Yinyoo Q70 TWS – Review

Yinyoo QT70 TWS

Yinyoo Q70 TWS

| True Wireless | Dynamic Driver | Touch Controls |

🎧 We are reviewing the Yinyoo Q70 TWS, a true wireless earphone with touch controls and friendly price.

The Yinyoo Q70 TWS features a single dynamic driver configuration, Bluetooth 5.0 and noise reduction microphones for phone calls.

The unit comes with a metal case that is also a battery pack and charging module; inside the pack there is a 360mAh battery that can charge the earphones 3 times on-the-go.

Each earpiece is equipped with a 55mAh battery, which should provide between 4 to 5 hours of music playback. Combining the built-in charge of the earpieces plus the additional OTG charges provided by the case, the Yinyoo Q70 could potentially provide up to 20 hours of total battery life.

The case itself it is remarkably well-built with it’s hefty metal construction and a confident magnetic closure system. The front of the case has 5 lights (of which both extremes are red colored and the other 3 are white-colored) while the earpieces themselves have individual lights too.

These lights inform the status of the earpieces and the case, like: battery charge, charging status, power/pairing, low battery, etc.

The back of the battery pack has a USB Type-C connector that is used to charge the case and the earpieces, when connected to an USB charger that can provide at least 5V 1A of output power – to fully charge the earpieces it is needed, approximately, 60 minutes.

Despite not being explicitly stated on the packaging nor on the user manual, the Q70 it is supposed to belong to Yinyoo; a brand that has released several earphones and cables so far, such as the:

Differently to it’s case, the earpieces are mostly build with plastic materials, which help them out to remain light-weighted. The back section of each earphone is touch sensitive, allowing full operation of the unit with simple touch combinations.

You can buy the Yinyoo Q70 TWS in black or silver/white color.

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Yinyoo Q70 TWS Review

Tests & Scores



Yinyoo Q70 TWS weight in Ounces and Yinyoo Q70 TWS weight in grams.

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Accessories & Packaging

The Yinyoo Q70 TWS unboxing results in an USB Type-C cable, 3 pair of eartips and the battery pack.

The device comes inside a small rectangular packaging that shares strong resemblance in size and shape with many products that we have recently reviewed such as the:



Bass & Sub Bass

The Yinyoo Q70 TWS bass has a very punchy and fairly deep response.

Their sub-bass is less emphasized than their mid-bass, which translates into a sound tendency to more intense punch than depth.

If you are a more techy audio enthusiast and are into curves, you will see in our measurement a steep rolled-off sub-bass, in real life the Q70 are not as rolled-off as they might seem by the curves; this is in part because of the rolled-off response and on the other side from a delay issue of the Q70 by having a edge of latency.

Nonetheless, is fair to note that users listening mainly/exclusively to sub-bass hungry genres might not find the best match with the this one.

Applying an EQ, the Q70 can add up crazy punch and a nice deepening of their bass – showing less noticeable difference between their mid and sub-bass.


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Yinyoo QT70 TWS
Yinyoo QT70 TWS


Mids & Vocals

The Yinyoo Q70 TWS mids have a very warm personality, yet male vocals are usually not too distant but do exhibit a relaxed and cozy style.

The powerful mid-bass can compete with the lower end of their midrange when tracks provide a mid and upper-bass centered sound; the rest of the time, their midrange will sound rich, warm and full – congestion on their lower midrange will be present at times.

Higher mids start to separate from the lower congestion, showing a cleaner sound but conserving a logically relaxed sound. In consequence, the Q70 has no harshness nor annoying peaks.

Being more specific regarding, their midrange has a technically remarkable flat response all across their mids, which is quite unusual for a True Wireless earphone and even for many wired models.

This technically flattish midrange response of the Q70 could sound less “alive” OTB but provides a superb ground for fine tuning.

Indeed, the Q70 showed a remarkable makeover of their midrange’s sound (when custom Eq’ed by experts) reaching a miles cleaner lower mids and male vocals and a much crispier and “alive” sound.


Yinyoo QT70
Yinyoo QT70


Highs & Treble

The Yinyoo Q70 TWS highs have a friendly sound with no disturbing spikes, yet remaining able to sound acceptably non-recessed for casual listening and users that prefer a non-disturbing sound.

Their upper end of the highs are rolled-off, which make part of their relaxed sound but will also add a dark and veiled layer.

Overall, the Q70 do a good job providing a non-fatiguing sound with no piercing peaks nor sibilance.

Following a coherent response with their midrange, their highs are cozy and well-adapted for treble sensitive listeners.

The EQ vs “enEQ’ed” highs shows a night/day difference. Adding an EQ, the Q70 sounds miles better with a much more open and detailed sound that, still, preserves the relaxed and cozy sound – despite this, listeners should not expect a transformation into analytical nor clinical highs.


Yinyoo QT70
Yinyoo QT70


Sound Leak

The sound leaking out of the Yinyoo Q70 is fairly lower than many average earphones, which makes it a sufficiently silent model for any everyday situation besides libraries.


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Sound Isolation

The sound isolation provided by the Yinyoo Q70 TWS is noticeably stronger than most normal earphones, reaching efficient partial isolation right out of the box at any given volume setting.


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Yinyoo QT70 TWS
Yinyoo QT70 TWS



The earpieces have a form factor and design that is nearer to the Whizzer TP1 and Apple Airpods than to the KBEAR Hi7, CCA C12, Moondrop KXXS, Kinera Sif or TANCHJIM Oxygen.

This is a design that will be welcomed by users that have a preference for it but due to the angled form factor with a sort-of oval shape and a bit larger than average size, they could become fatiguing after some time – specially for smaller ears.

On the other hand, the earphone themselves are very light-weighted and extremely easy to handle.


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Yinyoo QT70 TWS
Yinyoo QT70 TWS


Response to Equalization

The baseline response and tuning of the Yinyoo Q70 showed a very good base to build up much more refined mids or to fine tune to each listeners taste.

Highs, as well, showed a strong response to EQ while bass benefited from noticeable addition of depth.


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Frequency Response (raw)

Yinyoo Q70 TWS Frequency Response Curve

Yinyoo Q70 TWS frequency response curve
Yinyoo Q70 TWS frequency response curve

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Yinyoo Q70 TWS Technical Specifications


TypeTrue Wireless
Driver Unit1xDD
Battery55mAh x2 + 360mAh
ConnectorUSB Type-C
Battery life4-5 hours
OTG Charges3x
Touch controlsYes
Charging time1 hour
WeightApprox. 4.5g
Supplied Accessories3x Earphone tips; cable; battery pack

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Scores Scores

Yinyoo Q70 TWS Scores

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Yinyoo Q70 TWS





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