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? KZ ZAS, one of the newest 8 driver earphones from KZ.

Inside, each earpiece holds 7 balanced armature drivers and a single dynamic driver, making it an hybrid 8-driver earphone.

The specific specs of the drivers are: a 10mm dual magnetic dynamic driver, one 30019 high frequency balanced armature and six 50024s balanced armature drivers (3 dual sets) for mids up to highs coverage.

The unit itself is mainly build in resin with a metal back plate.

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KZ ZAS Review

Tests & Scores


Accessories & Packaging

Included with the unit, the brand bundles a 8-strand 200-core silver-plated cable instead of the classic generic cable included with previous models – cable freaks might be happy about this.



Bass & Sub Bass

Bass on the KZ ZAS has a punchy but non boomy profile with sufficient energy to cover modern genres without stepping over the sound signature.

Sub-bass tends to roll-off while being, still, able to provide a good coverage on the lower end. This will make it an earphone that might not be as deep as needed for sub-bass centered genres but will bring to the table an excellent sound for any other genre.

Overall, the KZ ZAS has a nicely distributed bass presence that sits between tightness and punch without invasive bleed.


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Mids & Vocals

Mids on the KZ ZAS show a very good balance between warmth and agreeable sound without sounding congested.

Lower mids and male vocals tend to sound full on each track while adding the right amount of coziness.

On top of that, neither of them are overly laid back nor excessively forward.

Higher mids and female vocals share the same kind of tuning, with a pleasant but clean and energetic sound that never seems to be overcooked nor too sharp.



Highs & Treble

The KZ ZAS multi BA drivers provide a sound profile that could be defined as bright-gentle.

Odd naming for sure, but by this we mean that their highs are coherently tuned with their mids, offering a bright but never disturbing sound with a slight tint of darkness that simply smooths its overall feel.

Despite this, the KZ ZAS might not be the most resolving earphone out there, yet it will provide a fairly good amount of detail for most listeners.

On the other hand, this model does not suffer from any excessive fatiguing spikes; issues such as sibilance and piercing highs are barely present and more than acceptable on any given situation.



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The KZ ZAS uses a very similar housing as the KZ VX10, GK G5, KZ ZEX PRO, CCA CA24, KZ SK10 PRO and CCA CA16 PRO.

This form factor utilizes a custom-IEM alike shape that does a very efficient job keeping things comfortable and stable.

It is worth mentioning, though, that this makes it also a bigger and more protruding earphone than others.



Response to Equalization

With a remarkable sound out of the box, the KZ ZAS sets a perfect playground for fine tuning.

Indeed, the drivers were highly responsive to both subtle and drastic EQ´ing, showing excellent results to spice up the mids when wanted without introducing harshness, opening up highs while keeping sibilance within tolerable or pumping up bass with exponential results.


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Frequency Response (raw)

KZ ZAS Frequency Response Curve

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KZ ZAS Technical Specifications


Supplied Accessories3x Earphone tips, cable

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Scores Scores

KZ ZAS Scores

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