AKASO BRAVE 7 Action Camera – Review

AKASO BRAVE 7 Action Camera
AKASO BRAVE 7 Action Camera

AKASO BRAVE 7 Action Camera

| Action Camera | 4K | WiFi | Dual Screen |

We are reviewing the AKASO BRAVE 7 Action Camera, one of the upper-tier action cams from AKASO.

AKASO is a brand specialized in action cameras with a vast catalog that covers the needs of consumers with a tighter budget but still looking for modern specs and high-quality capabilities.

The AKASO BRAVE 7 Action Camera sit below the AKASO BRAVE 8, as the 2nd top-tier model from the brand.

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AKASO BRAVE 7 Action Camera Review

Tests & Scores


Advanced Features

The AKASO BRAVE 7 Action Camera features include advanced options such as:
• 4K resolution
• Image stabilization
• WiFi
• IPX8 waterproof rating
• Gyroscope
• Speaker
• Remote control
•App compatible



Accessories & Packaging

The AKASO BRAVE 7 Action Camera unboxing results in:

• 2*90 Degree adapter
• 1*Chest strap
• 1*Wrench
• 1*Safety buckle
• 1*Insurance Tether Strap
• 3*Long screws
• 1*Short screw
• 2*Flat-Surface Mounts
• 1*Curved-Surface Mounts
• 2*sticker
• 1*pouch
• 1x RC
• 1x 64GB MicroSDXC card
• 1*Adapters
• 1*Handlebar Seatpost mount
• 1*Suction cup mount
• 2* 1350mAh batteries
• 1* battery charger
• 1* cloth
• 1* cable

In addition to the camera, you can get either the 60-in-1, 42-in-1 or 7-in-1 accessories bundle from AKASO; depending of which kit you get it will vary the variety and quantity of accessories included.




The AKASO BRAVE 7 Action Camera has a compact size and a classic action cam form factor with a rectangular size.

Aesthetically, the camera looks more premium than the price suggests with a clean dark grey design and an overall aesthetic feel that makes it look more like a serious action cam than a toy.

As you might already noticed, the camera has dual screens; a bigger one on the rear case and a smaller one on the front.

Unlike other action cameras on the market, the AKASO BRAVE 7 is fully waterproof without the need of any external waterproof case – the cam can reach a maximum of 10 meters water-resistance thanks to the IPX8 waterproof rating.

The top of the camera has a button with a red-ring accent, next to it you will find a status LED light while on the right edge of the case you will see an up-arrow and down-arrow dual button. Next to the back screen, the camera includes 2 additional LED lights to inform the status of the cam.

On the bottom of the unit there is the battery compartment and on the bottom left edge there is a small cover that hide beneath the card reader and USB port.

The AKASO BRAVE 7 Action Camera has many resolution and fps modes available to choose from, the higher resolution available is 4K @ 30fps but there is no 60 fps for 4K; if you dial down to 1440p you will gain access to 60fps and 120fps for 1080p, reaching the max. 240fps for the 720p resolution mode.

On top of that, the action camera can also take photos with a maximum resolution of 20 megapixels or access further options like 4K timelapse.

All timelapse modes offer built-in settings and options to fully control and finely adjust the timelapse effects – including time adjustments from 2 seconds up to 1 hour.

To help you create content according to your creative ideas, the camera includes plenty of modes like:
• Video
• Photo
• Slow motion
• Timelapse
• Succession
• Hyperlapse
• Dashcam mode



Operation & Control

The top button of the camera works as a multifunction control that works as a power and record button when either pressed or pressed and hold.

With the side buttons you can control the zoom of the BRAVE 7, adjusting the viewing angle from 170°, 140°, 110° and 70°

All the rest of the controls, menu navigation, settings and uses of the camera work entirely through the touch screen through touch inputs and swipe gestures.

We wished that the cam had more physical buttons and depended less on the touch screen but the cam compensates with the fact that it includes several control systems like a remote control with screen, WiFi connection to pair with the mobile phone app and built-in voice commands.

The AKASO GO mobile app enables full control of the camera and every single function, mode and setting while also gives a live view of the video being captured by the BRAVE 7.



Construction & Build

In comparison with other action cameras on the market, the AKASO BRAVE 7 is heavier and this is due to the much better construction quality and materials used to build the unit.

The AKASO BRAVE 7 might have an affordable price but it is unexpectedly rugged for the asking price with a durable feel.

The shell, buttons, clips and cover doors have a rugged build quality with no wobbly, flimsy nor cheap materials used.

All waterproof covers ensure a safe closing system with gaskets and tight clipping switches that can provide a worry-free use of the camera and protection for the USB port, battery compartment and card reader.


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As we mentioned in the Design section, the AKASO BRAVE 7 has 2 screens, one on the front and another one on the back. Both screen are full-color displays while the back one has better color and brightness.

The front one serves as a useful screen for more “selfie” captures and image previewing with less trial and error of framing, focusing and composition.

The rear display has a size of 2″ and is the main screen of the camera which is also the touch sensitive one. The resolution of the displays are not specified but the back one has crisp and nice image resolution and clarity.

The screen has an excellent use of the space, including a brief explanation of each function and option and what it does. This makes the camera much easier to handle by any user and even more for less experienced users or first-time actioncam owners.


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The AKASO BRAVE 7 offers a dual connectivity system, one through the bundled remote control that gives quick control of the main recording and mode functions of the camera. The second connectivity system is a full-featured built-in WiFi module that allow complete control of the camera through the AKASO Go mobile app.

The camera also has a USB-C connector that is used to connect compatible accessories such as an external microphone to improve the audio recording of the camera.

Unfortunately, you will find a dated Micro USB connector for the remote – which also means that you will need to carry 2 different type of USB cables to charge the cam and the remote


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Image Quality

To evaluate the image quality of the videos, we proceeded to do all tests at 4K video; the images below are frame captures from the 4K test videos.


The camera is rated at a maximum viewing angle of 170°, as you can see from our comparison photos the 170 degrees offered by the AKASO BRAVE 7 are wider than the competitor action cam and also than what a Canon 16-35mm f.28L was able to cover @16mm on a full-frame digital camera (110°).

Akaso Video angle of view
Competitor ActionCam angle of view video
Canon 16mm Full-Frame Angle of view comparison


As you can see from the photos above also, when comparing the AKASO BRAVE 7 against the competitor action camera and a professional Canon digital camera with a professional quality Canon lens, the AKASO brave showed better distortion control, color and contrast than the competitor action cam but, as expected, it cannot compete with the quality of a hefty professional digital camera.


The AKASO BRAVE 7 had quite good definition/resolution for the asking price and as long as you do not intend to crop to much the image.
Compared with the other action camera, the AKASO BRAVE 7 looked miles better and highly more detailed but as with the color/distortion section (and obviously as expected), the AKASO cannot be compared with the definition of the Pro Canon full-frame with Pro Canon-L lens.

Akaso Video quality daylight
Competitor ActionCam video quality
Definition example


With video taken placing the sun at an angle that can generate lens flare, you can see that the AKASO BRAVE 7 had excellent control of lens flare with minimum traces shown on the images.

Lens flare test


On contrasty situations or even with the sun directly showing on the videos captured, the AKASO BRAVE 7 had a smart light-metering and auto-exposure decision that gave usable and well-exposed videos and photos.

Exposure and flare test at direct sun




The AKASO BRAVE 7 has a 6-axis gyroscope that combines with its Electronic Image Stabilization to reduce the effect over your shaky videos.

From our tests while doing some videos handheld while running, attached to the handle bar of a mountain bike on rough pebbly roads and with a motorcycle on a highway at 120km/h, the EIS 4.0 tech worked fairly well with good final effects over the image stabilization when compared with the image stabilization turned off.

It is fair to highlight that this is an electronic stabilization and not optical stabilization, which means that you video will be cropped when the option is activated, thus your angle of view will be narrower.

Other cropped modes that we noticed included all the 720p resolutions and the distortion calibration option, which were cropped videos.

As a further test, we placed the AKASO BRAVE 7 attached to a 2 different drones, the cheaper drone was unable to lift the added weight of the AKASO but the 2nd more pro-level drone had no issue taking off and flying with the action cam. The AKASO was a great addon for the drone as a secondary video recorder and was easy to control with the bundled remote or WiFi through the mobile app.

The overall use of the AKASO BRAVE 7 Action Camera showed a responsive performance with no unexpected stopped videos, hiccups nor strange image artifacts.

The UI and touch screen was decent regarding the snappy response to touch inputs.

A feature that might or not might interest you is that the AKASO cam can use the gyroscope to record video in vertical (portrait) mode which might be interesting for people creating videos for social media platforms.

The AKASO BRAVE 7 included manual adjustment of all of the main photo and video related settings, including:

• White balance
• Metering mode
• Bit rate
• EV compensation
• ISO (auto or manual)
• Sharpness
On top of that you can access other functions like:
• 2x filter modes
• Wind noise reduction
• Dark light mode
• Wide dynamic range
• Hindsight

In Slow Motion mode users can slow down the videos as much as 8x in 720p resolution, 2x in 1440p and 4x in 1080p – 4K and 2.7K resolutions are not available in slow motion modes.


Scores Scores

AKASO BRAVE 7 Action Camera Scores

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AKASO BRAVE 7 Action Camera Technical Specifications

4K30fps & 20MP / EIS 2.0 / IPX8 Waterproof / Instant Portrait Mode / 8X Slo-Mo / HindSight / One-Click Quick Shots / Dual Color Screens / Voice Control / Remote Control / App Control / External Mic / Super Wide Angle
4K30fps / 2.7K30fps / 1080P120fps / 1080P60fps / 1080P30fps / 720P240fps/ 720P120fps
Video / Time Lapse Video / Slow Motion Video / HyperLapse Video
20MP / 16MP / 12MP / 10MP / 8MP
Photo / Time Lapse Photo
Battery Capacity
1350mAh, around 140mins of recording time in 1080P
Video: MP4
Photo: JPG+RAW
简体中文 / 繁體中文 / English / Deutsch / 日本語 / Français / Español / Italiano / 한국어 / Русск / Português / Malese / Filipino / Indonesia
In the Box
1 x AKASO Brave 7 Action Camera / 1 x Camera Frame / 1 x Remote Control / 1 x Battery Charger / 2 x 1350mAh Battery / 7 x Mount / 2 x Helmet Mount / 1 x Lens Cloth / 1 x Handlebar Mount / 4 x Bandage / 5 x Tether / 1 x USB Cable / 2 x Double-Sided Adhesive Tape / 1 x Spanner / 1 x Quick Start Guide

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AKASO BRAVE 7 Action Camera