Tronsmart T7 – Review

Tronsmart T7

| 360 sound | Bass Radiators | 30W | Bluetooth | RGB | IPX7 |

Tronsmart T7, the newest Bluetooth speaker from Tronsmart.

With an always expanding catalog, the Tronsmart T7 joins the mid-tier speakers series.

Despite the mid-tier and featured packed specs, the T7 is a crazy affordable Bluetooth speaker.

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Tronsmart T7 Review

Tests & Scores


Accessories & Packaging

As expected with most Bluetooth speakers, the Tronsmart T7 does not bundle many accessories. Indeed, the unit includes only 1x USB charging cable.

Yet, the packaging of speaker has a nice thick cardboard build and a protective inner plastic and soft foams to grant its safe arrival.

gramophone-25660  3/5



The Tronsmart T7 has a tube-alike form factor, seen on many modern Bluetooth speakers but this speaker is meant to be used standing up instead of resting on a side.

The main body of the speaker is covered by a dark black mesh combined with some textured plastic on both the top and bottom end area.

On the base, the speaker sports 4 rubberized feet that raise the speaker a couple of mm and add a non-slippery standing positioning.

On the other hand, the lanyard included with the speaker hangs precisely on top of the buttons, so users will need to either remove it or move it aside each time they want to press a button.

In addition to this, a nice looking RGB ring light around the volume wheel gives a cool looking detail without being too flashy nor gamer-styled.

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gramophone-25660 4.75/5


Construction Quality and Build

The speaker feels very well built with a durable mesh around the whole unit and some a thick plastic details – the less sturdy feeling detail is the volume wheel.

It is far to note that an open grill for the driver on the bottom might make it not the best speaker to bring to the beach as sand will certainly get inside.

Nonetheless, the speaker has a surprisingly good construction quality that will immediately surprise buyers when unboxing it.

In addition to the rugged build, the speaker is equipped with an IPX7 waterproof rating to withstand a wide range of water and dust conditions.

gramophone-25660 4.5/5



Advanced Features

The Tronsmart T7 advanced features include:

• Bluetooth 5.3
• IPX7 waterproof rating
• MicroSD card slot
• RGB lights


Operation & Control

Along the back of the speaker, users will see a non-mesh strip; this section holds all the 5 dedicated control buttons with a rubberized finish.

In addition to these buttons, the top plastic section is actually a nice physical volume wheel that rotates clock and counter clockwise – in our opinion it offers a more pleasing control than standard volume buttons.

The volume wheel has a tactile bump step design but it does not correspond to 1-step of volume; actually in-between each bump there are at least 2 volume steps.

The Tronsmart T7 can also act as a standalone speaker thanks to a MicroSD card slot/reader that allows it to play music directly from the card without the need to be paired to any external mobile device.

gramophone-25660 4.25/5


Battery Life

The T7 is rated at 12 hours of music playback time on a full charged battery.

The runtime might fall a bit behind to other similarly sized Bluetooth speakers but for the retail price of this model, the Tronsmart already offers one hell of a bang for buck.

A full battery charge time is estimated to take 3 hours when plugged to a 5V 2A power supply.

gramophone-25660  4/5

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The Tronsmart T7 has a 360 degree coverage where the sound will not be limited to coming out of a specific side of the speaker, instead the sound should come out evenly spread on every side.

This is achieved thanks to a 360 degree acoustic design with a multi driver configuration including 2 lateral tweeters, 2 lateral bass woofers and a bottom large driver.

Throughout the tests, the speaker indeed showed a remarkable coverage with a superb acoustic spread that evenly filled up any room. When rotating around the speaker there was marginal difference between the sides, front and rear.

On the other hand, if the speaker is used laid down the sound quality quickly deteriorates, though to be fair, the speaker was designed to be used standing up.

The brand has applied a well thought passive bass driver that does a very good job giving that pumping bass sensation while transmitting it directly to the surface where the speaker is placed.

In fact, the T7 tests revealed a massive bass despite the small size, even while touching the speaker you will feel the bass driver rumbling the device.

Additionally, the speaker was able to provide a huge power output that can defy and put into shame speakers that are 4 times bigger than the Tronsmart T7 – in fact, the rated power output is 30W.

Despite the ultra-cheap price, the Tronsmart T7 offered a midrange and highs way cleaner than any other similarly price speaker on the market (even more with SoundPulse On).

Tronsmart includes an EQ mode called SoundPulse, this option adds a very noticeably more refined sound with a better soundstage expansion, cleaner midrange and less boomy bass that will get less invasive over the sound signature – the ring light will become green when SoundPulse is turned on.

Moreover, when using the speaker with the mobile app from Tronsmart, users will have access to EQ presets and sound customization.

gramophone-25660 4.25/5

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Tronsmart T7 Technical Specifications


Audio CodecsSBC
Bluetooth Version5.3
Bluetooth RangeUp to 18m/59ft (Open Area)
Input Power5V/2A, via Type-C port
Output Power30W
IP RatingIPX7
Play Time (Varied by Volume Level & Audio Content)Up to 12 Hours(Varied by Light Display)
Charging Time3 Hours
Frequency Range60Hz – 20kHz
Playing ModesBluetooth
TF Card
Voice AssistantSupports Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana
Other FeaturesStereo Pairing
App Control
Vibrant LED Modes
360° Surround Sound
Product Dimension216 x φ78mm/ 8.5 x 3.07inch
Product Weight870g/1.91bs
Package Dimension255 x 125 x 93mm/9.84 x 4.92 x 3.66inch
Package Weight1.23kg/2.71lbs
Package Contents1 x Tronsmart T7 Outdoor Speaker
1 x User Manual
1 x Warranty Card
1 x Type-C Charging Cable
1 x Lanyard
1 x SoundPulse® Card

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Scores Scores

Tronsmart T7 Scores

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Tronsmart T7