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1MORE AERO, a new feature-packed TWS from 1MORE.

The 1MORE AERO is equipped with a 10mm diamond-like-carbon (DLC) driver, 6 noise cancelling microphones, smart loudness to compensate lows and highs at lower volumes, Active Noise Cancelling with their proprietary QuietMax noise cancellation, auto play/pause sensors and an IPX5 waterproof rating.

The most innovative feature, though, is a head tracking technology for spatial audio through built-in gyroscopes.

The internal gyroscopes of the 1MORE AERO do an excellent job providing a dynamic head tracking and 3D spatial audio sense. Indeed, the effect was so smooth and well achieved that it felt absolutely smooth and natural as spatial audio feels in real life scenarios. Consequently, users will get a sound effect that will not disturb your ears nor confuse your brain but it is fair to highlight that the head tracking and spatial audio was so smoothly and natively presented that on many tracks you will not get a wow effect out of it but a natural and spatially coherent one.

The 1MORE AERO is rated to reach up to 7 hours of battery life and up to 28 hours when utilizing the OTG charges of the case.

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Tests & Scores


Accessories & Packaging

The unit is packed inside a small rectangular box with a magnetic side opening and well protected and rigid build.

Inside, users will find 4 pair of eartips, the charging case and a charging cable.





1MORE AERO weight in Ounces.

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Frequency Response (raw)

1MORE AERO Frequency Response Curve

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Bass & Sub Bass

1MORE did a good job tuning the bass on the AERO, thanks to a punchy but not boomy sound right out of the box.

Moreover, their lower range shows a competitive extension that does not roll-off when getting into sub-bass territory, allowing it to reproduce very deep notes as well as mid-punchy ones.

The 1MORE AERO is not an earphone with an excessively bloated bass but remains, still, capable of offering a well-balanced bass response with a fun boost on the right places.


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Mids & Vocals

Mids on the 1MORE AERO are very warm with a clear presence of bass tinting their lower mids and deep pitched vocals.

As a result, their low midrange offers a cozy and intimate feel with a laid back but sometimes bit congested flavor.

The upper mids and female vocals show a clean and balanced, crisp sound that gives them a sufficient alive sound without getting too hot as to become harsh.

We found the 1MORE AERO to be an earphone that we could wear and listen for endless hours without any fatigue.



Highs & Treble

Similar to their midrange, their highs exhibit a warming/darkening coming from their meaty bass. Nonetheless, their highs are far from being rated as dark.

Users should expect an upper range able to provide a decently bright sound with marginal micro detail but with a very smooth and gentle sound to the ears.

Said so, users concerned about fatiguing highs will get a marvelously tuned TWS with the 1MORE AERO, as this earphones do not present any kind of piercing and sibilant highs.


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Sound Isolation

The 1MORE AERO is equipped with QuietMax active noise cancelling that is rated to reach up to 42dB of cancellation.

From our measurements, the cancellation potential of the AERO showed an impressive performance that was not far from the rating by the brand. Moreover, the TWS offers 4 ANC modes, including: ANC strong, ANC mild, Adaptive mode, Wind Noise Reduction mode and an additional Passthrough Mode for awareness.

In real life scenarios, all 4 ANC modes showed stellar noise cancelling capabilities and a very smart and responsive mode when set to Adaptive – passthrough mode did a pristine job enhancing noises without having to remove the earphones.

In addition to this, this TWS has an excellent level of passive isolation even without turning ANC on.


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Response to Equalization

Users can make use of the EQ presets and tech offered through the 1MORE app and their 12 “studio-grade” EQ presets powered by Sonarworks.

Overall, the EQ presets showed a clear sound modification and a fun variety to play around.

In addition to this, this TWS presented a very efficient response to our customized equalization to either boost their bass intensity while not becoming excessively loose or to clean and tidy up both their mids and highs without introducing harshness nor fatiguing peaks.


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1MORE AERO Technical Specifications


Single Earbud Weight:
Case Weight:
Gross Weight:
Earbud Dimensions:
Case Dimensions:
Single Earbud Battery Capacity:
Case Battery Capacity:
Earbuds Charging Time:
Case Charging Time:
4.9 g
45.2 g
55.1 g
39.42 x 20.33 x 24.36 mm
61.99 x 56.40 x 25.5 mm
40 mAh
450 mAh
1 Hour
2 Hours
Playtime* (ANC On)
Type Earbud Fully Charged:
Case and Earbuds Fully Charged:
Playtime (ANC Off)
Earbud Fully Charged:
Case and Earbuds Fully Charged:
Speaker Impedance:
Bluetooth Range:
Bluetooth Version:
Bluetooth Protocols:
Frequency Range:
5 Hours
20 Hours
7 Hours
28 Hours
32 ohm
10 m (Open Space)
Bluetooth® 5.2
5V 1A
2.400 GHz ~ 2.4835 GHz

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