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🎧 We are reviewing the MPOW M30 PLUS, a TWS earphone that is also a power bank.

The MPOW M30 PLUS features a single dynamic driver configuration, touch controls and an IPX7 waterproof rating.

The most remarkable spec from this TWS is the fact that the charging case/battery case is also a power bank that can be used to charge any USB device.

Moreover, the big 2600mAh internal battery of the power bank can offer a huge amount of extra music playtime.

To be more specific, the earpieces can run continuously for 5 hours on a single charge while the total battery playback time is rated at 100 hours (according to the manufacturer)
Furthermore, the brand has placed a ring light all along the outer limit of the touch sensitive area of the earpieces.

This light will change color or flash to inform the status of the unit in a simple and easier way to be seen than many other TWS that have a tiny light.

The MPOW M30 PLUS are also named MPOW 434 or MPBH434AB.

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MPOW M30 PLUS Review

Tests & Scores


Accessories & Packaging

The MPOW M30 PLUS might not come in the most fancy nor flashing packaging but the bundled accessories inside make it up for the modest box.

Inside, users will find 4 pair of eartips, 3 pair of earwings, an USB-C cable and the USB power bank.




MPOW M30 PLUS weight in Ounces and MPOW M30 PLUS weight in grams.

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The MPOW M30 PLUS that we own has a serious mismatching tuning between the left and the right earpiece.

The left one has a strongly bass-boosted tuning and an overall distorted sound while the right one has a better distributed response with a more balanced sound signature.

Due to such an opposing sound response from each earpiece’s side it is impossible for our team to do a proper test of it’s sound performance and to determine which one is the correct one.

Therefore, we are unable to do our usual in-depth description of it’s Bass, Mids and Highs.

Nonetheless, we can say that if the correct performance is nearer the behavior shown in our right-side earpiece, the MPOW M30 PLUS might have the potential to be a worthy contender.

For measurements of the earpieces head down to the bottom of this review.

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Sound Isolation

The passive isolation of the M30 PLUS is outstanding, with a level of passive noise reduction that even surpasses the capabilities of earphones with less-performing Active Noise Cancelling (such as the MPOW X3).


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With tiny earpieces and additional (bundled) rubberized earwings, the MPOW M30 PLUS are a phenomenally comfortable and secure TWS earphone to use on a daily basis and even while practicing sports.

Furthermore, the touch sensitive controls and full operation (including volume control) makes it a breeze to use.


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Frequency Response (raw)

MPOW M30 PLUS Frequency Response Curve

Right vs Left Mismatch

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MPOW M30 PLUS Technical Specifications


Driver UnitDD
WaterproofYes, IPX7
Cord USB-C
Battery life6 hours
Total battery life100 hours
Supplied AccessoriesPower bank, 3x Earphone tips, cable

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Scores Scores

MPOW M30 PLUS Scores

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MPOW M30 PLUS Photos

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