caps with a double-shot molding – in fact, you can feel the quality of the keycaps right away.

Being ABS could build up some oily residue over time but the double-shot molding grants that the legend of the caps will remain fully visible and never ever fading or erasing over the years.

The excellent quality of the ABS material results, also, in a smooth and full sound that helps to enhance the sound capabilities of the switches and keyboard being used with.



The set has full MX compatibility thanks to the MX structure stem.

Included with the set you get coverage for 100% keyboards and numpads with both ANSI and ISO layouts.

The keycaps set includes a wide variety of keys including common variants of Ctrl, Shift and Alt keys (1U, 1.75U and 2U) but if you are a Mac user this set might not be adapted for you as this one does not include Mac dedicated variants.

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EPOMAKER Blushing Mint Technical Specifications

Specifications for EPOMAKER Blushing Mint
• Material: ABS
• Compatibility: MX
• Double shot

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EPOMAKER Blushing Mint