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MCHOSE K99, the latest mechanical keyboard released by MCHOSE.

The MCHOSE K99 joins the expanding catalog of keyboards and mouse from the brand.

In the past we have reviewed the MCHOSE AX5 Pro Max, which proved to be an exceptional mouse; we will see after this review if the MCHOSE K99 is able to keep up to the standards of what the brand has been offering so far.

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MCHOSE K99 Review

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The MCHOSE K99 comes inside a fairly simple cardboard packaging with acceptable protection.

Included with the keyboard you will also get:

• 2 extra switches
• Keyboard cover
• Keycap/switch puller
• USB-C cable



The MCHOSE K99 is mechanical keyboard with a 98% layout with 99 keys and no knobs nor display screens.

The design and form factor of the MCHOSE K99 allows it to provide the same full usability of a 100% keyboard, yet having a more compact size overall.

The aesthetical look of the MCHOSE has a premium feel with plenty of small details that make the difference between an average keyboard and an outstanding one as this.

The K99 has been clearly designed with dedication and originality with seamless details like a small LED light next to the CAPS Lock key or a hidden LED light above the Num Lock key.

On top of that, the keyboard includes 2 strip lights a large one that goes around the bottom back and sides of the case and a smaller one on the top cover that also serves as a status indicator.

When you turn around the keyboard you will find a large MCHOSE plate, this is not yet another thin metal plate but this is a hefty PVD mirror one that also acts as a counterweight – this piece can be detached and replaced with custom designs which will be available in the future. On the bottom section you can also find 4 large rubberized feet and a 2-position adjustable riser/feet to improve the personalization of the ergonomics for each user.

The back edge of the shell is has a decorative engraved plate, the slot for the dongle and the connection mode switch (right next to the USB-C port)

The MCHOSE K99 is available in 7 different colors:

• MCHOSE K99 sky blue
• MCHOSE K99 ice blue
• MCHOSE K99 green
• MCHOSE K99 orange
• MCHOSE K99 deep blue
• MCHOSE K99 purple
• MCHOSE K99 black (model being reviewed)




Despite not having a metal case, the MCHOSE K99 feels much more rugged than most other plastic keyboards that we have reviewed and even way sturdier than some premium ones from AKKO.

To be honest, from the looks of online listings of the MCHOSE K99 we did not expect such a premium feel, but this was a nice surprise that we got as soon as we unboxed the keyboard.

It is fair to highlight that this is a heavy keyboard, with a weight inline with metal keyboards.

Internally, the MCHOSE K99 showcases an array of top-tier components that include gasket mount design, 6 layers of sound dampening and padding (PO sandwich cotton, IXPE padding, PET silicone padding, PET cushion, 2x PORON base cotton), FR4 double-sided gold plate, single key slotted PCB board, satellite stabs and hot-swappable board compatible with 3-pin and 5-pin switches without needing to solder.



The specific variant of the MCHOSE K99 that we are reviewing comes assembled with dual-tone injection molded PBT keycaps with side-engraved fonts and OEM profile.

We have reviewed other keyboards with similar grey side-printed keycaps and we have to admit that they are one of the most beloved type of keycaps among all our editors.

These type of keycaps add an unique stealthy and clean look that suddenly turns into a highly practical and proficient as soon as the RGB backlight are turned on.

The only drawback of these type of keycaps is that they are practically unreadable with the backlights turned off.

A detail to note, online photos suggest that the keycaps seem to go from almost white to black but the color gradient is much smoother and it actually goes from a mid-grey tone up to a dark-grey one.



At the moment, the MCHOSE K99 can be purchased pre-assembled with Kailh Beige Ice Cream switches.

These are box, fairly fast, linear switches with only 1.3mm of pre travel and exceptionally smooth performance with no signs of scratching issues – they come pre-lubed from factory.

The Beige Ice Cream switches are excellent switches but as we have standardized this section weighting also the variety of switches available from factory, we cannot give the MCHOSE K99 any score higher than what has been awarded.

To be fair with the MCHOSE K99, in theory there are other switches options from factory (KTT Hyacinth, Kailh Clouded Leopard, Kailh Night Firely) but we were not able to find it in stock at the moment of the review.

Kailh Beige Ice Cream specs

Operating Force:42±10gf
Pre Travel:1.3±0.4mm
Total Travel:3.5±0.3mm



The keyboard can be used wired or wirelessly using the USB-C detachable cable for wired use and choosing between Bluetooth connectivity or 2.4G connection for wireless use.

The keyboard performed flawlessly on all modes with no sudden disconnections, noticeable lag nor hiccups.





Typing on the MCHOSE K99 is a delightful experience from the sound profile, to the switches and stabs feel; this keyboard can be a perfect main, daily driver for anyone looking for premium typing feel.


The MCHOSE comes with qualities and specs that can be well-received by gamers (1000Hz polling rate, hot-swappable, etc.) but we do not consider a keyboard larger than TKL to be optimized for gaming – yet many professional gamers prefer this type of larger keyboards.


Productivity and office are perfect tasks to be completed with this MCHOSE keyboard thanks to the 98% layout that includes a full numpad and F number row.
On top of that, the superb sound and typing experience add up to a less fatiguing use of the keyboard.


The keyboard includes Bluetooth connectivity making it compatible with mobile devices but unless you have a more stationary setup, the K99 might be a bit too large a heavy to be carried around the city all day.




The K99 has south-facing RGB lights and this is the only way to make the side-engraved keycaps to light up correctly. To maximize the lighting, the switches have a lens guide/lens that enhances and evens out the lights and brightness of the board’s LEDS.

The dark side-engraved keycaps with the black case and strip lights add up to a final lighting effect that coherently matches the refined and premium looks of the keyboard.

In addition to this, the sidelight and status LED light can be controlled independently from each other and also from the main backlight of the board.




The MCHOSE K99 that we tested and reviewed includes Kailh Beige Ice Cream switches that matched up with the multi-dampening layering of the keyboard, offering a refined and clean sound profile with a stealthier thocky flavor than many other premium keyboards reviewed.

Moreover, the stabilizers and switches comes perfectly pre-lubed showing a smooth and impeccable performance that never exhibited pinging, rattling nor signs of mushiness from over-lube.



The keyboard had to have a weakness and (to this day) it is its software/driver. Right now it is not a simple task to find and download a driver for the keyboard but if you take your time to look around you will find a dedicated K99 driver and also a beta HUB from the brand.

Nonetheless, the keyboard does not need a driver to work as it is driverless and recognized right away from any OS but you will need the beta HUB if you want to access the reprogramming, macros, light customization, etc. of the keyboard.

It is mostly assured that the beta HUB will eventually be released as a stable mainstream version in the future.



With an internal battery capacity of 6000mAh, the brand has equipped a larger battery than most average keyboards; this is a smart move from the factory as the neat strip light and super side-printed keycaps require the RGB LED lights to be turned on to maximize their beauty.

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MCHOSE K99 Technical Specifications



99-Key Layout

Gasket Mounted Structure Design

6x Sound-Absorbing Internal Padding

Anode/PVD Mirror Counterweight

Three-Mode Connectivity

Slotted FR4 Double-Sided Immersed Positioning Plate

Single-Key Slotted PCB

Hot-Swappable Sockets

Polling rate 1000Hz USB and 2.4G
PBT Keycaps

MDA Profile/OEM Side-Engraved Keycaps

Satellite Stabilizers

RGB Light Strip

6000mAh Battery

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