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Arylic A50+

| Streamer | Speaker Amplifier | USB DAC | 50W | WiFi | Bluetooth |

🎧 Arylic A50+, the newest Amp streamer from Arylic.

The Arylic A50+ is the second generation of the A50 series and the flagship model of their wireless audio amplifiers.

Unless you are a hardcore audio enthusiast that seeks for hidden gems for their value for money/performance you might have not heard of Arylic before as they are a young company that has been on the market for just a couple of years but with a constantly expanding and evolving catalog of audiophile products.

Users can buy the Arylic A50+ in silver color only.

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Arylic A50+ Review

Tests & Scores


Advanced Features

The Arylic A50+ include advanced features such as:

• WiFi
• Airplay
• Bluetooth 5.0
• Multizone
• Multiroom
• Streaming (DLNA, UPNPN, Spotify, Amazon Music, TIDAL, Qobuz, etc)

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Accessories & Packaging

The Arylic A50+ comes inside a fairly small but well built packaging that includes a power adapter, 1x IR remote, 1x screw driver, 1x speaker Phoenix connector, 1x RCA cable, 1x 3.5mm/RCA cable, 1x Bluetooth antenna, 1x WiFi antenna.
On the other hand the unit does not come bundled with an USB cable for USB DAC capabilities




The Arylic A50+ has a main housing made of aluminum and a front panel made of glass.

The metal section of the device has a less shiny finish than other silver-colored amps and does a remarkable job not attracting fingerprints.

The front panel holds the IR sensor and a small window from where a single LED light can be seen.

This light changes color and its blinking pattern in order to inform the status of the device and the input mode selected.

The device has a perfectly square form factor with a tiny footprint and a fairly slim profile – the specific dimensions of the Arylic A50+ are 120 x 113 x 37 mm.

Overall, the device has a clean and non-flashy appearance that can blend in with any desktop and audio system.



Operation & Control

As soon as you look at the Arylic A50+, you will notice that there are no buttons nor rotary encoders. In fact, this amp depends on either the bundled IR remote or a mobile app (4Stream) to be fully controlled.

The only physical button of the Arylic A50+ is a tiny rounded one placed right below the USB connector, this is a Mode button that can be pressed to change the input mode of the amp.

The IR remote sports 25 buttons that have a specific function (all buttons are functional and correspond to a control) like dedicated buttons for each input mode, bass control, treble control, volume control and main music playback controls. A beep confirms each vol+ or vol- key press (but is not too loud and you may not notice it at times)

Through the mobile app, the Arylic A50+ gives full access to its multiroom, multizone capabilities, NAS navigation and streaming and also in-app access to all main music streaming services – also all main functions and controls are available through the app (such as input mode selection, volume control, etc.)

If you are on Windows you do not need any additional software to get network streaming working, with the correct configuration and using the Casting options from Windows Explorer or with the old Windows Media Player, will get the job done – also, users familiar with Foobar2000 can enable streaming through additional components. And for either Mac and Windows users, you can use iTunes for a more friendly streaming experience.

How to power the Arylic A50+:

The Arylic A50+ has an external power supply system – the PSU provide 24V/4.16A.

We also noticed that when plugged to an USB port and without connecting the PSU, the Arylic A50+ did actually turn on, was operational and was accessible by either its BT and WiFi connection too but the low powered USB input does not provide enough juice to drive speakers.

Therefore, the unit will no emit any audio output over any speaker when only plugged with an USB cable; this basically means that users have to understand that the need to power the unit with the bundled PSU.


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Construction & Build

The Arylic A50+ surely feels solid and ruggedly built thanks to the metal and glass construction.

Moreover, as there are no buttons nor knobs, the device is free any wobbling pieces.

On the other hand, for our team, the Phoenix speaker connector is one of the least favorite pieces of the Arylic A50+; a Banana plug system would had been better.

The 4 rubberize feet placed on each angle of the base are generously large and do a very good job keeping the unit in place.


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Thanks to the multiple input options available on the Arylic A50+, the unit can be matched with either analog devices (RCA), mobile devices (3.5mm), optical enabled sources and Windows, Mac and Linux computers through its USB DAC.

Moreover, the Arylic A50+ compatibility extends further on, being network-enabled through WiFi and Ethernet with support of DLNA, UPnP and internet streaming music through Amazon Music, Spotify, TIDAL, Deezer, Qobuz, etc.

In addition to this, the back of the unit sports an USB A port for USB disks that become network enabled when connected to the Arylic A50+.




The Arylic A50+ has in total 5 physical audio connections, 2 wireless connection systems and 1 power connector.

Wireless connection includes both Bluetooth and WiFi, through independent antennas on each side of the back panel.

The remaining connectors on the rear panel, include: AC power supply input (external power supply), Micro USB DAC input connector, 2x RCA, 1x active Subwoofer output, 1x RJ-45 Ethernet CAT5 network, 1x USB-A for external hard disks, 1x SPDIF digital optical input, 2x passive speaker stereo output.

Unfortunately, the Arylic A50+ uses an older USB DAC connector with its Micro USB jack.

On the other hand, streaming from iOS devices through AirPlay or using Spotify Connect, the whole experience was buttery smooth and completely pain free.

Connections tech specs:

• Speaker output: 50Wx2
• USB: PCM up to 192kHz / 24bit
• Net: 10/100M RJ45
• Bluetooth: 5.0
• WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n 2.4G


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Being such a tiny amplifier, the very first thing surprised the team was the speaker power output capability at 50Wx2 (4ohm) and 30Wx2 (8ohm) that does is not simply a listed spec but a truly powerful amplification result that was instantly seen while testing the Arylic A50+.

In fact, when using 2x quad-driver JBL floorstanding speakers rated at max. 500W (8ohm), the Arylic A50+ fed them with more than plenty power for any music session – even allowing the JBL speakers to output as much dB as needed to throw a party.

A common issue of less-powerful speaker amps is a bass-less output and with less-performing amps arise muddiness and/or bloatness, instead the Arylic A50+ responded with a nicely rich and punchy bass with an excellent sub-bass extension while not sounding boosted nor loose.

When running the Arylic A50+ through our soundtests, the AMP presented a pristine sound quality with a very clean output, no colored tonality, a wide soundstage and accurate sound reproduction.

In addition to this, the noise floor was exceptional while also there was no audible electrical interference nor hiss on every input mode selected and tested.

The true magic of the Arylic A50+ is having multiple units; with only 1 unit most of the extra features that the device is capable of offering are not achievable.

Among these feature is the possibility to use its multiroom and multizone streaming capabilities – of course, as we one have one unit, we cannot say how these functions perform.

The Arylic A50+ has internal bass and treble control but can only be accessed with its IR remote or through the mobile app. Bass and treble can be boosted or sedated independently with palpable audible results. Moreover, the IR remote has a button labeled “d.bass”, this refers to Deep Bass and despite we were not expecting much from it, the function offered instantly deeper bass and a more visceral experience that even the least trained ear can notice right away.

When specifically looking at the multiple wireless connections and streaming, we noticed a remarkable performance in all modes regarding stability, signal transmission, and audio quality. The only slight underperforming response was the BT pairing process with Windows, issues accessing the device directly through the IP on a web browser and the lack of any visual info to treble and bass control unless using the mobile app.

Moreover, with all the I/O connections and capabilities, the Arylic A50+ showed also outstanding results as a companion to be matches on 2-channel home theaters.


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Scores Scores

Arylic A50+ Scores

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Arylic A50+ Technical Specifications


WiFi:IEEE802.11 b/g/n 2.4G, LAN:RJ45 single 10/100m, Bluetooth 4.2

Freqneucy Response


Power Input

DC 12V-26V

Speaker Output

2X50W@4ohm, 2x30W@8ohm load at 24v



Audio Output

RCA Line out (0dB @ 1Vrms)

Audio Input

RCA Line in (0dB @ 2Vrms), USB 2.0 host




0.03%, @1kHZ 50W+50W 24V 4ohm

music output

24bit/192khz CD quality

Music Format


Sample Rate

Decoding upto 24bit, 192kHZ


Airplay, DLNA, Spotify Connect, Qplay, UPnP

Streaming Sources

Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Qobuz, iHeartRadio, Napster, Internet Radio

Control Devices

iOS and Android based devices, PC(iTunes or Foobar2000), Remote Controller


120 * 110 * 40mm

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Arylic A50+





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