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We are reviewing the TOZO S3, the newest smartwatch from TOZO.

You might probably know TOZO from our reviews of their earphones and earbuds but the brand is also a manufacturer of smartwatches.

The S3 is the newer version of their watches, coming as a upgrade from the older TOZO S2.

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TOZO S3 Review

Tests & Scores


Accessories & Packaging

The TOZO S3 comes well packed and protected in a slim but rugged rectangular box with the strap and a charging cable.




The TOZO S3 has a rectangular form factor with curves edges with an Apple watch vibe.

The main body has a space grey color finish and a matching power/menu button.

The watch has a slim and stylish design that can fit both users looking for an elegant or even a sports watch.

On the bottom, the watch holds the measuring sensors and the bi-pin charging connection. It is unfortunate that TOZO decided to opt for the common magnetic connection system that somehow smartwatch brands like to use for the charging cable, at is has always been a bad connection design that tends to disconnect with even a bare minimum amount of tension on the cable.



Operation & Control

The TOZO S3 is a very simple watch to use with a single physical button and a touch sensitive screen.

The button can be used to turn On/Off the device and screen or to enter/exit the menus.

Navigation and full operation is then taken care through the touch inputs over the touch-sensitive



Battery Life

The TOZO S3 has a bigger battery than other similarly price smartwatches (330mah) and promises a battery life of 7 to 10 days per charge.

The results in our tests showed a noticeably shorter battery life than what is listed by the manufacturer (even with the heart rate sensor turned off) – probably the 7 to 10 days refer to the watch when set to the Low Battery Mode and not paired to any phone.


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Construction & Build

The might feel light and have a remarkably cheap price but the watch is, still, equipped with an IP68 waterproof rating.

We are not completely sure about the material used for the main body of the watch but it feels like a good quality of polycarbonate or similar.





The TOZO S3 has a large 1.83 inches screen that compared with the typical screen of other watches (1.5 inches or less), looks substantially bigger.

The display has a resolution of 240×248, allowing a good balance of definition and readability for icons and fonts.

Talking about fonts, the brand applied a smartly optimized font family and size that makes good use of the screen size and is very easy to read at the same, while allowing an useful amount of characters per screen.

In real life, the screen offers nice popping colors with good saturation and contrast while the screen is fully visible at any angle.

On top of that, the maximum brightness of the screen is strong and easier to see in very bright environments.

The watch can be personalized with downloadable dials through the TOZO app, we highly recommend that you install the app right away and change the default dial that, to our taste, looks messy and tacky – there are much better looking dials through the app but there are not as much designs as on other competitors. Despite this, the app allows in-app design of a custom dial.


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As we mentioned before, the watch is particularly light weighted, which helps out to reduce strain and fatigue.

Also, the bundled wrist watch has a silicone, smooth construction that is both flexible and gentle to the feel when in contact with your skin.

Moreover, despite the large screen size, the watch is actually not much larger than other smartwatches with smaller screens.




The TOZO S3 might have less rich features than other smartwatch competitors but it performs very well with a snappy and responsive UI and navigation and provides all the main functions of modern smartwatches (like notifications, heart rate, call control, weather forecast, sports tracking, sleep tracking, distance, steps and calories counter)

Throughout our tests, the watch did not lose connectivity with the paired phone while getting far away from it and was able to communicate of notifications and call in real time. Also, the notifications can be received through a vibration alert with the internal vibrating motor of the watch; these vibrations were strong and easy to sense through your wrist (some smartwatches lack strength on their vibrating alerts and you mostly not feel the incoming notifications)

Comfortable features such as “raise to view” was efficient and responsive, detecting both lift and lowering movements and barely ever missing to deliver the screen on/off function.

Moreover, touch navigation and gestures was significantly smoother and less-laggy than many other smartwatches that we have reviewed.


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