LaserPecker LP4 – Review

LaserPecker LP4
LaserPecker LP4

LaserPecker LP4

| Laser Engraver | Laser Cutter | 1064nm Pulsed Fiber Infrared | 10W 450nm Blue Diode | 120000mm/m |

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We are reviewing the LaserPecker LP4, the flagship laser engraver from LaserPecker.

The LaserPecker LP4 was launched as a crowdfunding project that got successfully funded, pledging nearly 100 times the goal set with a total of 35,346,475 HKD / U$S4.5+ millions.

LaserPecker is a company exclusively specialized in innovative laser engraving and laser cutting machines that have already released several models like the LaserPecker PRO, LaserPecker LP1, LaserPecker LP2, LaserPecker LP3 and LaserPecker LX1.

The LaserPecker LP4 joins the catalog from the brand as their newest model, belonging to the 4th generation of the LP laser engravers and being also their current top-tier option.

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LaserPecker LP4 Review

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The LaserPecker LP4 comes in a packaging with a clean design and plenty of soft/cushiony protection inside.

With the laser unit you will also get:

• Laser module
• Laser filtering cover
• Safety glasses
• Cable organizer
• Assembly tools
• Assembly screws
• Wooden ruler/focusing guide
• 2x Alignment fixtures
• 2x Fixing clips
• Rigid toolbox
• USB cables
• 3x wood sheets
• 5x metal business cards

Additionally you can purchase accessories for the LaserPecker LP4 like the LaserPecker Rotary Extension, LaserPecker Slide Extension, LaserPecker Laser Filter Cover, LaserPecker Powerpack Plus, carrying cases, cutting plate, batch engraving button, BT dongle, etc.



LaserPecker LP4 possesses specs and features that even the most luxurious flagship “pro” laser engravers cannot reach; including a 2-in-1 laser module with a resolution of 8K, 0.0009mm of accuracy and an insane engraving speed of up to 120000mm/m (that is one-hundred-twenty thousand!)

As a brief summary of the notable features of the LaserPecker LP4:

• 10W 540nm Blue Diode Laser
• 2W 1064nm Pulsed Fiber Infrared Laser
• 12000mm/s speed
• 8K precision/resolution
• Modular addons expansion
• Multi-angle laser head



Assembling the LaserPecker LP4 is absurdly easy; literally you just need to put 4 screws, adjust a knob and you are ready to go. If you buy the full kit you will need to assembly the addons and accessories.

Of all the laser engravers that we have reviewed so far, none was as easy and fast to assemble and get it up and running as with the LaserPecker LP4.

Being that the machine comes practically fully pre-assembled there are no risks of any assembly misalignments or cumbersome, time-consuming DIY setting up needed by the user.

LaserPecker LP4 rotary addon assembly
LaserPecker LP4 rotary addon assembly



Aesthetically, the LaserPecker LP4 has a nice polished design with a detailed and high-quality overall look that gives it a vibe of modern luxury with a space grey, pearled finish.

On the top of the laser head of the machine you will find a large metal handle with a button and a rounded display screen. The front curved section of the laser head has a strip LED light that changes color according to the laser mode and the status of the machine.

The upper surface of the electric stand has 2 physical buttons to move the laser head up and down (task done to achieve correct focusing)

Unlike a typical laser engraver/cutter machine, the LaserPecker LP4 is a 2-in-1 laser machine as it has 2 laser modules incorporated inside the same unit. Internally, this LaserPecker model includes a 10W 540nm blue diode laser and a 2W 1064nm infrared pulsed fiber laser.

The LaserPecker LP4 offers a different approach to laser engravers and cutter with a compact form factor that does not use the standard big rectangular frame with moving axis, rods and belts. Instead, the LaserPecker has a stationary head and main module with an internally moving laser that moves the laser beam across the canvas to be engraved/cut.

Due to this design, the LaserPecker LP4 might have a smaller coverage area than other standard laser machines but the brand has created a Y-axis moving bed/slide extension addon to expand the engraving/cutting dimensions (sold separately or with the LaserPecker LP4 mid and high-tier variants)

Specifically, the LaserPecker LP4 has a standard working area of 160x120mm while with the slide extension addon it reached 300x160mm.

The machine has a modular nature that allows to independently detach the laser head unit from the main electric stand axis or rotate it to engrave tilted at different angles.

The exact dimensions of the LaserPecker LP4 and its sections are 241 x 82.1 x 139.7 mm for the laser head, 260.5 x 218 x 283.5 mm for the electric laser stand and an overall size of the protective shield of 176 x 145 x 155.7 mm.



The LaserPecker LP4 includes a built-in LED touch screen with tap and swipe gestures response.

The screen has a multi-color and clear resolution display that is easily readable in any room (both in fully dark or well-lit rooms)

The screen provides clear information of:

• Machine status
• Laser mode
• Engraving/cutting live progress
• Lasering elapsed time and percentage

The screen can be used to select the laser source (blue diode 450nm or 1064nm infrared) or set the machine to its sleep mode – further functions of the screen can be read in the “Operation & Control” section below.



The LaserPecker LP4 might look dwarfed when sitting next to flagship “standard full-sized” laser engravers but due to the premium building quality and materials, the LP4 is actually heftily reassuring when held on hand with a confident weight of 4kg.

The 4kg of weight come from a remarkably rugged 100% metal construction along the whole unit with no single detail build with flimsy, wobbly nor lower-quality components.

As a matter fact, you will not find any section with typically fragile elements used on many laser engravers & 3D printers such as plastic, Bakelite nor even thin aluminum pieces – every detail of the LaserPecker LP4 has a sturdy and thick metal build (even the adjustment knobs)

To control the thermals of the laser unit, the head is equipped with active dual fans that keep air flowing when needed. The right wall of the laser head unit has a black grid that protects this internal fan of the laser; the grid can be detached in case that you need to clean up any dust accumulation.





The LaserPecker LP4 can be controlled wirelessly, wired and/or as a “standalone unit”

Wirelessly, the LP4 can be controlled through their proprietary mobile app called LaserPecker Design Space, communicating with the machine via Bluetooth.

To use and control the laser machine from your computer, you will need to either buy the LaserPecker Bluetooth Dongle or use it wired via the USB-A to USB-C cable/port. Once connected to your PC you will need to use either Lightburn or the free LaserPecker laser PC software, to edit, set, configure and send the files to be engraved/cut to the LP4.

As a sort of “standalone unit” you can use the touch screen of the device to switch the machine’s laser mode, live pause/play/stop of lasering tasks, access saved project files and some extra settings.

The mobile app of the laser is probably the best and most rich-featured that we have used of any other laser machine with complete control of parameters and editing tools like a full-fledged PC laser software. As a matter of fact, you can even make full use of the rotary addon and the sliding extension platform too.

The mobile app includes plenty of designs to get right away; also the brand provides preset settings suggestions for engraving/cutting with efficient tested results.



Every laser machine should include one or several safety features as laser engraving/cutting is a powerful task that can make serious damage if gone wrong.

LaserPecker has thought both at the user’s health and the safe operation of the machine including certified filtering/protective goggles, fully covering laser filters, exhaust fans and upgradable filtering enclosures/covers (as you can see in the photos below)

Furthermore, the LP4 includes a dedicated emergency stop button and protection sensors & systems for overheating, tilt or when the magnetic cover is removed.

The base variant of the LaserPecker LP4 already includes a laser filtering cover, so you will not be forced to spend extra money to be safely protected; this shield has a magnetic system for quick on-the-fly attaching/detaching when needed.



The LaserPecker LP4 is equipped with multi-USB connectors of type USB-A and USB-C; these work as I/O and power connections for the different accessories and elements of the machine.

The LaserPecker LP4 works seamlessly with their mobile app (Android and iOS) connecting with the laser through a wireless connection, allowing full control of the machine and sending the corresponding laser projects directly to the LaserPecker LP4.

On top of that, all the accessories and addons for the LaserPecker LP4 are powered by the same PSU and connected to the main laser unit without needing to have multiple power supplies units for each addon and accessory.



The LaserPecker LP4 is the most versatile laser engraver on the market right now thanks to the dual in 1 laser and its smaller form factor.

With the 10W blue diode laser and the 2W infrared laser, the LaserPecker LP4 covers vaster engraving and cutting materials while also being proficient to select the best adapted laser nm depending on the type of material and project.

Also, unlike other laser machines, both lasers are included inside the same laser main head unit, which means that there is no physical detaching and reassembly needed to switch between the 450nm and 1064nm lasers – it is all done via software.

Thanks to the small size and low power consumption, the LaserPecker LP4 opens up the possibility of bringing a powerful laser with you for on-site jobs, client meetings, etc. and, also, allowing the freedom of using the laser handheld.

On top of that, the LaserPecker LP4 opens up a new level of creativity by granting the flexibility of either bringing the material to the machine or moving the laser engraver to the material to be worked on.

Moreover, the laser head can be tilted to engrave over materials at different angles; for example you could rotate the laser 90 degrees and engrave over a vertically sitting material or the wood wall of a furniture.

Some recommendations for choosing the better adapted laser mode depending on the materials:

2W 1064nm Pulsed Fiber Laser:

• Paint coated materials
• Metals
• Leather
• Plastics
• Gold
• Platinum
• Silver
• Copper
• Aluminum
• Acrylic
• Stainless steel

10W 450nm Blue Diode Laser:

• Wood (engrave and cut)
• Acrylic (engrave and cut)
• Stainless steel
• Aluminum
• Leather (engrave and cut)
• Fabric (engrave and cut)
• Glass
• Ceramics
• Food
• Carton/paper (engrave and cut)
• Stone
• Fruits
• Bones
• Shale
• Tile
• Cement
• Bamboo
• Cork
• Rubber



Despite the smaller and cuter aesthetics of the LaserPecker LP4 in comparison to standard laser engravers, you should not mistake it for a less professional tool than others.

In fact, it can be safely said that the LaserPecker LP4 easily surpasses the capabilities, features and production capacity of most 10W and 20W laser engravers and laser cutters.

Due to the groundbreaking specs of 120000mm/m engraving speed, 8K UHD resolution and “axis-less” design, the LaserPecker LP4 went through all our tests with faster completion times and better defined final engraving results than most other laser engravers and laser cutters that we have reviewed.

This whopping speeds are reached thanks to a smart design with a Galvanometer mirror system that takes care of all the laser movement/tracing without any mechanical module-head travel.

Instead of having axis moving and a laser module traveling back and forth, the LaserPecker LP4 is completely silent without any of the obnoxious grinding, bumping nor smashing noises of standard laser engravers; the only noise that you will hear are the fans of the machine.

Thanks to its class-leading low noise and compact size, the LaserPecker LP4 can be a perfect companion for smaller working spaces or to whom does not want to turn a room into a messy wood workshop.

It is fair to note that the LP4 does not have an autofocus system, so manual focusing is required by setting the correct distance between the object to be engraved/cut and the lens of the LaserPecker (you can use the included wood ruler setting the distance to 15cm, use the magnetic laser shield as the reference for correct focus and/or check the red laser focus spot guide)

The LaserPecker LP4 was tested throughout multiple real-scenario engraving and cutting tasks and lasering diverse type of materials.

A detail that might seem trivial but it was actually a game-changer was the previewing system offered by the LaserPecker LP4 which gave either a dynamic or fixed preview of the lasering project over the material/object allowing live-adjustment and re-positioning with the friendliest and most efficient previewing system that we have seen so far.

LaserPecker LP4 previewing
LaserPecker LP4 previewing



Either for engraving or etching, the LaserPecker LP4 was able to fulfill both tasks with ease and in brief times.

Stainless steel could be lasered in colors with the 10W blue diode (colors according to the speed/power settings used)

The LaserPecker LP4 showed outstanding resolution and detail on both large and small scale engraving projects.

LaserPecker LP4 stainless steel engraving
LaserPecker LP4 stainless steel engraving


To get the best results we used the LaserPecker Rotary Extension to engrave cylindrical objects like rings, cups, thermal mugs, drinking glasses, etc.

The rotary addon was easy to set up and configure the settings to match the objects and rotational movement to match a correct sizing and avoid distortion.

It is fundamental to carefully measure and set the correct diameter and perimeter of the object to be engraved and to fix the piece securely with the jaw adjustment and at the correct angle on the rotary accessory.

The rotary extension allowed to fix diameters from 3mm to 200mm of conical, spherical, annular (internal and external) and cylindrical objects.


Acrylic was easily engraved by the LaserPecker LP4 either with the 450nm diode laser or the 1064nm infrared laser. Both laser modes gave superb engraving results.

We then proceeded to test the expansion capability of the workspace granted by the LaserPecker slide extension addon, which boosted the engraving/cutting dimensions to 300mmx160mm.

The acrylic engraving of larger objects with the use of the sliding addon was as accurate as without the moving bed, preserving the same level of fine-definition, no misalignment nor wired distortions added by the mechanical movement of the bed’s axis.

LaserPecker LP4 acrylic engraving
LaserPecker LP4 acrylic engraving

LaserPecker LP4 large Acrylic engraving with extension slider addon
LaserPecker LP4 large Acrylic engraving with extension slider addon


Lasering paint coated metal was extremely easy and nearly instant for the LaserPecker LP4 with defined lines, shapes and faithful reproduction of the model designs.

We found to prefer using the pulsed fiber laser mode for these tasks.

LaserPecker LP4 paint coated metal engraving
LaserPecker LP4 paint coated metal engraving


Engraving ceramics was quick and efficient with the 10W blue diode laser, completing the lasering task in far less time than most other laser machines that we have reviewed.


The 10W of the blue diode laser and the 8K resolution combined, provided pristine wood engraving results with fine-detailed precision and minor setting effort.

We found that the LaserPecker LP4 was able to respond with excellent quality engraving without needing any laser engraving expertise; first-time laser users will have a higher rate of success with the LP4 than with other laser engravers.


Glass and mirror engraving was no challenge for the LaserPecker – with or without the rotary extension.

Of course, you need to prepare the material accordingly to obtain the desired results; even more if you are looking to engrave transparent glasses.


Leather is usually an easy material to engrave with any laser engraver; indeed, the LP4 has no single issue engraving fast and accurately this kind of material.


If you are intending to use the LaserPecker LP4 for cutting purposes, you should absolutely invest in the cutting plate addon.


As a first test, we run a cutting task of 4mm plywood; the LaserPecker with the blue diode laser went through the cutting path in a single pass with sharp results.

The LP4 has a listed max. capability of 8mm wood cutting; nonetheless, when we tried cutting 10mm pinewood, the machine completed the task with success and precision.

Of course, to obtain better cutting results and no burning side-effects, we used the LaserPecker cutting plate.

LaserPecker LP4 wood cutting 10mm
LaserPecker LP4 wood cutting 10mm


We proceeded to test the cutting potential of acrylic materials on a properly ventilated space – the exhaust design of the LaserPecker was a welcomed featured; even more with the full enclosure addon accessory.

We found that the rated 5mm acrylic cutting spec was accurately listed as the LaserPecker LP4 was able to fulfill the task without much struggle and with clean cutting edges.


The 10W laser diode was able to cut through leather like a cutting a piece of cake with smooth, fast and clean final results.

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LaserPecker LP4 Technical Specifications

Laser Type:

10W 450 nm Blue Diode Laser
2W 1064 nm Infrared Laser

Working Area:

160 mm x 120 mm (Basic)
160 mm x 300 mm (with the Slide Extension)

Working Speed:

2000 mm/s

Preview Speed:

16000 mm/s

Engraving Precision:

0.003 mm



Applicable Materials:

10w 450 nm Blue Diode Laser:
Lacquered metal, Anodized aluminum, 304 stainless steel, Bamboo, Wood, Leather, Food, Paper, Fabric, Photosensitive printing, Plastic, Acrylic, Tinted glass, Color glaze ceramics, etc.
2w1064 nm Infrared Laser:
Metal, Plastic, Leather and any material with paint coating

Cutting Depth:

8 mm Balsa Wood, 5 mm Dark Opaque Acrylic

Preview Mode:

Center Point, Outline Frame,and Contour Preview Modes


LaserPecker Design Space & LightBurn

Support Format:

PC: G-Code/JPG/PNG/BMP/SVG/DXF etc.Vector Format


Mobile – Wireless Bluetooth 5.0
PC – USB Connection / Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 (Dongle Required)

Operating System:

Mobile – iOS 9.0 & Android 7.0
PC – macOS 10 & Windows 10

System Languages:

Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/English/Japanese

Safety Certification:


Input Power:

DC(24V 5A) AC(100-240V, 50-60HZ)


Laser Head: 241 x 82.1 x 139.7 mm
Stand: 260.5 x 218 x 283.5 mm
Protective Shield: 176 x 145 x 155.7 mm

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LaserPecker LP4