Yinyoo QT70 TWS

Yinyoo Q70 TWS – Review

Yinyoo Q70 TWS | True Wireless | Dynamic Driver | Touch Controls | ? Yinyoo Q70 TWS, a true wireless earphone with touch controls and friendly price. The Yinyoo Q70 TWS features a single dynamic driver configuration, Bluetooth 5.0 and noise[…]

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Yinyoo ASH

Yinyoo ASH – Review

Yinyoo ASH | Balanced Armature | Dynamic Driver | ? Yinyoo ASH, a fresh release from the brand with dual drivers. The Yinyoo ASH features an hybrid driver configuration with 1 balanced armature driver and 1 dynamic driver per side.[…]

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Yinyoo Topaz

Yinyoo Topaz – Review

Yinyoo Topaz | 4x Balanced Armature | 10mm Dynamic Driver | 4-way crossover | ? Yinyoo Topaz, a penta-driver headphone with solid build. The Yinyoo Topaz features an hybrid driver configuration with 4 balanced armatures, a 10mm dynamic driver and[…]

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