Headphones & Earphones Scores Comparison

Table with all the scores of the headphones reviewed / earphones reviewed by our team at ThePhonograph.net

The following table summarizes each score obtained for each earphone and headphone in each category during our reviews.

Keep in mind that the Headphone Averaged Score does not necessarily mean that one earphone is better than other one, as there are many different aspects being analyzed and weighted on the averaged score. For example, you might find two earphones with the same Averaged Score but one might have a score of: Bass 5, Highs 1 (Average 3) and the other one: Bass 1, Highs 5 (Average 3). None is better than the other one nor equally “good”, it will entirely depend on the personal preference of each listener.

Moreover, keep in mind that to better understand a specific score it is advised to read the full corresponding review. For example, two different earphones scoring an equal value in their Bass category does not mean that both earphones are equally bassy; one might offer a deeper bass response while the other might be able to provide mid-bass and sub-bass greatly balanced.

We recommend that you read our full headphones reviews to better understand why each earphone and headphone score has been awarded.

You can sort any headphone category by pressing the category name or you can use the search box to search for a specific earphone model on the table.

Clicking on any earphone model name will open it’s corresponding review.








Table Reading Reference:

“Acc.” = Accessories & Packaging

“Des.”= Design

“Bass” = Mid Bass & Sub Bass

“Mid” = Mids & Vocals

“High” = Highs & Treble

“SND LK” = Sound Leak

“SND IS” = Sound Isolation

“Comf” = Comfort

“EQ” = Response to Equalization

“VAL for $” = Value for Money

 “AVERAGE” = Total Averaged Score.

Note: Over-Ear and On-Ear Headphones do not average the “Accessories & Packaging” score and Open-Back headphones do not consider “Sound Leak” and “Sound Isolation” scores.

Table Reading Guideline:

  • Read our full review of the headphones of your interest to understand each score
  • Evaluate the scores of your interest
  • “Averaged Score” is the averaged score of all scores (as the name suggests)
  • Earbuds, in-ear headphones, on-ear headphones and over-ear headphones are very different kind of products are not comparable between them nor their scores
  • Each product is grouped in a brand category and model price range
  • Did we mention? READ the Full Review to understand the scores obtained


Each earphone, earbud and headphone in the table below is grouped under a combination of categories “CAT.”
The categories are organized by type of Brand Category and Model Price Range.
The type of Brand Category is indicated with a “CAPITAL LETTER” followed by the model’s Price Range category with a “lower case letter”
The Brand Category groups are: L or M
The Model Price Range categories are: E, B, P

Categories Reference:

    Brand Category

    • L: Low-cost, non-major brand / Asian budget brand
    • M: Major / Commercial brand
    Model Price Range

    • E: Extra Budget Model / Under $30
    • B: Budget Model / Between $30 and $100
    • P: Over $100


Brand/ModelPRICECat.Acc.Des.BassMidHighSnd LkSnd IsComfEqVal for $AverageBUY FROM
Brand/ModelPRICECat.Acc.Des.BassMidHighSnd LkSnd IsComfEqVal for $AverageBUY FROM
1MORE Piston Classic In-Ear HeadphonesSEE PRICELe9108.257.757.257898108.4
1MORE Crystal Piston In-Ear HeadphonesSEE PRICELb109.57.756.7576.75897.757.758.0
ACZ KR06-6SEE PRICELb97.57.2588777.757.58.57.8
SEE PRICELe9.58.757.757.577.588.57.7588
AIMA AM-889Le2.552.52.54337.752.513.4
AKG Y20USEE PRICEMe8.75867.25787.5967.57.5
Alpha & Delta JAAPSEE PRICELb1098.757.7587.757.5109.59.58.8
ASUS ZenFone 2SEE PRICEMe7.258.55.566.758.257.58656.9
AudioSense AS20SEE PRICELb1095.7555.256.578326.1
AUGLAMOUR-RT-1SEE PRICELb10109.25886.751099.5109.0
Aukey EP-C3SEE PRICELe9108.5667.759.5107.258.758.3
Awei S980HiSEE PRICELe6.5987.57.258.25787.7597.8
Awei T8 TWSSEE PRICELe9856.755.5669.56.2576.9
BASEUS Lark EL-01SEE PRICELe688.257.57.567.2587.59.57.5
Beats Powerbeats 2SEE PRICEM9.59.258.25666.257.5987.757.8
Beats Solo2SEE PRICEMp898.2577.568.7598.757.758.0
Beats urBeatsSEE PRICEMp897.756.756.2576.7587.7557.2
BEEVO EM290SEE PRICELe68.58.75776789107.7
BlitzWolf BW-BTS1SEE PRICELb108.57.757.257.58.758907.57.758.2
BlitzWolf BW-ES1SEE PRICELe8.759.758776.58.75978.58.1
BlitzWolf BW-VOX1SEE PRICELb9.59.757.57.57.587.5109.598.6
Bluedio T5 TurbineSEE PRICELb7.7597.257.56.757.75997.758.258.0
Bluedio T ENERGY TN ANCSEE PRICELe688.2566.257.758.59.56.5107.7
BOSE QuietComfort 20 (ANC ON)SEE PRICEMp1097.57.56.757.7510108.2588.5
BOSE QuietComfort 20 (ANC OFF)SEE PRICEMp1096.55.547.751010787.75
BrainWavz DeltaSEE PRICEMb108.757.
BYZ SE378SEE PRICELe5.75875.7557.578.25766.7
CoGoo!! T02SEE PRICELe7.59.576.756.757810787.8
COWIN E7 with ANC OFFSEE PRICELb88.758555.599107.57.6
COWIN E7 with ANC ONSEE PRICELb88.757.255.7555.599107.57.7
Doboly Q18SEE PRICELe29.58.757.257.56687.259.57.2
Doboly S16SEE PRICELe29.2587.
DZAT DF-10SEE PRICELe109.597.757.758.758.758.510109
DZAT DT-05SEE PRICELe99.7585.5578.257.75667.2
EDIFIER W806BTSEE PRICELb6887.757.566.25109108.3
EINSEAR T2SEE PRICELe7.59.57.7577.57.5787.758.57.8
Elecom EHP-CA3580SEE PRICELe8.598.256.754.56.25765.576.9
Elephone E1SEE PRICELe8107.758.758.755689.5108.2
Feitun BT-003Le7.562.52.533482.534.2
Fidue A31sSEE PRICEMe8.75108.56.255.757.75886.757.57.7
FISCHER AUDIO Dream CatcherSEE PRICELe5.751076.257.5107.25107108.1
GeekRover iEPW020 / 021SEE PRICELe697.75876.57.7588107.8
GeekRover iEPW060 / 061SEE PRICELe69886.756.57.7587.75107.8
GeekRover iEPW090SEE PRICELe698.587.756.57.7587.75107.9
Hoco M3SEE PRICELe68.574.56778566.4
Holy Serpent V9SEE PRICELe98.757.2566.757.57.758.57.577.6
House of Marley Little BirdSEE PRICEMe69.
House of Marley MysticSEE PRICEMe67.57.587.258.57.5868.57.5
House of Marley Smile JamaicaSEE PRICEMe5.758.57.577.257.2588.257.7597.6
Inpher FUQING B-2SEE PRICELe2988866.5810107.5
ipipoo iP-B30iSEE PRICELe6855.756.759786.7566.8
IVERY IS-32SEE PRICELe6.587.255.55.535.58566
Jabra Sport Pulse WirelessSEE PRICEMp10987.757.587.758.58.75108.5
Jays a-JAYS ThreeSEE PRICEMb108.57.757.576.57.596.758.57.9
Jaybird Freedom Wireless Bluetooth HeadphonesSEE PRICEMp10107.757.757.57.58.2510998.7
JBL EVEREST 100SEE PRICEMb107.7577.57.7586108.2588
JBL C100SISEE PRICEMe697.756.57.25679.58.2597.6
JBL T110SEE PRICEMe61086.75766.7510797.7
JBL T210SEE PRICEMe8.75107.75776.757.2510697.9
JBL T290SEE PRICEMb8.75977.757.757.7569.257.758.57.9
JBMMJ MJ007SEE PRICELe910656.58.57.587.587.6
JBMMJ MJ8500SEE PRICELe18.7575.757.57.256.59687.3
JBMMJ MJ8600SEE PRICELe198.257.2577.25798.25108.1
Joyroom JR-E102SEE PRICELe684.53.53.553.584.565.3
Joyroom JR-E103SEE PRICELe9107.
JVC Gumy Plus HA-FX5SEE PRICEMe58.57.75668.257.5107.7577.4
JVC HA-FX1XSEE PRICEMe9984427.576.576.4
JVC HA-FX102/FR202SEE PRICEMe697.754477.57566.3
KANEN iP-808SEE PRICELe897.55.757.25778.
Kingston HyperX Cloud IISEE PRICEMp10107.757.57.757.57.7510998.5
Kubite T-003MSEE PRICELe2.596.554.586.595.755.56.2
KZ ATESEE PRICELe10107.2564.51088.55.597.9
KZ ATESSEE PRICELe69.7586.755.5988.57.597.8
KZ ATRSEE PRICELe6107.56.756.758.2588.56.7597.8
KZ ED4SEE PRICELe68.75777.59.257.7587.7597.8
KZ ED7SEE PRICELe68.5777.58.757.7587.7597.7
KZ ED9SEE PRICELe10107.577.7567.588.5108.2
KZ ED12SEE PRICELe7.5108.2555.56.757.7597.597.6
KZ ED15SEE PRICELe697.57.757.757.257.59.757.75108.0
KZ ED16 / KZ ZS7SEE PRICELe7.5108.758.758.757.759109.5109.0
KZ EDR2SEE PRICELe6976.578.757.58787.6
KZ ES3SEE PRICELe7.51087.57.571098108.4
KZ ES4SEE PRICELe71098.758.758.259.75109.75109.1
KZ HD9SEE PRICELe6107.55.754.5888.55.587.2
KZ ZS1SEE PRICELe698.254.54.757.58.757.7577.57.1
KZ ZS3SEE PRICELe7.5107.5777.510107.5108.4
KZ ZS5SEE PRICELe7.5108.57.57.757.258.7597.75108.4
KZ ZS6SEE PRICELb7.51099978.7599108.8
KZ ZS7 / KZ ED16SEE PRICELe7.5108.758.758.757.759109.5109.0
KZ ZS10SEE PRICELb7.5109.25998899108.9

KZ ZSASEE PRICELe7.5108.758.758.757.758.75109.25108.9
KZ ZSRSEE PRICELe7.5108.758.2586.75889.5108.5
KZ ZST PRO / KZ ZST ColorfulSEE PRICELe7.51088871097.75108.5
KZ ZSTSEE PRICELe7.51096571097.75108.1
Langsdom JM21SEE PRICELe7.58864.56.57.587107.3
Lapas RX400SEE PRICELe4107.56.257.2567.
Letv ReverseSEE PRICELe7.5106.576.55.54.510687.1
Lezii X12SEE PRICELb107.757.56.757.25768.757.7577.7
MACAW RT-10SEE PRICELe98.587788.58.757.588.0
MACAW TX-80SEE PRICELb109.58.57.757.
MEIZU EP51SEE PRICELe10997.576.757109.5108.6
MEMT T5SEE PRICELe9.59.757.7587.755.5898.5108.8
MEMT X5SEE PRICELe7.759887.757.7589998.3
Monoprice 8320SEE PRICELe68.256.755.55.75216.5875.7
Monster Beats iBeatsSEE PRICEMb109955.577.58877.6
Monster Beats urBeatsSEE PRICEMb7.7594.753.754.257.257.258435.9
MOXPAD X6SEE PRICELe997.257767.58687.5
MPOW MWE3SEE PRICELe68533.587.58435.6
Panasonic Drops 360° RP-HJX5SEE PRICEMb8.75108.587.757778.59.58.5
Panasonic ErgoFit Plus RP-HJE190SEE PRICEMe587.2565.567.2597.756.56.8
Panasonic ErgoFit RP-TCM125SEE PRICEMe587.
Panasonic RP-HJE120 ErgoFitSEE PRICEMe58766.56.75897.7577.1
Philips SHE8500SEE PRICEMe6775.56.7565.758776.6
Philips SHE3580 / SHE3581SEE PRICEMe586.756.756.55.757966.56.7
Pioneer SE-CX7SEE PRICEMp1087.
Pioneer SE-CX8SEE PRICEMp10108.
Pioneer SE-CX9SEE PRICEMp10106.57.56.59886.588
Plextone X34MSEE PRICELe6.7597.757.
Plextone X41MSEE PRICELe79.5107.757.757.75789.5108.4
Plextone X46MSEE PRICELe7.759.575.755.7566.758666.8
Plextone X50MSEE PRICELe7107.757.257.57.578.58.25108.1
Puma BulldogsSEE PRICEMe8109.567.756.57.75107.75108.3
Puro IPHF2Le884455.5684.53.55.6
QCY M1 ProSEE PRICELe8987.756.756.7577.758.
QCY Q29 ProSEE PRICELe99877.758.757.259.59.75108.6
QCY QY8SEE PRICELe9.59977797.598.58.3
QCY T1 ProSEE PRICELb101087.57.7597.759.759.75108.9
QKZ DM1SEE PRICELe988887.757.58.58.5108.3
QKZ KD5SEE PRICELe98523778115.1
QKZ KD7SEE PRICELe987.755.558.7577.755.567.0
QKZ W1 Pro / Fonge W1 ProSEE PRICELe9107.758.57.7568108.5108.5
QKZ X3SEE PRICELe988.2567.756.7568.589.57.8
Remax RM-565iSEE PRICELe91075.757.75679.5697.7
REMAX RM-S1 PROSEE PRICELe7.598.758.258581010108.4
RevoNext QT2SEE PRICELb7.751099977.2599.75108.8
Rock ZirconSEE PRICELe6108778.757.759888
Samsung Note 4 IEMMe665675485.5106.3
Samsung S4 Mini IEMMe667.55.565485.5106.3
Seahf EG009SEE PRICELe9108.75657.75887.577.7
Senfer 4in1SEE PRICELe10109.08.59568.59.5108.6
SENFER EN900SEE PRICELb7.51098.59.2589109.5109.1
Senfer UESEE PRICELe101097.757.758.758.59.59109
Sennheiser CX200SEE PRICEMb6.5106577.757.758.55.567
Sennheiser CX 300-IISEE PRICEMb8.258.7587.757.756.758.259.58.2598.2
Siroflo BH-01SEE PRICELe108.257.7575.756.757.25107.597.9
Skullcandy INK'D 2.0SEE PRICEMe587.757.257.576.7588.2587.3
Somic MH403SEE PRICELe9.59.5667778.756.758.57.6
Somic V4SEE PRICELe6.59.557.
Songful F2SEE PRICELe6.75107.
Songful F6 / Mosunx F6CSEE PRICELe6.7597677.75788.597.6
Songful S1SEE PRICELe6.759.7567.256.755.7578.56.2597.3
Songful T3SEE PRICELe6976.55.56.7568.57.257.57
Sony MDR-EX15LP / EX15APSEE PRICEMe687.757.55.7577.259.57.597.5
Sony MDR-EX650APSEE PRICEMb9998.75877.599108.6
Sony MDR-7550/800STSEE PRICEMp9.7510109.595.756.259.510109
Sony MDR-XB50APSEE PRICEMb89.58.75779.5888.259.58.3
Sony MDR-ZX110SEE PRICEMe275557.56.7575.7566.1
Sony MH1 LiveSoundSEE PRICEMb81088.58.757.757.25810108.6
SOUL K-POPSEE PRICEMe8.75107.56.57.7566.58.757.7587.8
Sound Intone E6SEE PRICELe91087.7588.57.598.7598.6
SoundPEATS B10SEE PRICELe67.57.56.7576.
Sunlux SU-028Le14111.5147212.4
Superlux HD381SEE PRICELe9877.57.25269.5897.3
Superlux HD385SEE PRICELe8.258.757.57.757.547.2510997.9
Superlux HD668BSEE PRICELb109.58.758.758.7532109109.3
Superlux HD681SEE PRICELb97.258.758.758.7532109109.1
SWING EC1SEE PRICELb1088.2567.7567.7586.2567.4
Syllable D900PSEE PRICELb97.757.757.57.7577.7597.7587.9
Symphonized NRG 3.0SEE PRICELb998.57.257.577.59988.2
Takstar INGPING H60SEE PRICELb109.597.757.756.758.5109108.9
Tennmak PorcelainSEE PRICELe887.756.56.257.757.588.2587.6
TFZ SERIES 2SEE PRICELb10109.2598.578.751010109.3
Tiger MiniLe3.57111748.5112.6
Tiger ZipperLe667547.256.2577.7556.1
TRN V20SEE PRICELe7.588.258.258.2588.258.5898.2
TRN V60SEE PRICELe7.5864.253.75778625.9
UiiSii BA-T8SSEE PRICELb109.598.7597.757.599.5109.0
UiiSii C100SEE PRICELe68.257.757.7577.57.7587.5107.8
UiiSii C200SEE PRICELe68.757.757.57.757.
UiiSii GT800SEE PRICELe101087.25677106.758.758.1
UiiSii Hi-705SEE PRICELe91076.56.576.759.57.758.57.8
UiiSii HM7SEE PRICELe6108.57.587.757108.5108.3
URBANEARS KransenSEE PRICEMb6.58.57.755.55.756.56.596.2576.9
URBANFUN HiFiSEE PRICELe5.751077.257.757.756.758.57.758.757.9
VE Monk+SEE PRICELe6.5888.257.52177.25107.8
VIVO XE800SEE PRICELb4.5107.756.2557.757107.7577.3
VJJB K1sSEE PRICELe101086.756.57.57.597.7588.1
Vots DQ100SEE PRICELe694549.7581053.56.4
Vots J1SEE PRICELe6.258.57.2567.57.256.587.587.3
Vots QT100SEE PRICELe9.58.757.2577.
X3T Touch ControlSEE PRICELb1078.2565.7577.758877.5
Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Neckband Earphones LYXQEJ01JYSEE PRICELb6.25108.257.57.578.25101098.4
Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headphones TDLYEJ01JYSEE PRICELb68.57.57.757.57.757.75108.2598.2
Xiaomi Mi Dual Driver Earphones BRE01JYSEE PRICELe37.757.587.756699.75108.2
Xiaomi Mi Headphones Comfort TDSEJ02JYSEE PRICELb78.5766.587.75106.257.757.5
Xiaomi Mi Headphones 2nd Generation TDSEJ02JYSEE PRICELp109.758.57.757.7588.59.759.759.758.9
Xiaomi Mi Gaming HeadphoneSEE PRICELb8.75107.257.757.577.5108.759.58.5
Xiaomi Mi Piston AirSEE PRICELe39223.57.2559.523.54.7
Xiaomi Mi Piston Basic EditionSEE PRICELe697.567.578.5978.257.6
Xiaomi Mi Piston Fresh EditionSEE PRICELe69.2587.25778.7598.25108.1
Xiaomi Mi Noise Cancelling EarphonesSEE PRICELb10109.58.759.256.7510109.25109.3
Xiaomi Mi Noise Cancelling Type-C HeadphonesSEE PRICELb1010887.756.58.5109108.8
Xiaomi Mi Pro HD / Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro HDSEE PRICELe1010888.56.56.5107.75108.5
Xiaomi Mi Quantie Pro Hybrid / Mi In-Ear Headphones ProSEE PRICELe6108.58.7585.758.5910108.4
Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro 2 / Quantie 2 (QTEJ03JY)SEE PRICELe6.259.598.758.7578.251010108.8
Xiaomi Mi Sports Bluetooth HeadphonesSEE PRICELe71087.
XKDUN CK-660SEE PRICELe697.2555.56785.7556.5
Yinyoo ProSEE PRICELe987.757.257.57.757.258657.3

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