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| Gaming Mouse | 8000Hz Polling Rate | Wired/Wireless |

Incott GHERO PRO, the newest gaming mouse from Incott.

Incott is breaking the barriers of bang for buck gaming mouses with class-leading specs with this brand new Incott GHERO PRO; you will discover further on ahead throughout the review the reasons why.

It is important that you know that the Incott GHERO is available in 2 options:

– Incott GHERO

– Incott GHERO PRO (model that we are reviewing)

Both variants share most core components but have some key features that set them apart, the Incott GHERO PRO has a beefier 500mAh battery (300mAh for the non-PRO) and supports fast charging.

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Incott GHERO PRO Review

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The Incott GHERO PRO comes in fairly sturdy packaging including inside:

• 1K dongle
• 8K dongle
• USB-C cable
• USB adapter

From online listings, the Incott GHERO PRO is supposed to come with a separate bag containing grip tapes but our unit did not include them.



Incott GHERO PRO weight in grams and Incott GHERO PRO weight in ounces



The Incott GHERO PRO can be defined as a gaming mouse with an ergo form factor, thus a bigger size than an egg-mouse like the Zaopin Z1 PRO.

The ergonomic shape of the Incott is curvier on the bottom than the MCHOSE AX5 PRO MAX and FANTEHC HELIOS II PRO and curvier all-around than the ZAOPIN Z2.

The version that we are reviewing has a full body in orange color with black accents like the side buttons, DPI button and scroll wheel – the bottom base of the housing is all black.

Unlike most other similar budget-gaming mouses on the market, the Incott GHERO PRO includes a smarter LED light positioning that preserves the non-tacky style but it is easier to see as it shines-through the edges of the scroll wheel and also illuminates as a backlit strip light all-around the center of the scroll wheel.

The Incott GHERO and Incott GHERO PRO are available in 6 colors:

– Incott GHERO PRO orange
– Incott GHERO PRO red
– Incott GHERO white
– Incott GHERO black
– Incott GHERO yellow
– Incott GHERO pink





The shell of the Incott is made of plastic, as seen on most gaming competitors, allowing it to be light but sturdy enough.

Internally, the GHERO PRO sports a flagship PAW3395 sensor reaching 32K DPI and mechanical switches from HUANO with a lifespan of 80 million clicks.

The mouse presented characteristics of a well-assembled device that did not show traces of rattling noises, crackling, screaking nor any wobbliness on buttons nor the wheel.




The GHERO includes high-performing Huano Transparent Blue Shell Pink-Dot Switches and TTC gold encoder.

The Huano switches offered instant input response with minimal pre-travel and clear feedback while the TTC encoder is well-tuned with a perfect ratio of smoothness:resistance to be accurate yet non-fatiguing to operate.

The DPI button and switch of the Incott has an unorthodox way of operating. When the switch is set to “ON”, the mouse is turned on and the DPI button will change the DPI presets; instead, when the switch is in “HZ”, the DPI button will change the polling rate of the dongle allowing to choose the HZ of the report rate jumping between the 7 polling rate presets (125Hz to 8000Hz)



If you buy the 8K version, you will get 2 dongles, the standard 1K dongle and the 8K dongle. This comes as a handy “freebie” in case that your 8K or 1K dongle get lost or broken you will have the other dongle as a backup option instead of losing completely the use of the 2.4G wireless connection.

On the other hand, each dongle requires some less-intuitive steps to change the mouse pairing configuration from 1000Hz to 8000Hz mode and do further pairing steps that are also not the most user-friendly.

Despite this, if you intend to use only 1 dongle at a time, once the pairing is done the first time, you will not need to repeat this odd-steps anymore.

Another unusual decision from Incott is that the mouse comes out of factory as a dual-mode connection device that can be used wired and wirelessly with 2.4G dongles but does not have Bluetooth.

The odd thing about this is that the mouse is actually (theoretically) also a Bluetooth mouse but you have to enable the triple-mode connection availability through a manual firmware upgrade process that is not well-documented nor explained by the user manual nor any guides.

As a matter of fact, we went through all the manual firmware upgrades but have still not deciphered how to enable Bluetooth, set it in Bluetooth pairing mode, etc.





It is hard to argue the superior capability of the Incott GHERO PRO as a gaming mouse, being equipped with specs such as:

• 8000Hz polling rate
• Wired and 2.4G wireless
• Quailty switches
• Side buttons
• Fast
• Low friction
• Programming and macros


Offering both wired and wireless connection, light weight and reliable operation, the Incott GHERO can fit well productivity and main daily use.


In theory, the mouse includes Bluetooth but we were unable to activate it. Until then, we cannot evaluate nor score the mouse as a mobile-friendly option.




The Huano Transparent Blue Shell Pink-Dot Switches on the Incott GHERO PRO showed a surprisingly similar sound profile as the ZAOPIN Z2, making the main clickers fairly loud and with defined tactile feedback – to be more precise, the sound pitch is a bit deeper on the Incott.

On the contrary, the side buttons of the Incott has a much stealthier personality with a quieter and also less high-pitched sound.

The encoder button presented a similar flavor as the side buttons while the DPI button had a very high-tone on each click.



Looking at the travel distance when inputting the same force over the Incott GHERO PRO vs Zaopin Z2, both exhibited the same performance, while when comparing the Incott GHERO PRO vs FANTECH HELIOS II PRO XD3 V3, the PTF skates of the Incott showed a more efficient travel of around 10% farther distance.

With a DPI button placed in a more classic way like many mainstream mouse brands, this adds a further programmable button to use for fast custom actions or to quickly change the DPI presets while playing your games. For example, you can immediately change the DPI for a sniper style and then going back to a DPI for melee or shotgun action without needing to turn around the mouse to look for the DPI button.

The Incott GHERO PRO runs at 1000Hz in wired mode and with the standard dongle but if you buy the 8K dongle, this Incott mouse reached the whooping polling rate of 8000Hz.
This breaks a new record as an insane polling rate at the cheap retail price of the GHERO PRO.

During our tests the mouse was blazing fast and responsive like no other gaming mouse while also offering pinpoint precision and accuracy on even the most subtle and micro movements.

The switches also were easy to spam and ultra reliable on even the most intensive online gaming sessions, while the scroll wheel never missed nor overdo any rotation input.



The software for the Incott GHERO PRO has all the expected functions and customizations from a gaming mouse, including:

• Button remap
• Response time
• Macros
• Polling rate
• Sensor settings
• Profile creations

On the other hand, firmware upgrade tools are not incorporated to the PC software and are independent upgrade tools.

Also, some buttons on the UI do not seem to have any function despite being clickable.



The internal battery of the Incott allows it to run for 143 hours on a single charge. If you get the PRO version you will get a 500mAh battery capacity and fast charging compatibility, reaching a full charge in barely 50 minutes.

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Incott GHERO PRO Technical Specifications

Connection 2.4GHz, Bluetooth, USB
Wireless Yes
Sensor model PAW3395
Sensor Optical
Switch type Huano Transparent
DPI 26000 dpi
Max acceleration 50 G
Colour Red
IPS 650
Polling Rate 125-8000 Hz
Width 66 mm
Depth 118 mm
Height 39 mm
Weight 60 g

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