HYCHIKA Cross Line Laser – Review

HYCHIKA Cross Line Laser
HYCHIKA Cross Line Laser

HYCHIKA Cross Line Laser

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HYCHIKA Cross Line Laser, a budget-friendly laser level tool from the brand.

We have reviewed several power tools from HYCHIKA and they always achieve an excellent value for money and bang for buck for the performance offered.

The HYCHIKA Cross Line Laser is part of their budget-conscious products but offering specs of higher priced competitors.

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HYCHIKA Cross Line Laser Review

Tests & Scores


Accessories & Packaging

The power tool comes in small and simple box with:

• 1x L bracket
1x USB cable




The HYCHIKA Cross Line Laser has a rectangular form factor with all sections clearly differentiated.

The front of the unit sports the window for the laser output while the back section carries the USB port for charging.

On the bottom you will find an universal 1/4″ thread compatible with the bundled L-bracket or any common tripod (including photo and video tripods), so you can securely fix the laser position while measuring and working on your projects.

This L-bracket accessory is also equipped with 2 small but decently strong magnets, in order to magnetically fix the laser to any metal surface.


HYCHIKA Cross Line Laser
HYCHIKA Cross Line Laser



Construction & Build

The outer sections and case of the HYCHIKA Cross Line Laser are made mainly of plastic but with a PC quality that is inline with all mainstream plastic power tools.

Despite this, the unit has a rugged feel and nice hefty weight that clearly indicates that the tool is well reinforced with metal internals.

Moreover, the laser has a dustproof and waterproof design to withstand rougher conditions.

As a matter of fact, from the front window of the laser you can see all the main metal frame and metal internals of the unit.



Operation & Control

This HYCHIKA Cross Line Laser has a simple, intuitive and efficient design regarding its way of controlling it.

The top panel has a single button that is used to power on/off and switch between the 3 laser line patterns.

On the side of the unit you will see a large red plastic switch, this enable/disables the auto-leveling function.




The device offers in total 3 laser patterns and 2 operation modes, allowing a wider variety of applications and leveling aid.

The Hychika tool can switch the laser output as:

• Vertical aligned laser
• Horizontal aligned laser
• Cross line

On top of that, the dual modes of the laser provide an auto-leveling system that can compensate any inclination of the surface where the laser is being placed, grating a perfectly leveled laser output and as a second mode the laser can be locked in a position by disabling the auto-leveling function. This locked mode is useful when you need to level and have a visual guide of lines that are not perfectly horizonal nor vertical, like following the inclination of stairs.




While testing the unit we noticed that the laser projections are remarkably bright allowing it to be seen either in dark or fully illuminated rooms. Moreover, the laser is so strong that you can see, even, in rooms lit by a strong summer midday sun.

Moreover, the laser is equipped with an internal rechargeable battery that can provide 12 hours of continuous runtime – you will not have to worry about carrying batteries.

The HYCHIKA Cross Line Laser gets charged through the rear USB port but, unfortunately, the port is a bit dated using the older Micro-USB connection.

We also tested the capability of the bundled bracket accessory; in general, the bracket got the job done but it showed some flex and the magnets might not be strongest out there.

As a real testing scenario, the HYCHIKA laser was used as a leveling guide for the full installation of 4 French cleats and for a leveled installation of the projector. The laser was pinpoint referencing a leveled guide and compensating for any ground/tripod misalignment – from specs, the laser is able to self-level itself in range of +/- 4 degrees.

All lasers lines were highly visible under all circumstances and offered a wide coverage area in both vertical and horizontal directions without needing to get too far away from the walls wanting to use for leveling.




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Scores Scores

HYCHIKA Cross Line Laser Scores

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HYCHIKA Cross Line Laser Technical Specifications

TypeCross Line Laser



Battery life

12 hours

Laser patterns3

Auto leveling

Rechargeable BatteryYes


120 feet




Manual modeYes


AccessoriesUSB cable, bracket

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HYCHIKA Cross Line Laser