TOZO OpenReal – Review

TOZO OpenReal

TOZO OpenReal

| Air Conduction | 16.2 mm Dynamic Driver |

TOZO OpenReal, the first air-conduction headphone by TOZO.

Air-conduction headphones have been well-received by people who want to listen to music while practicing sports or whoever seeks some awareness of the surroundings while still being able to listen to music or podcasts.

The TOZO OpenReal carries inside a 16.2mm dynamic driver per side, dual ENC microphones for calls and an impressive IPX8 waterproof rating.

The internal battery of the headphone allows up to 14 hours of continuous playback on a single charge and as much as 2 hours with just 10 minutes of charging.

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TOZO OpenReal Review

Tests & Scores


Accessories & Packaging

The unit comes inside a mid-sized packaging including solely an charging cable – unfortunately the cable is not a standard USB-C cable but a proprietary one.




Bass & Sub Bass

As with most air-conduction headphones, the lower end of the spectrum struggles to sound punchy and intense as an in-ear or over-ear headphone.

This is a hard task to resolve acoustically as the drivers inside the housings do not provide the necessary enclosure to produce deep bass notes nor any seal is present between the ears and the drivers.

Nonetheless, the TOZO OpenReal does not sound shallow nor totally bass-absent; you can expect a lower frequencies more inline with earbuds, on-ears with conservative bass tuning and some open-back headphones.

It is fair to highlight that if you are sub-bass thirsty, this will not be the smartest choice (as any air-conduction headphone)


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Mids & Vocals

The TOZO OpenReal shows an impressively good quality over mids and vocals for an air-conduction headphone.

Low mids and male vocals present sufficient body without getting laid back nor congested by any bass bleed.

The upper mids and female vocals offer a discrete tuning exhibiting a nice result for a mids balanced towards a softer and less forward high pitched mids.

A huge improvement has been seen over the last year on open-air acoustic design.

In fact, the TOZO OpenReal is a perfect example of this, with an open-air design but a sound quality that can match some on-ear headphones.



Highs & Treble

Air-conduction headphones have a very tough time trying to achieve acceptable results on both ends of the audio spectrum but the TOZO OpenReal does a better job than many others on the highs and treble ranges.

Overall, this headphone will respond sufficient brightness as to free itself from highs stacking up over a muffled mess. The OpenReal will have a darkish tint and personality but with a flavor that will be perceived by many as a mellower highs tuning than a dark tuning.

In general, the TOZO does not suffer from intense fatiguing highs yet a bit of sibilance can arise from time to time.



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For people finding in-ear invasive/painful, the open-air design is good alternative.

In addition to this, the OpenReal is ergonomically better designed than most other air-conduction and bone conduction headphones that we have reviewed with a nice rubberized finish all around the body of the unit gives it a more stable fit and an overall better quality feel.

Moreover, the TOZO has a smart combination of touch controls and physical buttons for a more intuitive use.


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TOZO OpenReal