Senfer DT2 Plus

SENFER DT2 Plus – Review

SENFER DT2 Plus | 2x Balanced Armature | Dynamic Driver | ? SENFER DT2 Plus, a triple driver headphone with a friendly price. The SENFER DT2 Plus is the 2nd version of the original SENFER DT2 (note the absence of the “Plus”)[…]

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BQEYZ K2 – Review

BQEYZ K2 | 2x Balanced Armatures | 10 mm Driver | 6 mm Driver | How to use ThePhonograph Exclusive Coupons at Aliexpress:  ? BQEYZ K2, a quad driver hybrid earphone with a friendly price. The BQEYZ K2 features quad drivers[…]

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RevoNext QT3

RevoNext QT3 / RevoNext RN-QT3 – Review

RevoNext QT3 / RevoNext RN-QT3 | 2x Balanced Armature | 2x Dynamic Drivers | How to use ThePhonograph Exclusive Coupons at Aliexpress:  ? RevoNext QT3 / RevoNext RN-QT3, the newest model from RevoNext with a quad-driver hybrid configuration. The RevoNext QT3[…]

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TRN V80 – Review

TRN V80 | 2x Balanced Armatures | 10mm Driver | 6mm Driver | How to use the coupon: ? TRN V80, a quad-driver hybrid headphone with a super affordable price. The TRN V80 features 4 drivers per earpiece with a configuration[…]

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ACZ KR06-6

ACZ KR06-6 – Review

ACZ KR06-6 | 2 Balanced Armatures | Dynamic Driver | ? ACZ KR06-6, a triple hybrid driver headphone from ACZ. We got the ACZ KR06-6 without much information about the brand, in fact this is the first time that we ever[…]

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KZ ED16 - KZ ZS7

KZ ED16 / KZ ZS7 – Review

 KZ ED16 / KZ ZS7 | 2 Balanced Armatures | 10 mm Dynamic Driver | VERY IMPORTANT – How to use ThePhonograph Exclusive Coupons at Aliexpress:  Press the “BUY NOW” button Select the correct model Press “Continue” At Payment Methods[…]

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