Gravastar Sirius Pro – Review

Gravastar Sirius Pro

| 2x Knowles Balanced Armature | 7.2mm Dynamic Driver |

Gravastar Sirius Pro, a special looking TWS earbud.

The Gravastar Sirius Pro are the flagship earbuds from the company, right above the Sirus (non Pro model), joining also their expanding catalog of unique speakers, like the Gravastar Mars Pro that we reviewed.

Similar to their speakers series, the Sirius Pro offers a mecha sci-fi design that visually stands out on the repetitive dull market of identical TWS designs.

The charging case of the Sirius Pro if fully made of a hefty and robust zinc alloy with a dedicated button on the side that opens its top section to remove the earpieces. You will probably have noticed an odd hole in the middle section of the case, this is actually a bottle opener.

Yet, the Gravastar Sirius Pro is not just a fancy looking TWS, inside they carry a triple-driver hybrid configuration with premium components such as industry leading Knowles balanced armature drivers, a modern Bluetooth 5.2, IPX5 waterproof rating, built-in EQ presets and auto-sensors.

On top of that, the brand has incorporated an RGB strip light on the inner bottom edge of the case that can be set to different colors by pressing a dedicated button placed next to the charging port.

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Gravastar Sirius Pro Review

Tests & Scores

Gravastar Sirius Pro Scores

Scores Scores


Accessories & Packaging

The Gravastar Sirius Pro certainly offers a very special packaging with a design that has never been seen before.

This packaging does not only embellish the product but also adds a perfectly crafted protection and storing case.

Inside, users will find 4 pair of eartips, a metal chain and a charging cable.





Gravastar Sirius Pro weight in Ounces and Gravastar Sirius Pro weight in grams.


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Bass & Sub Bass

Bass on this Gravastar TWS present a good punchy mid-bass response for any modern and classic genre.

Despite this, the sub-bas of the Sirius Pro is unable to extend as deep as needed as to cover very deep sub-bass ranges, which will not make it a smart choice for users that listen to music genres centered around sub-bass

Nonetheless, overall bass coming out of this earphone is far from sounding anemic.


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Mids & Vocals

The midrange of the Sirius Pro provide a very warm tuning that will help male vocals to sound full and deep.

On the other hand, a laid back feel over them can be felt on bass-heavy tracks which will make them struggle a bit to cut through intense bass notes.

Upper highs and female vocals ranges show a much more boosted and forward tuning that allow them to sound crisp but can introduce some harsh and shouty peaks.



Highs & Treble

Highs exhibit a brightish sound but due to a fast rolling-off they can tend to sound unbalanced or lacking a more open and cleaner sound.

Unfortunately, their highs did show piercing and fatiguing spikes like sibilance.


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Frequency Response (raw)

Gravastar Sirius Pro Frequency Response Curve

Coming soon

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Sound Isolation

With a deep and snug fit, the Gravastar Sirius Pro are also able to become a very good performer in the isolation department, with a capability far better than most average TWS.


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The earpieces offer a small, rounded form factor that avoids sharp and pointy edges.

As a result, the Sirius Pro become easily wearable by any ears sizes providing a superb fit and comfort for long lasting gaming and music listening sessions.

In addition to this, the touch sensitive controls and auto play/pause sensors give an additional layer of comfort and ease of use.


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Gravastar Sirius Pro Technical Specifications


Driver UnitTriple hybrid
Battery4 hours
Charging time2 hours (3 hours case)
LightsYes, RGB
Light Colors7
PlugUSB Type-C
WeightApprox. 6g
Supplied Accessories4x Earphone tips, case, charging cable, metal chain

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Gravastar Sirius Pro