Panasonic Drops 360° RP-HJX5- Frequency Response Curve

Panasonic Drops 360° RP-HJX5 Frequency Response Curve

 In this page you can see the frequency response graph of the Panasonic Drops 360° RP-HJX5 done during our Panasonic Drops 360° RP-HJX5 sound tests.

The Panasonic Drops 360° RP-HJX5 frequency response curve provided is raw, non-averaged, non-compensated.

We always recommend to read our full in-depth review for a better insight of the performance and sound quality of the earphone.

You can find the full review at: Panasonic Drops 360° RP-HJX5 Review

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Pioneer Drops 360 RP-HJX5 – Frequency Response