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ELEGOO Mars 5 ULTRA, the newest 3D resin printer from ELEGOO of the Mars series.

Following the recent release of the ELEGOO Saturn 4 machines, the ELEGOO Mars 5 series was released today.

The ELEGOO Mars 5 ULTRA becomes now the brand-new flagship 3D resin printer from the Mars models.

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ELEGOO Mars 5 ULTRA Review

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The ELEGOO Mars 5 Ultra comes in well-protected box, including inside:

• Udisk
• ChituBox Pro license
• Gloves
• Funnel
• Assembly screws
• Assembly tools
• Metal scraper
• Plastic scraper
• WiFi Antenna
• Drip cover addon



The printer comes already pre-assembled from factory, needing only to put the build plate and resin tank in place, remove some protective films and pour resin.

Users will not need to fiddle with structural assembly of any pieces nor having to bolt axis sections or mess with cable management and connections of motors.

To get the machine fully assembled, the team needed barely 5 minutes (including the time needed to open the box) – assembly times that are impossible to obtain when dealing with 3D FDM printers.



From an aesthetic point of view, the ELEGOO Mars 5 ULTRA looks like a mini ELEGOO Saturn 4 ULTRA with a similar vertical rectangular shape and the black and deep silver color with white accents.

Due to the resemblance, some users might think that the Mars 5 ULTRA inherits a flip-on cover but this is not the case, the Mars has a fully removable UV-shield cover – like seen on most other 3D printers from ELEGOO like the ELEGOO Saturn 3 ULTRA, Saturn 3 12K, ELEGOO Jupiter SE.

Also as you might already have noticed, the cover of the Mars 5 ULTRA inherits the black, translucid color of all the ULTRA 3D resin printers; this ensures an optimal UV filtering capability but a darker and less see-through visibility of the printing process than the green cover of the Saturn 4.

In spite of the lower visibility of the internal resin and printing progress, the ELEGOO Mars 5 ULTRA is the very first and only printer from the Mars series to include a bundled AI camera that monitors the printing progress – as a matter of fact, only 2 machines from ELEGOO include this feature (Mars 5 ULTRA and Saturn 4 ULTRA)

This camera allows users to access real-time monitoring of the printing process and even create time-lapse videos of all the printing job – using ChituBox and ChituManager. The videos generated by the camera have a 720p resolution and are well-tuned to be sped up out-of-the-box, as to work like a proper time-lapse video.

Below you can see time-lapse video converted into a very small and compressed GIF animation of one of our print tests – consider that the original video is way bigger at 1280×720 and with better quality, instead of the mini GIF that you are seeing here.

Moreover, this is not a simple camera but an AI one that includes sensing warping and/or an empty build plate detection, alerting of the error and allowing the user to intervene to avoid losing resin on failed printing tasks.

The ELEGOO Mars 5 ULTRA is part of the smaller family of resin 3D printers from the brand but it is still able to provide a fairly large building capacity of 153.36×77.76x165mm3.



Similar to all the newest generation of 3D resin printers from ELEGOO, the ELEGOO Mars 5 ULTRA now has a vertical touch screen instead of the horizontally-wide seen on every other older resin printer from the brand and on most 3D printers, laser engravers and laser cutters from other brands.

As seen while reviewing the ELEGOO Saturn 4, the Mars 5 ULTRA introduces a redesigned user-interface that looks polished and well-organized.

Despite being a smaller machine than the Saturn 4, the display screen of the Mars 5 ULTRA has the same big size of 4″ and full-color panel.

Thanks to the new intuitive graphic design of the menus and settings, the machine becomes friendly to use and understand to both new and experienced users.

Through the touch screen you will have access to all the controls of the printer such as files navigation, axis control, maintenance and health-checkups of the machine, Wi-Fi connectivity settings, etc.

Moreover, while printing you will be able to see a preview of the sliced file and useful info like estimated time, elapsed time, percentage progress, layers progress and more.





The printer has a solid rugged build inline with the high-standards of every other resin printer, FDM printer and laser machine from the brand. The Mars 5 ULTRA exhibits a mainly-metal construction including external panels (only the front panel is made of plastic) and axis & structural components such as the frame, rods, guides, etc. – yet the machine is not as heavy as some compact laser machines that we have reviewed.

Belonging to the flagship ULTRA series, the ELEGOO Mars 5 ULTRA includes features seen only on top-tier 3D printers from the brand and even from the bigger sibling the Saturn 4 ULTRA.

In fact, the ELEGOO Mars 5 ULTRA is equipped with newest innovations introduced in the Saturn 4 ULTRA which includes the revolutionary tilt release technology, automatic build plate leveling, resin detection sensors, a double pouring resin tank design and a renewed single lock/release system of the build plate.

The tilt release feature is a whole new design where the LCD and resin tank incorporate a mechanical tilting movement which allows the printer to reach faster printing speeds (without the need of buying Fast Resin), better performance and lower rate of print failures.

Internally, the printer carries a COB light source, freeform lens and a 9K mono 7″ LCD protected by tempered glass.

To power the machine, the Mars 5 ULTRA runs on a custom Linux OS with 8GB of internal memory to keep up with the fast and snappy performance of the printer.

The only weak section of the printer is the removable dripping tray that is made of thin and simple plastic.



On the lower edge of the right panel you will find all the I/O connections of the machine, which include:
• 1x USB-A
• 1x power connector
• 1x Wi-Fi antenna
The USB-A port serves as connection to use Udisks with pre-sliced files to be printed by the machine (the navigation and handling of the files can be done through the touch screen)
Thanks to the Wi-Fi connectivity, the ELEGOO Mars 5 ULTRA becomes much more productivity-friendly allowing the direct connection with ChituBox through your local network, permitting wireless transferring of the sliced files to be printed and remote controlling the printing process.
The Wi-Fi connection also brings OTA firmware upgrades automatically and internally from the machine itself without needing to fiddle with manual upgrade and Udisk connections.





With the ELEGOO Mars 5 ULTRA you are getting all the premium features and components of the flagship ELEGOO Saturn 4 ULTRA but for a fraction of the price, if you do not need the extra printing volume that the Saturn series can give you, the Mars 5 ULTRA is the smartest purchase.

The Mars 5 ULTRA was a breeze to setup and get the first print job running thanks to the new self-check and auto-leveling system that takes care of achieving a perfect leveling of the bed without the need of any manual intervention from users nor having to deal with leveling cards and Z-offsets.

Also, the AI camera on the Mars 5 ULTRA was not only fun to use to create time-lapse videos of the printings but also was a comforting added layer of control that ensured a lower rate of unsuccessful printing tasks with real-time monitoring of the printing process, avoidance of potential damage to the machine and unnecessary waste of resin in failed printing jobs.

Moreover, we could appreciate in live video the tilting movement of the machine, the axis retracting and the “magical” process of the resin print appearing little by little.

The new implementation and compatibility with ChituManager was a productive added feature that allowed having the machine at a farther distance or even in another room/floor and keep control of the print through the live video and see in real-time the progress of the printing job in a percentage indicator, time-elapsed, time remaining and layers progress on a ChituManager window – this is a feature that we have highly appreciated and constantly use in some 3D FDM printers that we have reviewed.

In fact, using the ELEGOO Mars 5 ULTRA was one of the most enjoyable printers used so far due to the ease of use, instant setting up and perfect printing without manual calibration steps.

The 9K mono LCD and resolution of 8520×4320 shows its premium quality capability on each print and design run on the Mars 5 ULTRA with fine-detailed resolving potential that responds with sharp micro-details and textures faithful with the original files.

If you are interested in some performance-related specs, the ELEGOO Mars 5 ULTRA stands out with:

• 150mm/h print speed
• 18x18um XY resolution
• 0.01 min. Layer thickness

Even more, despite being an affordable machine model, the ELEGOO Mars 5 ULTRA includes features that were only available on the top-tier flagship Jupiter printers like the resin shortage sensor and advanced segmented batch printing configurations that allow to divide the building plate in up to 8 sections to be printed with 8 different exposure times on each zone.

As on other ULTRA series, the ELEGOO Mars 5 ULTRA includes both slow and fast printing modes, which we have seen throughout several reviews of other resin printers from the brand to provide massive reduction of the total needed time to complete the printing jobs.

Thanks to the tilting design and faster printing speed, the ELEGOO Mars 5 ULTRA was able to fully print the a 100mm model in 3:08 hours using a layer height of 0.05mm and default printing speed mode; the same print with the same size and identical layer height of 0.05mm would take 5:48 hours in a machine like the ELEGOO Saturn 4 or Saturn 3.

The PFA release film combined with the new tilting tech and laser-engraved build plate showed not only way faster printing times but also excellent risk-free non-sticking printing over the release film.

It is worth noting that as the machine was tested before its public release, a custom beta version of ChituBox was needed to be used. We are mostly sure that the final version of ChituBox will include further printing presets fine-tailored to offer safe/tested settings to reach even faster printing total times and different layer heights.




This is the printed 100mm model that we mentioned in the section above when referring to the faster printing speeds (3:08 hours to complete) This is a model that we usually use for testing the detail resolving of 3D FDM printers reviewed, this time we decided to see how a resin version would be developed by the new Mars machine.

The ELEGOO Mars 5 ULTRA showed great capability to resolve finer hair textures, micro details over the jewelry of the model and smaller details over the facial expression – the print was done without supports and not hollowing nor punching it.

In fact, we even tried the time-lapse features of the machine with this test print and it is the GIF example that you saw at the beginning of the review (in the Design section)
As a side note for time-lapse videos, time-lapse videos will only be generated if the model is taller than 50mm and also the taller the model (bigger in Z-axis), the better time-lapse videos you will get.

We also grabbed the best 3D FDM printing that we had stored of the same model and took a macro photo of the FDM print and the print done by the Mars 5 ULTRA, to give you a palpable difference on the print quality that you can get with this resin machine (left ELEGOO Mars 5 ULTRA, right top-tier 3D FDM printer).
As you can appreciate the ELEGOO is miles ahead, shows no visible layers at all and a definition and sharpness of details that are not defined on the FDM print – take the necklace details for example.

Of course we couldn’t miss printing the all-time classic Rook provided with the UDisk of the machine and the Mars printed every single detail with no issue. The print was completed in 1:38 hours.
We tried generating a time-lapse video for the rook print test too but the height was too short to trigger the time-lapse video.

To use most of the area of the build plate, we then proceed to print a wide model with a size of 130x49x69mm. The job took 2:11 hours to finish – printed with supports, hollowed and punched. The design had thin and subtle details that were printed without flaws. Of course, removing the supports without damaging the print needed to be done with care.

We finally printed an enlarged bust model boosting the size to reach 165mm in height; the model took 5:06 hours to complete – due to the large size, the print was hollowed, punched and printed with supports.




The ELEGOO Mars 5 ULTRA has added plenty of advanced technological features and performance boosts but the power consumption has remained exactly the same as the previous model (Mars 4 ULTRA), using the same power supply with a maximum consumption of 72W.



The ELEGOO Mars 5 ULTRA comes with a fully paid 3-month license for CHITUBOX PRO, allowing owners of the Mars 5 ULTRA to benefit of the added functionalities of the PRO version of the slicing software (this is not a lifetime license as ChituBox is a subscription-based software).

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ELEGOO Mars 5 ULTRA Technical Specifications

System: EL3D-4.0
Control Panel: 4-inch capacitive touch screen
Slicer: Chitu Box
Interface: USB Port & WiFi
Technology: MSLA
Light Source: COB (405nm)
XY Resolution: 18*18um (8520*4320)
Z-Axis Precision: 0.02mm
Layer Thickness: 0.01-0.2mm
Printing Speed(MAX.): 150mm/H
Power Supply: 100-240V 50/60 Hz 24V 3A
Machine Dimension: 260mm(L)*268mm(W)*451.5mm(H)
Build Volume: 153.36mm (L)*77.76mm (W)*165mm (H)
Package Dimension:555mm (L)*340mm (W)*370mm (H)
Gross Weight:10.8KG
Net Weight: 8.8KG

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