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| Balanced Armature | 10 mm Dynamic Driver |

? TRN V20, a budget-friendly hybrid headphone with 2 drivers and detachable cables.

The TRN V20 features an hybrid configuration with 2 drivers, 1 balanced armature + a 10 mm dynamic driver and detachable bi-pin cables.

The housings of the TRN V20 are made of plastic with a rubberized coating that TRN markets as a layer of hypoallergenic film that can withstand sweat, oil and abrasion; truly the construction quality and finish feels somewhat toyish.

The cable of the TRN V20 has a very similar design style to the KZ ZS10 (read our review) but it is stiffer and less rubberized, overall we prefer the cable of the KZ ZS10 more than the one of the TRN V20. The cable bifurcation and jack section are constructed in metal, honestly we would had grated if TRN had used the metal materials for the housings. The connector is a bi-pin 0.78 mm which is slightly different than the 0.75 mm of KZ cables.

The TRN V20 can be chosen with or without a mic/remote, the price will be lower for the TRN V20 mic-less version. The remote is compatible with Android and Apple devices.

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TRN V20 Review

Tests & Scores



TRN V20 weight in Ounces and TRN V20 weight in grams.

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Accessories & Packaging

The size of the packaging of the TRN V20 might make you expect a large amount of accessories, instead, the TRN V20 unboxing results in 3 total pair of eartips and the detachable cable; everything comes packed inside a hard rectangular box.



Bass & Sub Bass

The TRN V20 bass is punchy and gets very deep, their mid-bass and sub-bass will cover every music genre without lacking strength or body. Any bass-intensive tracks will be fulfilled by the TRN V20 lower frequencies response without shortage. Their super punchy and profound bass can be joyful for most listeners.

Applying an EQ bass gets noticeably empowered with a prominent increment of sub-bass depth.

During our extreme bass tests the TRN V20 were able to handle 35% of the maximum power of a Fiio E12 amplifier while being set to high gain and with bass boost turned on; a custom basshead EQ was used. This extreme amplification and equalization made the TRN V20 gain a enormous amount of punch and depth but did never reach basshead impact nor rumble.


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Mids & Vocals

The TRN V20 mids have clear enough lower mids but lower vocals can get a bit congested at certain moments by their extended mid-bass (mostly depending on the mid-bass strength of the track being listened to and how high demanding the listener is), higher mids sound crisp but not forward nor harsh.

With an EQ mid-bass bleed is considerably subdued and lower mids get clearer.



Highs & Treble

The TRN V20 highs offer good brightness and detail, piercing highs can show up if strong treble peaks are present in the track being listened. Sibilance is also present on sibilant-prone songs but none of them are terribly intolerable, still to be considered if you are extremely treble sensitive or if you can’t stand sibilance.

An EQ reveals a huge increment of their highs detail and brightness, additionally making their sound more open but a spot-on custom EQ needs to be applied or their piercing and sibilant highs will get out of control.




Sound Leak

The sound that leaks out of the TRN V20 is low, lower than many others. You can feel safe that your music sessions will not become publicly hearable to nearby people.


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Sound Isolation

Noise isolation is efficient, with a level of isolation that surpasses many average earphones. At moderate volume levels they will still strongly isolate from your surroundings.


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The TRN V20 are lightweighted and have a fairly contained footprint that offers a very secure fit. The cable section near the housings is incapsulated inside a transparent tube that adds rigidity to the section, usually you would think that this is a memory cable but it is not; this cable section cannot be “custom-shaped” they will always go back to their pre-fixed form.

The nozzles are very long and can be a feature than some users like but could be a discomfort issue for people not liking nozzles that get deeply inside the ears.


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Response to Equalization

The TRN V20 responded very well to EQ, providing more energetic and deep bass, some reduction of mid-bass bleed and much brighter and detailed highs.


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Scores Scores

TRN V20 Scores

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Frequency Response (raw)

TRN V20 Frequency Response

TRN V20 - Frequency Response
TRN V20 – Frequency Response

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TRN V20 Technical Specifications

Driver Unit1 Balanced Armature + 10 mm Dynamic Driver
Power Capacity1mW
Impedance24 ohms
Frequency Response20-40,000Hz
CordY-type, round cord
Cord Length1.25m
PlugStereo mini plug
WeightApprox. 20g
Supplied Accessories3x Earphone tips; detachable cable

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How many drivers does the TRN V20 have?

The TRN V20 is a dual driver headphone. Which means that the TRN V20 has  2 drivers per side.

What type of headphone is the TRN V20?

The TRN V20 is an in-ear headphone.

Does the TRN V20 have a microphone?

The TRN V20 have a microphone and a remote.

Which TRN V20 colors are available?

The colors available for the TRN V20 are: Red, Gray, Black.

What is the price of the TRN V20?

You can check the most up-to-date price of the TRN V20 by following THIS LINK.

Where can I buy the TRN V20?

You can buy the TRN V20 at:

How many eartips does the TRN V20 include?

The TRN V20 includes 3 pair of eartips and the detachable cable.

What cable do the TRN V20 have?

The TRN V20 have a detachable, Y-type, helix-cable.

What cable connection does the TRN V20 have?

The TRN V20 cable connection has a 0.78mm Bi-Pin interface with a 3.5mm mini stereo plug.

Are there replacement cables for the TRN V20 ?

The TRN V20 cables can be replaced with compatible 0.78mm bi-pin replacement cables.

Are there upgrade cables for the TRN V20 ?

The TRN V20 uses 0.78mm bi-pin cables which are very popular standard cables. You can buy any cable with a 0.78mm bi-pin connector to upgrade the cable.

Does the TRN V20 have Bluetooth / The TRN V20 is a wireless headphone?

The TRN V20 does not have Bluetooth but you can buy Bluetooth cables to make the TRN V20 Bluetooth-enabled headphones.

Is the TRN V20 compatible with Apple devices?

The TRN V20 is fully compatible with Apple devices.

Is the TRN V20 compatible with Android devices?

The TRN V20 is fully compatible with Android devices.


TRN V20 Photos

We highly discourage anyone from trying to apply our testings to your own earphones, the risk of damaging or permanently breaking your iems is absolutely probable to happen. With our standardized equalization and amplification tests we push the limits of the earphones to the extreme. If anyway you decide to do so, we cannot be held responsible of the damage done to your equipment. Do it at your own risk.