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| 3x Balanced Armatures |

? KZ AS06, the latest all-balanced armature earphone from KZ.

The KZ AS06 features a pure balanced armature configuration, this means that all the drivers inside each housing are balanced armatures and there are no dynamic drivers.

Despite the model name, the KZ AS06 has 3 balanced armature drivers on each side, the brand tends to market their model’s driver configuration as the sum of the total drivers and not the amount of drivers per side – though this is something that people knowing KZ should be used to already.

To be more precise, the drivers inside the KZ AS06 are the 22955 for bass response, 29689 for mid frequencies and 31005 for higher midrange and highs.

In theory, the KZ AS06 vs KZ AS10 vs KZ BA10 have the same drivers but the KZ AS06 is missing 2x 30095 balanced armature drivers which on the AS10 and BA10 are specially dedicated to the response of highs and treble.

This is a different approach to other multi-drivers from the brand that have an hybrid mix of dynamic drivers and balanced armatures, like the:

The housings of the KZ AS06 are made of plastic with a translucent, colored back and a black non-translucent main housing section – the quality of the plastics is inline with nearly every plastic-build KZ earphone – if you are not into plastic housings and prefer a more rugged metal one you will have to choose their newest model KZ ZS7 or opt for the KZ BA10, KZ ZS6, KZ ZSA, KZ ED15, KZ ZSN.

The cable of the KZ AS06 is the same as on other models of the latest generation, with a braided style, copperish color, angled jack and details.

The KZ AS06 price will be lower for the KZ AS06 mic-less version but the price difference is marginal.

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KZ AS06 Review

Tests & Scores



KZ AS06 weight in Ounces and KZ AS06 weight in grams.

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Accessories & Packaging

The KZ AS06 unboxing results in 3 pair of eartips and the detachable bi-pin cable. The whole packaging is similar to the newer generation of KZ earphones with a side-opening dark-c0lored box that comes with a metal engraved plate inside.



Bass & Sub Bass

If you own some KZ earphones, you might already know that the brand does not go conservative when adding bass to their earphones. The KZ AS06 is no exception to the rule, mid-bass is super punchy and sub-bass gets very deep.

The lower frequencies of the KZ AS06 have a tuning orientated to fun and energetic listening sessions and have the capacity of fulfilling any extreme bass demand by any listener and track.

Despite this bassy style, the KZ AS06 bass sounds fairly clean regarding bounciness and does not completely choke the sound signature.

Applying an EQ, insane sub-bass arise and a much punchier personality is unleashed.

Under our extreme basshead tests the KZ AS06 handled 50% of the maximum power of a FiiO E12 (newer model named FiiO A5) with a exponential increment of both punch and depth and mild rumble yet do not expect the insane level of the Pioneer SE-CX8, Sony MDR-EX800ST, Pioneer SE-CX9, Sony MDR-EX650.



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Mids & Vocals

The KZ AS06 mids are very warm, mid-bass bleed is present which adds some congestion to their lower mids but gives them also a full-bodied sound.

Male vocals are somewhat distant and can get partially congested by their mid-bass bleed.

Higher mids and female vocals are slightly more aggressive than their lower midrange and can show a tint of harshy peaks on tracks prone to it

An EQ can drastically clean up their lower midrange congestion and male vocals laid back sound, higher mids can be pushed for a crispier sound but their harshy peaks will become noticeably more frequent




Highs & Treble

The KZ AS06 highs are bright and detailed but have a slight darkish tint over them coming from their potent bass response and not for any recessed response on their highs range.

Their tuning offers good balance between brightness and detail but have a tendency of showing forward and sharp spikes.

Sibilance and piercing peaks can get frequent and noticeable with tracks prone to exhibit fatiguing peaks.

As with their mids, highs can show great improvement overall – if correctly EQ’ed; revealing more detail and squeezing a much brighter sound but expect much more frequent fatiguing peaks.




Sound Leak

The sound leaking out of the KZ AS06 will be hearable by nearby people if you are a listener that tends to enjoy sessions with very high volume settings – in normal city situations their leakage will not be an issue, though.

Expect a performance inline with many average earphones.


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Sound Isolation

The sound isolation provided by the KZ AS06 is noticeable and substantially strong regardless of the volume level set.


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The housings of the KZ AS06 vs KZ AS10 are precisely identical in size, shape and fit but they are different on their piece being hold beneath the back plate.

The KZ AS10 has the board (like the KZ ES4, KZ ZS10) while the KZ AS06 has a metal plate with a design that highlights the “6 Balanced Armature” writing.

The housings are fairly large and protrude out of the ears, for most of our editors these were not important issues but we contemplate the possibility that users with smaller ears might struggle a bit.


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Response to Equalization

The response to EQ of the KZ AS06 was efficient and showed noticeable improvement over lower mids congestion, male vocals and could also be well-applied to increment their brightness & detail or to crazily boost their bass.


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KZ AS06 Scores

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Frequency Response (raw)

KZ AS06 Frequency Response Curve

KZ AS06 frequency response curve
KZ AS06 frequency response curve

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KZ AS06 Technical Specifications


TypeTriple driver
Driver Unit3x BA
Power Capacity3mW
Impedance16 ohms
Frequency Response20-20,000Hz
MagnetNeodymium N48
CordY-type, round cord
Cord Length1.2m
PlugStereo mini plug
WeightApprox. 8g
Supplied Accessories3x Earphone tips

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How many drivers does the KZ AS06 have?

The KZ AS06 is a triple driver headphone. Which means that the KZ AS06 has 3 drivers per side.

What type of headphone is the KZ AS06?

The KZ AS06 is an in-ear headphone.

The KZ AS06 is an open, semi-open or closed back headphone?

The KZ AS06 is a closed back headphone.

 Does the KZ AS06 have a microphone?

The KZ AS06 have a microphone and a remote.

What is the price of the KZ AS06?

You can check the most up-to-date price of the KZ AS06 by following THIS LINK.

Where can I buy the KZ AS06?

You can buy the KZ AS06 HERE

Which KZ AS06 colors are available?

The colors available for the KZ AS06 are: cyan, silver/black

What cable do the KZ AS06 have?

The KZ AS06 have a detachable, Y-type cables.

What cable connection does the KZ AS06 have?

The KZ AS06 cable connection has a 0.75mm Bi-Pin interface.

Are there replacement cables for the KZ AS06 ?

The KZ AS06 cables can be replaced with compatible 0.75mm bi-pin replacement cables.

Are there upgrade cables for the KZ AS06 ?

The KZ AS06 uses 0.75mm bi-pin cables which are very popular standard cables. You can buy any cable with an  0.75mm bi-pin connector to upgrade the cable.

Does the KZ AS06 have Bluetooth / The KZ AS06 is a wireless headphone?

The KZ AS06 does not have Bluetooth but you can buy Bluetooth cables to make the KZ AS06 Bluetooth-enabled headphones. Or you can buy adapters such as the FiiO BTR3 to make it wireless Bluetooth.

Is the KZ AS06 compatible with Apple devices?

The KZ AS06 is fully compatible with Apple devices.

Is the KZ AS06 compatible with Android devices?

The KZ AS06 is fully compatible with Android devices.
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