House of Marley Smile Jamaica

House of Marley Smile Jamaica – Review

House of Marley Smile Jamaica | 9 mm Driver | 🎧 The House of Marley Smile Jamaica are some nicely designed wooden earphones with aluminum details and woven cables. You might or might not have heard of House of Marley but[…]

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Lapas RX400

Lapas RX400 – Review

Lapas RX400 | 6 mm MicroDriver |   ? This time we are reviewing the Lapas RX400, probably not a brand that is heard very often but design, looks and a microdriver convinced us to give them a try and[…]

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Songful T3

Songful T3- Review

Songful T3 | 10 mm Driver | ? We are giving a test drive to the Songful T3, adding them to the list of Songful earphones reviewed. In the past we reviewed the Songful F2 which proved to be an excellent[…]

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Sound Intone E6

Sound Intone E6 – Review

Sound Intone E6 | 10 mm Driver | 🎧 The Sound Intone E6 look like a possible good sport earphone but we will find it out during our review. Sound Intone is a brand specialized in earphones and headphones, which is a[…]

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SOUL K-POP – Review

SOUL K-POP | 9 mm Driver | 🎧 The SOUL K-POP are one of the many models that the brand has manufactured. SOUL is a highly famous brand that produces earphones, headphones and speakers. The SOUL K-POP are made entirely of plastic but[…]

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UiiSii HM7

UiiSii HM7 – Review

UiiSii HM7 | 9 mm Driver | 🎧 We are reviewing the UiiSii HM7 a tiny earphone of the great UiiSii, there is always something attractive with this brand. In the past we reviewed the UiiSii Hi-705 and we found it[…]

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VJJB K1s – Review

VJJB K1s | Double 6 mm Driver | 🎧 The VJJB K1s are part of the vast catalog of VJJB earphones, as usual the brand designs very interesting products from either aesthetics to technical specifications. The VJJB K1s makes honor to the[…]

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XKDUN CK-660 – Review

XKDUN CK-660 | 10 mm Driver | ? The XKDUN CK-660 earphones offer nice specs at a super budget-friendly price with very fun color/design with aluminum housings and a braided cable. We have a pink unit but if you are[…]

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Rock Zircon

Rock Zircon – Review

Rock Zircon | 8 mm Driver | Neodymium Magnet | 🎧 We are reviewing the Rock Zircon, a beautifully designed earphone packed with an 8mm dynamic driver and a powerful neodymium magnet; everything is fitted inside a tiny housing that[…]

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ipipoo iP-B30i

ipipoo iP-B30i – Review

ipipoo iP-B30i | 9 mm Driver |   ? The ipipoo iP-B30i belong to the Asiatic brand from Shenzhen that creates a whole bunch of earphones, usually their iems are well built and can be bought for cheap. The housings of[…]

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BYZ SE-378

BYZ SE378 – Review

BYZ SE378 | 10 mm Driver | ? The BYZ SE378 are a budget friendly earphone but belong to a brand that has some good acceptance among listeners, so despite their very low price they could offer a good value[…]

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KZ ATE Disassembly

KZ ATE – Disassembly

🎧 The KZ ATE are one of the most famous earphones from KZ, having such a large quantity of fans we decided to sacrifice one with our KZ ATE disassembly to show you what they hold inside to fulfill your curiosity. In case that[…]

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