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| 12mm Dynamic Driver | Neodymium Magnets |

? Sony MDR-XB70AP, the bigger brother of the very famous Sony MDR-XB50.

The Sony MDR-XB70 can be found under 2 names: Sony MDR-XB70AP and Sony MDR-XB70. The “AP” at the end of the name refers to the version that comes with an inline remote and mic (like the one reviewed by us)

The Sony MDR-XB70AP features a single driver configuration with large 12mm dynamic drivers and neodymium magnets – this driver size and magnet type can be also found on the:

In addition to this, Sony has designed the XB70 with their proprietary Powered Bass Duct++ technology and with driver’s domes with the same size as 16mm drivers.

Aesthetically, the Sony MDR-XB50 and the Sony MDR-XB70 look extremely similar and could be easily mistaken. Indeed, the housings of both models have the exact same form factor and even size but the XB70 can be recognized due to their different colors availability and by their much better build. Said so, the Sony MDR-XB70 ditched the plastic construction of the XB50 and more ruggedly built mainly with aluminum materials.

The cable of the Sony MDR-XB70AP has a textured feel and a serrated design, something very typical from Sony headphones and somewhat like the cable included with the Sony MDR-1A.

All the details through out the cable are made of plastic (cable bifurcation, strainer and 3.5mm jack section). The mini stereo plug is L-shaped and has a very small/slim profile.

The Sony MDR-XB70AP belongs to the XB line of Sony headphones, the XB refers to EXTRA BASS. Among other XB popular headphones there is the:

Users can buy the Sony MDR-XB70 in 4 different versions:

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Sony MDR-XB70AP Review

Tests & Scores



Sony MDR-XB70AP weight in Ounces and Sony MDR-XB70AP weight in grams.

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Accessories & Packaging

The Sony MDR-XB70AP unboxing results in 4 pair of eartips and a small pouch with a very nice fabric type.

The packaging containing the unit is fairly small and simple without any fancy designs nor features.




Bass & Sub Bass

The very large 12mm neodymium drivers of the Sony MDR-XB70AP respond with powerful, super punchy mids-bass and very deep sub-bass without the need of any EQ.

Expect an, overall, bass capable of covering any intensive genre with high-requirements on the lower end range.

Listeners looking for fun and full-sounding sessions will be happy with the Sony MDR-XB70AP.

An EQ can provide crazy deep levels and extremely punchy mid-bass.

Through out our extreme basshead tests, the Sony MDR-XB70AP was able to handle up to 65% of the maximum power coming from a FiiO A5 amplifier with an insanely punchier and deeper response and with strong basshead rumble and impact level that makes them enter in the top basshead charts with a level very similar to the little brother, the Sony MDR-XB50 but not as massive as on the Sony MDR-EX800st, Pioneer SE-CX8 and closer to the Sony MDR-EX650.


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Mids & Vocals

The Sony MDR-XB70AP shows noticeable mid-bass bleeding into lower mids but does not recess their male vocals.

Still, this adds congestion to their lower mids and might compete with male and low-toned vocals when tracks claim strong bass.

Higher mids sound crisp and clearer than lower mids, yet they do not become harsh. In fact, their upper highs showed a quite smooth and gentle response.

With an EQ, some of it’s mid-bass bleed can be reduced but will still be present – also some clearing up of their vocals will be noticeable.




Highs & Treble

The Sony MDR-XB70AP is sufficiently bright highs and fairly detailed for a consumer earphone.

Nonetheless, there is some residual congestion from their mid-bass bleeding that gets over their highs personality.

In addition to this, the Sony MDR-XB70AP exhibited a steep rolled-off upper end that strongly weights on it’s highs sound profile, adding a darkish layer and narrow sound.

It is fair to denote that fatiguing sound such as sibilance will be hearable on tracks with sibilant-prone peaks.

An EQ can provide an important addition of brightness and a noticeably more detailed sound.




Sound Leak

The sound leaking out of the Sony MDR-XB70AP is extremely low and nearly absolutely silent at any given volume setting.

Users looking for an earphone to be used in libraries or where silence is required will make a smart choice with the XB70AP.


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Sound Isolation

The sound isolation provided by the Sony MDR-XB70AP is stronger than on most normal earphones with a competent partial isolation no matter the volume setting used.


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The housings of the Sony MDR-XB70AP are definitely larger than most earphones and protrude quite a lot, yet the design and form factor makes it very easy to grab and handle.

Moreover, the angled nozzles and shape of the unit result in an, unexpectedly, very comfortable fit.


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Response to Equalization

The response to EQ of the Sony MDR-XB70AP showed important empowerment of their lower frequencies and noticeable improvement over their highs but their midrange could not benefit from it as much as the other frequency ranges.


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Sony MDR-XB70AP Scores

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Frequency Response (raw)

Sony MDR-XB70AP Frequency Response Curve

Sony MDR-XB70AP frequency response curve
Sony MDR-XB70AP frequency response curve

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Sony MDR-XB70AP Technical Specifications


Driver Unit40mm
Power Capacity3mW
Impedance16 ohms
Frequency Response20-20,000Hz
MagnetNeodymium N48
CordY-type, round cord
Cord Length1.2m
PlugStereo mini plug
WeightApprox. 8g
Supplied Accessories3x Earphone tips

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