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🎧 We are reviewing the TRIPOWIN TP10, the first and only earphone from the brand, to date.

The TRIPOWIN TP10 features a penta driver configuration composed of all balanced armature drivers wit no dynamic drivers.

The 5 drivers inside each side are the: 1x 22955, 2x 29689, 2x 30095. If you have been following many of the ultra-cheap Chinese earphones released on the last months/years, you will notice that these drivers have been used quite a lot on many multi-driver earphones from other brands.

Besides the drivers, the housings hold inside an electronic frequency divider and a 3-channel 3D printed sound guide – 3D printed piece easily seen and recognized by it’s plain white color.

The housings have an aluminum back plate with a single Torx screw and resin build main housings. The resin part of the earpieces is translucent in either of the color options available (black, cyan)

The cable of the TRIPOWIN TP10 is detachable with 2-pin connectors and compatibility with every 0.75mm cable.

If this is the first time that you have ever heard of TRIPOWIN, it would make sense as this is a brand born in 2019 with only 1 earphone and 1 cable offered in their catalog (at the time of the publication of this review)

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Tests & Scores



TRIPOWIN TP10 weight in Ounces and TRIPOWIN TP10 weight in grams.

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Accessories & Packaging

The TRIPOWIN TP10 unboxing results in 3 pair of eartips and the detachable cable.

The packaging is a small rectangular box with a white color design – kind of packaging seen in many models with similar price and specs being seen released in the past months.



Bass & Sub Bass

The TRIPOWIN TP10 exhibits clean bass response with no bloated upper bass nor any kind of invasive personality. This is due to their tight bass that cuts-off where it should.

Many genres will not be a challenge for the TP10, yet sub-bass and mid-bass hungry tracks/songs will require more bass than this model can provide.

It is worth reminding that this kind of lower frequencies tuning will not be well-adapted for listeners looking for bassy sound signatures nor users should expect a very deep or extremely punchy style out of the TRIPOWIN TP10.

This is an earphone better tuned for listeners looking for fast and clean bass.

With an EQ, their bass can be pushed for a somewhat beefier sound but do not expect a massive empowering.

Through our extreme basshead tests, the TP10 took up to 40% of a FiiO A5 max power with an, unexpectedly, exponential deepening of their sub-bass. Regardless the increment, no basshead rumble nor impact was achieved.



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Mids & Vocals

The TRIPOWIN TP10 presents no mid-bass bleed, laid back male vocals that can sound a bit distant at times.

Higher mids are emphasized and can get frequent harsh peaks but we can rate them as not extremely strong.

Still, this is a sound characteristic of the TP10 that might be worth giving a 2nd thought by listeners that tend to be sensitive to peaks in this ranges.

An EQ can help smooth out some of the peaks and clean up the lower mids veil, with respectably efficient results.




Highs & Treble

The TRIPOWIN TP10 highs are bright but fall short when required to resolve micro detail.

Listeners looking for bright highs might like this earphone, yet it fair to highlight that their upper end tends to be aggressive which can translate in fatiguing peaks.

Much as their upper mids, their highs can be a challenge for treble sensitive listeners due to their sibilance and piercing peaks that will show up on many tracks.

Applying an EQ, their fatiguing peaks can be partially sedated but they will always be present.




Sound Leak

The sound leaking out of the TP10 is slightly less noticeable than on many average earphones. Though, this is not a particularly silent earphone to match the quietness required in placed such as libraries.

Daily commute and city use will not be a problem.


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Sound Isolation

The sound isolation provided by the TRIPOWIN TP10 is noticeably more efficient than most normal earphones.

Significant partial isolation will be instantly felt, which combined with their extremely high volume output capacity can easily make them reach absolute isolation from the enviroment.


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The TRIPOWIN TP10 are, certainly, an earphone with a big foot print. Despite this, they do not tend to become uncomfortable nor painful.\

Many will notice the resemblance with other earphones such as the KZ AS16, KZ AS12, CCA C16, KBEAR KB10; and indeed, the TRIPOWIN TP10 has a nearly identical main housing’s shape and size (in fact, they all also share many of the same KZ BA drivers and internal components)


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Response to Equalization

The response to EQ showed significant aid to clean up their mids and smooth part of their highs and mids peaks that can get too sharp – yet, they will never be fully removed.


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Frequency Response (raw)

TRIPOWIN TP10 Frequency Response Curve

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TRIPOWIN TP10 Technical Specifications


Driver Unit5xBA
Power CapacityN/A
Impedance15 ohms
Frequency Response20-40,000Hz
Cord Length1.25m
PlugStereo mini plug
WeightApprox. 31g
Supplied Accessories3x Earphone tips; cable

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How many drivers does the TRIPOWIN TP10 have?

The TRIPOWIN TP10 is a penta driver (quint driver) headphone.

What type of headphone is the TRIPOWIN TP10?

The TRIPOWIN TP10 is an in-ear headphone .

The TRIPOWIN TP10 is an open, semi-open or closed back headphone?

The TRIPOWIN TP10 is a closed back headphone.

 Does the TRIPOWIN TP10 have a microphone?

The TRIPOWIN TP10 have a microphone and a remote.



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