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| Modular Laser Multi-Measure | Power Tool |

M-CUBE Pro, a brand new multi-modular measurement tool by HOZO Design.

HOZO DESIGN has been creating unique power tools specialized in high-accuracy measurement by adding cutting-edge technology to classic laser and measuring tools.

The M-CUBE Pro was released as a crowdfunding campaign (as all other products from the company), reaching their objective with nearly 1000 backers. This M-CUBE model is their first laser tool with a modular core and infinite upgrade possibilities.

We have reviewed nearly all the current line of products from HOZO DESIGN and each of them followed a common motto, innovative tech & design with excellent performance.

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M-CUBE Pro Review

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You can buy the M-CUBE as a single unit but you can also add the accessory modules or get the full package by buying the M-CUBE Pro Kit (as the one being reviewed by us) – throughout the review we might refer to the device either as M-CUBE or M-CUBE Pro.

The M-CUBE Pro Kit comes inside a fairly small packaging, including inside:

• M-Cube Main Unit (Laser Measure)
• Smart Planner (01 Module)
• Bilateral Laser + (03 Module)
• Scale Roller (05 Module)
• M-Tripod
• Ball head
• Extending monopod
• M-Protection case




The cube rectangular form factor is a very smart design decision that exponentially enhances the usability of the unit, allowing it to sit on any of the sides of the case and facilitating to place the unit on flat surfaces or the floor.

The shape and small size of the M-CUBE Pro, also makes extremely easy to grab and handle with a single hand.

Aesthetically, the device follows a coherent look with the rest of the ecosystem from HOZO DESIGN (NeoRuler, MEAZOR 3D) with a space grey finish with a modern design and premium aesthetic.

The M-CUBE Pro has a modular nature that allows it to be “upgraded” to further advanced functions and powerful specialized measurements tasks by purchasing and attaching any/all of the current 3 addon accessories available – during the crowdfunding campaign, HOZO DESIGN teased 3 more upcoming module addons in 2024 (M-CUBE 02, M-CUBE 04, M-CUBE 06), on top of the current ones, but did not specify what they will do nor when they will be available on the market.

Each addon accessory snaps in place with the main M-CUBE unit thanks to a magnetic system which also ensures that you do not snap it on the wrong direction. Once connected, the addons get secured in place with a dual physical clip-on system, so you do not have to worry of the addons falling off nor popping out.

The M-CUBE alone measures 2.2×1.7×1.3 inches (55x43x33mm) and weighs only 2.8 ounces (80 grams)




The front of the M-CUBE is nearly-all a display itself. This display has a diagonal size of 1.89 inches and is reinforced by tempered glass.

The screen uses a full-colored IPS panel type that is touch sensitive and accepts both single touch inputs and swipe gestures.

Overall, the screen offers a good size to fit plenty of information while the resolution of 240PPI provides sharp fonts, numbers and icons. Moreover, with 400 nits, this IPS screen has more than enough brightness to be seen on strongly lit rooms without struggling.

The only weakness of this screen is that the touch UI and menus navigation, when compared with a modern smartphone, can show some laggy response but to be fair, at times, felt snappier than on the MEAZOR 3D and NeoRuler.




It is remarkable how much power, features and usability HOZO Design has been able to pack inside the tiny M-CUBE Pro. Even without the full Pro addon kits, the M-CUBE alone is a handy laser meter with way more features than other lasers on the market.

To give you a quick insight of what you can do with the M-CUBE alone and with each addon module, we will summarize their specific available features:

• Laser distance
• Auto-area
• Volume
• Min/Max/Average distance
• Section measure/divider
• Angle measure/calculation
• Indirect height measure
• Indirect length measure
• Dual-axis digital level

Scale Roller
• Tape measure
• Rolling ruler
• Scale measure

Bilateral Laser +
• Dual laser distance
• Area
• Volume
• Cross-line laser level
• Bubble level

Smart Planner
Floor planning




The shell of the M-CUBE Pro and addons is built with ABS plastic and polycarbonate, unlike the mostly metal construction of the MEAZOR 3D and NeoRuler. Despite this, the units feel rugged enough for daily use.

Some detail are made of metal, like the securing clips on each addon, the thread for the tripod use- it is fair to point out, though, that for some reason the securing clips on the Bilateral Laser addons are made of plastic instead of metal.

Accessories with the Pro Kit such as the case have a nice leather construction and the ball-head, monopod and tripod are entirely made of metal.




The M-CUBE alone and each of the addon modules have their own dedicated controls and buttons specialized for the functions of each module’s features. On top of that, the touch screen complements and combines with the physical buttons to fully take control of all settings, menus, measurements, parameters, etc.

The main unit of the M-CUBE Pro is equipped with 2 physical buttons (power and record measure), the Scale Roller has 3 buttons (main laser on/off, roller measure on/off, back), the Bilateral Laser + module has 2 buttons (level laser on/off, back) and the Smart Planner includes a 360 degree joystick, back button, measure record button and a 8-way/360 degree switch.

Also all modules, are powered by the main M-CUBE’s internal rechargeable battery; as the Smart Planner has a compartment for 2x AA batteries, many users might think that they are needed to use this specific module but, instead, the module does work with or without the AA batteries powered by the main unit; the use of these 2x AA batteries is to prolong the battery runtime for time consuming floor planning tasks – this addon module with the AA batteries even recharges the main M-CUBE Pro while being used.

The M-CUBE is compatible with the MEAZOR mobile app, which integrates with the device to send wirelessly (through a Bluetooth connection) all measurements, create projects and/or floorplans and save them on the app for further reference or to export them on industry-standard file formats such as PDF, DXF, JPG, XLS; thus making the exported files compatible with AutoCAD, Fusion 360, SolidWorks, Excel, Adobe Illustrator, SketchUp, etc.

Overall, the M-CUBE Pro offered a smooth workflow that started to become intuitive after going through the learning curve and memorizing each buttons functions and how to fully control each of the features – you will need to have the user manual at hand for the first times until you familiarize with the device and each addon module.




The Smart Planner module allowed us to run some tests measurements doing a floor planning of many sections of the offices becoming as intuitive as using standard floor planning tools but with the ease, power and quickness of the innovative system of the M-CUBE Pro. This floor planning module has a different approach than what HOZO Design used for the MEAZOR 3D, with the M-CUBE you will have to use traditional measurements by walking up to each wall that you want to measure. This was not something that we considered a drawback, on the contrary, we found it to be reassuring that the measurements were taken as wanted and manually controlling that each point to point was aimed with precision.

A neat added feature that we found while testing this floor planning module, was that it also includes an auto-leveling function that automatically compensates for any miscalculation that could be added by a tilted laser – this can also be used to intentionally tilt the laser to avoid obstacles and still get correct measurements.

The only detail that we did not appreciate was that the measurement button of the main M-CUBE section does not work as a measurement button when the Smart Planner module is connected but it could had been nice to have it as a duplicated measurement button when you are grabbing the device with a different grip.

Another module and function that we found extremely time-saving was when testing the Bilateral Laser + module when running test measurements of rooms to calculate their area.

This dual laser module was a game changer in this situation, as it allowed the team to get the square meters of a room in less than 5 seconds and not needing to walk to each wall. For example, we did a square meter measurement and calculation of one of the office rooms (rectangular room) by simply standing in the middle of the room and taking 2 measurements on the same position and only rotating the laser 90 degrees.

Even more, getting the cubic volume of the room needed simply to add a 3rd measurement on the same position and rotating the Bilateral Laser to point the ground and ceiling – the dedicated volume feature automatically calculates and shows the cubic volume.

As a matter of fact, we tend to leave the Bilateral Laser snapped to the M-CUBE Pro as the default status of the unit.

We then proceeded to user the Scale Roller module to do some tests. Similar to the Smart Planner, the scale and rolling ruler is a feature that is found on the MEAZOR 3D (also the scale ruler is found on the NeoRuler) but this time the system is fairly similar working with a rolling “wheel” to take the measurement while running the M-CUBE Pro over the object to be measured. Despite the similar core nature of the measurement system, the M-CUBE Pro with the Scale Roller addon was a superior and easier tool to use for this function as the M-CUBE Pro showed a precise and very visible laser cross-hair to indicate the exact position of the measurement point.

Also, the M-CUBE offered a dedicated button to start and pause the active measurement, thus avoiding any accidental rotation of the wheel that could throw off the real measurement.

Finally we used the Scale Roller addon to do some scale measurements and auto calculations over blueprints. We added the correct scale used for the original blueprints and then ran the M-CUBE Pro over the different sections of the blueprints; the device automatically did the scale calculations and informed the meters/inches/feet of the real-life dimensions with great accuracy as long as we scrolled the M-CUBE with precision over the blueprint.

Furthermore, the team took advantage of the roller function to measure the length of the handrail of a spiral staircase by just rolling the M-CUBE Pro with the module over all the handrail; this was an remarkably easy task to complete with the M-CUBE that would had been overly complicated with classic and standard measurement tools.

Every single function that we tested and all other had the option to switch on-the-fly to any scale, instantly reflecting the corresponding equivalence.





The detailed tech-specs and capabilities of the M-CUBE Pro and each of its addon modules are:

Range: 164ft/50m
Accuracy: ±1/16in (±2mm)

Scales Measure
8 built-in modes with 93 scales

Smart Planner (M-CUBE 01)
3-Axis Gyro Calibration

Smart Room
Max 100 lines per drawing

±1/8 in (3mm) in ideal circumstances

8-direction mode (in 45° increment from 0° to 360°), 360°-direction mode

Range: 164 Feet (50m)
Accuracy: ±1/8in (±3mm)

Scale Roller (M-CUBE 05)

3-Axis Gyro Calibration
Range: 300feet (100meters)
Resolution: 0.02inch(0.5mm)
Accuracy: ±1mm
Cross-hair: 635nm red laser

Bilateral Laser + (M-CUBE 03)

3-Axis Gyro Calibration
Range: 330 Feet (100m)
Accuracy: ±1/8in (±3mm)
Cross Line: 520nm green laser




The M-CUBE Pro might be tiny, but inside it carries a fairly large battery with a capacity of 900mAh (that is around 30% more battery than the MEAZOR 3D)

Working with the M-CUBE Pro you can obtain a remarkable time of 12 hours of continuous use and 90 days of standby time.

To charge the unit you can simply connect it to a USB power supply through the USB-C port found on the bottom of the main M-CUBE unit – around 2 hours to be fully charged.


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