FiiO FF3S – Review



| 14.2mm Dynamic Driver |

FiiO FF3S, a new earbud from FiiO.

The FiiO FF3S joins the brand’s catalog as a mid-tier budget-friendly headphone with an earbud design and the direct successor of the older FiiO FF3.

Inside each earpiece, the FF3S carries a large 14.2mm dynamic driver with Beryllium-plated diaphragm while the internal back section has a dedicated acoustic design to enhance bass.

This earbud has a solid all aluminum alloy construction and a stylish pattern design on the back plate.

FiiO has opted for a detachable bi-pin 0.78mm cable connection for the FF3S with a bundled 152 wires high purity silver-plated monocrystalline copper cable – the cable has a special modular system with swappable plugs (3.5mm and 4.4mm included)

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FiiO FF3S Review

Tests & Scores


Accessories & Packaging

By the packaging you might not expect too much inside the box of the FiiO FF3S, instead the earbud includes a huge variety and welcomed quality of accessories, such as:

• 6x transparent sponge covers
• 6x bass sponge covers
• 6x silicone rings
• 1 silicone wing hooks
• HB11 hard case
• 4.4mm detachable audio plug
• 3.5mm detachable audio plug
• Cable



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Bass & Sub Bass

For an earbud, the FiiO FF3S offers a surprisingly fun and strong bass response – as earbuds by design tend to sound flatter and less profound than in-ears.

It could be said that mid-bass punch is completely inline with the intensity of an earphone or over-ear headphones, without having nothing to envy from them.

On the other hand, sub-bass will not be able to reach the deepness and ground shaking profundity of a bassy in-ear – a clear rolled-off extension is noticeable on the deep sub-bass ranges (as typical of any earbud design)

Fair to highlight, that the “8” received in this category is considering it’s earbud design (you should not compare it to an in-ear)


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Mids & Vocals

The FiiO FF3S have a nicely clear and open midrange that makes vocals well-placed and never stacking up with the rest of the instruments.

Moreover, the lower midrange shows a remarkable control of congestion and mid-bass bleed.

The upper mids and higher-pitched vocals exhibit a clearly present response in a bit more forwardy boost than the lower pitched vocals.

Overall, their upper mids are very crisp but cutting off precisely before becoming too harsh.



Highs & Treble

The FiiO FF3S has an over-ear open-back flavour over their highs and treble with a more airy, less concealing feel than many closed-back headphones.

On the other hand, the tuning of their highs counteracts the physical sensation as their upper end tends to roll-off a bit to sharply showing less of the previously felt openness.

Character-wise, this FiiO earbud has a sufficiently bright essence as to not be perceived as a dark headphone but it will not be able to match the level of brightness and detail of a quality audiophile in-ear.

To be honest, none in our team has ever been too fond to the earbud design of headphones as they tend to compromise sound quality but the FiiO FF3S could be one of the few earbuds that can prove that earbuds can also compete with an in-ear and over-ear in the sound department.

On top of that, the FF3S include several different foams that are supposed to enhance different type of tuning flavors.


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Earbuds are usually fairly more comfortable than in-ears as they do not enter the ear canal but usually they become annoying as they tend to fall off or offer a slippery fit; in this case, FiiO did a smart move providing for free some dedicated earpieces silicone and rubberized accessories to combat and completely cancel these fitting problems.


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FiiO FF3S Technical Specifications



14.2mm dynamic driver

2-pin 0.78mm


45 ohm


Cable length


Frequency response

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Scores Scores

FiiO FF3S Scores

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