KiiBOOM Matcha – Review

KiiBoom Matcha
KiiBoom Matcha

KiiBOOM Matcha

| Mechanical Switches | Linear |

KiiBOOM Matcha, a linear custom switch offering by KiiBOOM.

The KiiBOOM Matcha offer an interestingly affordable price but with premium specs and build details.

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KiiBOOM Matcha Review

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The KiiBOOM Matcha comes in the standard packaging used by the brand for their custom mechanical switches, which is a very nice magnetic box with good internal protection.



The KiiBOOM Matcha make us of a dual green color pattern with a Matcha inspiration.

The stem has a darker green color while the rest of the top housings, bottom case and pins have a lighter pastel green color.

The housing are not translucent nor transparent as other switches from KiiBOOM (like the ones equipped inside their KiiBOOM Phantom 81 V2) but a dedicated in-built LED slot is available on these switches, allowing shine-through of the backlight LED of your board.

Despite the remarkably affordable price, the KiiBOOM Matcha have some premium construction elements such as a POM stem, Nylon and PC housing and palladium-plated reeds.



The KiiBOOM Matcha have a 5-pin design and MX X cross stem compatible with all MX-structure keycaps on the market.




With a well-balanced actuation and bottom force and fast 1.6mm pre travel, the KiiBOOM Matcha was a neat combination for keyboard builds that were intended for gaming and overall use.



With just 1.6mm of pre travel you might enjoy typing with the KiiBOOM Matcha if you are used to shorter pre travel but if you are used to more “standard” general-purpose linear switches you could risk to induce more typing errors until you get used to this distance.



The KiiBOOM Matcha comes pre-lubbed from factory and, also, have a self-lubricating POM stem that ensures optimal performance.

In real life scenarios, the KiiBOOM Matcha provide a buttery smooth travel and 100% absence of scratchy and pinging issues.

On top of that, the KiiBOOM Matcha offer a quieter sound profile with a defined unique personality that makes it stand in-between a semi-silent switch and a quality thocky one.

The KiiBOOM Matcha have a lighter actuation force than other switches from KiiBOOM that we have reviewed. Spec-wise, with an actuation force of 55gf and a bottom force of 62gf, the KiiBOOM Matcha might not seem as far away from others like the KiiBOOM Topaz but during live-testing, the Matcha feel far lighter and faster than the Topaz.


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KiiBOOM Matcha Technical Specifications

Specifications for KiiBOOM Matcha Switch
• Pin: 5 pins

Switch type: Linear
• Actuation force: 59gf
• Bottom force: 62gf
• Pre Travel: 1.6mm
• Total Travel: 3.6mm

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KiiBoom Matcha