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SIVGA SO1, the brand new and first open ear earphone from SIVGA.

Most probably you might noticed that SIVGA has always manufactured wooden full-sized headphones but with the SIVGA SO1, the brand is also entering the market of TWS and open ear headphones.

The brand has taken a step ahead the competitors of open ear headphones by combining True Wireless design and connectivity, allowing the SIVGA SO1 to offer a mix that could possibly result in the best of the both worlds for sports and active users.

Beneath the housings, the earphones hold a 16.2mm dynamic driver and a 60mAh battery per earpiece – 9 hours of continuous playback time on single charge and 2 hours of charging time (combined with the case battery it can reach 46 hours of runtime)

Unlike many other TWS, the SIVGA SO1 has physical, non-touch sensitive buttons which can avoid accidental inputs during active workout and sports activities – controls include all basic playback and calls operation plus the very useful vol+ and vol-

You can get the SIVGA SO1 in white color or in black as seen in our review.

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SIVGA SO1 Review

Tests & Scores


Accessories & Packaging

At first sight, the case might look and feel a bit simple but it actually has 2 neat features; a very well camouflaged LED light on the front that inform the charging status of the unit and an internal screen that will let you know the charging percentage with a 3-digit information.

The info screen on the case is a neat addition but it is way too dim to see in any situation besides indoor dark places.





SIVGA SO1 weight in Ounces and SIVGA SO1 weight in grams.


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Bass & Sub Bass

Before even starting to expand this section, it is extremely important to highlight that for some weird reason, the earphones sound was way off when used with a Windows PC exhibiting a bass-less and thin sound but this did not happen when used and paired with any smartphone – therefore, we will be testing the earphone with an Android smartphone as a source and exposing the results when used like this.

The SIVGA SO1 presents a fair amount of punch over the mid bass ranges but shows a steep roll-off over sub bass regions.

In general, the earphone will be able to offer a non-bloated bass experience but will not fulfil the requirements of listeners looking for a beefy, profound bass – though this is a typical sound characteristic of open-air / air conduction headphones due to the lack of seal between the ears and the drivers/acoustic enclosure.

Despite this, it is fair to inform that the overall sound balance and signature of the SO1 does not feel shallow nor lacking bass on nearly any track that is not sub-bass centered.


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Mids & Vocals

Mids show a full, warm and inviting sound that is absolutely rare with open-air / air conduction headphones.

Despite the warm profile, male vocals are able to sound clear enough with no excess of mid bass bleed nor any over-congested feel.

Higher mids show a very good balance between sufficient crispness and neither an overly forward and harsh sound nor too recessed as to muffle up.



Highs & Treble

Highs inherit the same logic as their higher midrange with a smooth non fatiguing sound but with enough brightness as to separate from dark and dull sound.

Overall, users will be greeted with a surprisingly refined, clear and non-bloated sound for an open-ear headphone, so much that we felt like testing an on-ear headphone or open-back headphone instead of an open-ear / air conduction headphone.

The SIVGA SO1 are the very first open ear headphones that break the huge sound quality gap that exists between open air / air conduction headphones and “standard” headphones (on-ear, over-ear, in-ear).

Comparing apples to apples against any other open air headphone tested, the SIVGA SO1 is simply at another level of regarding overall clarity and sound quality.



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Not only each earpiece is equipped with an earhook but differently to most air conduction earphones, the SO1 has a more versatile earhook that easily adapts to any ear thanks to a up to 60 degrees of rotational movement. This adjustable earhooks are a groundbreaking evolution over open air headphones with fixed positions.

For bigger ears, though, you could find that the earhooks are a bit more tight and rigid that some rubber earhooks found on other competitors.

The TWS design is always a nightmare for active people that are paranoid about dropping / losing the earpieces; thanks to the earhooks of the SIVGA, users will not have to worry about this.

In addition to this, this earphones offer a IPX5 waterproof rating to withstand sweat and rain.


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